Fishing Tips: Expert Help with Rigs, Tackle and Techniques

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We’ve used this page to bring together all our best fishing tips and advice. We’ve got tips on how to find good fishing spots, when you should choose to fish and what methods you should use for the highest chances of success.

These tips come from our team of fishing writers, who are all with fishing guides or expert anglers. They’ve put their passion into helping people to catch more fish into these tips.

They’ve even written a piece on going on a fishing date!

Fishing: the best time, weather and conditions

An old fishing friend of mine has a snappy answer for when people ask him the best time to go fishing: “When you have time to go.” He’s right in a way – his answer speaks to our busy lives and the fact that you should seize any opportunity to go fishing and not worry too much about weather and time.

However, there is no doubt that weather, time of day, season and barometric pressure – and even moon phase – have profound effects on fish behaviour and choosing a time when these factors are working in your favor usually brings more success.

Fishing Technology

Modern electronics make finding fish and fishing safely and effectively relatively simple – provided the fish are co-operating. But like any piece of sophisticated technology, fish finders, trolling motors and other angling aids aren’t alwasy easy to use. Our experts have set down their best tips on using tech to improve your fishing success below.

Tackle Set Up

Wild River Bag Fishing Tackle

Fishing Techniques

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How To Catch Various Fish Species

We are putting together a deep archive of articles on how to catch various fish, all written by our team of guides and fishing experts. See below for some of these articles:

Ethical and Sustainable Fishing

A green and yellow coloured Chum salmon, about to be released back into the river by a fisherman.

Fishing Podcasts, Programs And Media

Preparing And Eating Fish

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