Pennsylvania Fishing: Advice on Locations and Species

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Pennsylvania boasts beautiful rivers, lakes, and streams that contain all the main freshwater gamefish species.

The Keystone State is an angler’s paradise that caters to a wide range of fishing pursuits. From trout and bass to catfish and musky, the variety of species that call Pennsylvania’s waters home will surely keep the seasoned and novice anglers alike engaged and enthralled.

There is even steelhead in the Lake Erie tributaries and Pennsyvlania also has a great reputation for ice fishing.

Both river and lake fishing in Pennsylvania are popular options for anglers of all skill levels. Major rivers such as the Susquehanna, Delaware, and Allegheny provide ample opportunities to catch a variety of species.

Lake fishing in Pennsylvania is just as diverse. With over 120 state parks containing lakes, reservoirs, and ponds, there are endless opportunities for anglers to cast their lines and test their luck. Some popular lake fishing locations include Lake Erie, Lake Wallenpaupack, and Pymatuning Reservoir.

Ice fishing is also an option in Pennsylvania during the colder months. Many anglers brave the freezing temperatures to catch various game fish through holes drilled in thick lake ice. Popular ice fishing species include Yellow Perch, Walleye, and various panfish.

Regardless of your preferred fishing method or target species, Pennsylvania offers a wealth of opportunity for anyone looking to cast a line and enjoy some quality time on the water.

Pennsylvania Fishing Spots By Species

Our experts have put together their best local advice for fishing in Pennsylvania for trout, bass and other species.

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Pennsyvlania Fishing License and Rules

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