Fly Fishing Celebrities: A List of 20 Stars Who Love to Fly Fish

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Celebrities who fly fish

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Fly fishing is becoming popular with Hollywood actors, musicians, politicians, business people, and other celebrities. Here is a list of 20 prominent celebrities who love fly fishing.

Actors Who Love Fly Fishing

Actors have embraced fly fishing more than other celebrities. There are Oscar winners and other A-list Hollywood actors and actresses who are keen fly anglers.

Robert Redford

Redford loves to fly fish in Montana. The actor and director is well known for founding the Sundance Film Festival and his acting career, including winning an Academy Award for Best Director.

He also directed the fly fishing movie A River Runs Through It, based on the book by Norman McLean and starring Brad Pitt.

A scene from A River Runs through it with Brad Pitt’s character casting.

Harrison Ford

LOS ANGELES – MAR 8: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and George Lucas at the Mark Hamill Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 8, 2018, in Los Angeles, CA.

Harrison Ford, the star of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and a host of other all-action pictures, says that fly fishing brings relaxation and tranquility. The Han Solo actor is a very keen fly angler.

Henry Winkler

Photo: Instagram

The Fonz actor is a passionate fly angler who loves to fish in rivers and streams. He has been hooking, landing, and releasing his own catch since he was 12 years old! He was recently criticized by animal rights activists on Twitter over this great picture he posted below of himself with a cutthroat trout.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, who starred in the Harry Potter films, is an avid fly fisher who enjoys fishing with the long wand. “It’s the best form of escapism,” says Emma about fishing in Wyoming, where you can really get away from everything for just two or three days at a time!

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones loves fishing with the fly for a variety of reasons. The actor feels that it is an art form –  both in how you tie your own flies and how you use them to catch fish.

Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton loves fly fishing. He has a passion for the sport and doesn’t just want to go on an adventure, he needs it too! You can read more about his passion for the sport in this article.

Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner is the ultimate outdoorsman. He’s an avid fisherman and fly-fisher, which means he spends hours fishing in nature every day!

Politicans Who Love Fly Fishing

Many famous politicians are also fly anglers, including former presidents of both political persuasions.

Barack Obama

Former president Obama has taken up fly fishing. He fly fished with a celebrity guide at Yellowstone National Park during a vacation trip to Wyoming in August 2015

George HW Bush

Former US president George H W Bush fly fishes often when he visits his summer home near Kennebunkport, Maine, or any of several residences around Texas.

Jimmy Carter

Former US President Jimmy Carter is an avid fly fisherman. When he was president, Carter established the largest protected marine area of any U.S. president by expanding Alaska’s Lands Act into a 13-million-acre wildlife refuge.

Musicians Who Love Fly Fishing

Many celebrities from the music industry list fly angling as their preferred hobby. They love to get out in the outdoors and find peace fishing.

Eric Clapton

Rocker Eric Clapton is another prominent celebrity who enjoys fly fishing. He fly fishes in New Zealand, Scotland, and other places and is skilled at the art as he is with a guitar.

Alison Krauss

Grammy award-winning musician Alison Krauss is an American country singer, fiddler, and songwriter who fly fishes in her spare time at the Caney Fork River

Jimmy Buffett

Photo: Twitter

Jimmy Buffett is another gun musician who loves fishing with the fly. He enjoys fishing in a variety of locations around the world and in the US.

TV Stars That Love Fly Fishing

Stephen Colbert

The Late Show TV host Stephen Colbert is an avid fly fisherman and fly fishes often on Montana’s Smith River near his cabin in Big Sky, Montana, a region known for excellent trout fishing.

Bob Costas

Bob Costas fly fishes while he’s not working as a sportscaster for NBC Sports. Since he was young, Bob has been hooked on the sport of fly fishing due to its mix between outdoor adventure and precision skills that are required for success.

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel has been fly fishing for years, and it is his main hobby. The talk show legend is friends with many of the top professional fishers and trout anglers, and other celebrities are always welcome to take a fishing trip on his ranch in Montana.

Businesspeople That Love Fly Fishing

Ted Turner

Ted Turner is a man of many skills. He’s an avid fly fisherman who has filmed the sport from all angles, and he also owns more than 100 hotels around the world, including CNN (a 24-hour cable news network).

He loves nothing better than casting his line in some pristine river or lake to get away for a while! He’s also a major landowner in Patagonia, which is renowned for its fishing.

Sports Stars That Love Fly Fishing

Ted Williams

Ted Williams used to go fly fishing when living in Miami during retirement after being an All-Star baseball player for Boston Red Sox. He died at 83 years old due to cardiac arrest. His son John Henry has kept his legacy alive by continuing their project of restoring clean water along the East Coast with The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

Paul Azinger

Paul Azinger has been fly fishing for years, and he loves it!

Paul Azinger is an enthusiastic angler who spends his spare time in the company of trout streams. He is an excellent fly angler. 

Tiger Woods 

Tiger Woods is a fervent believer in the calming power of fly fishing. He’s a fan of fishing of all sorts, including casting a fly.

Trevor Brazile

Rodeo champion Trevor Brazile is a fly fishing aficionado. He loves to spend time outdoors in nature and tends his own stream with care, trying new techniques for catching fish.

Final Thoughts on Famous People Who Love Fly Fishing

There is a list of famous people who love fishing with flies so feel free to email us with other suggestions of celebrities we may have forgotten about! I am sure there are other celebrities out there that love fishing with the fly, but their hobby remains undiscovered.

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