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Rick Wallace

Founder of Tackle Village
Fly fishing
Fishing gear


  • Founded leading fishing content site Tackle Village in 2020 which has attracted more than half a million readers
  • Writer for leading fly fishing magazines such as Fly Life; appeared in fly fishing movie Predator
  • Former foreign correspondent (Japan) and journalist for 20 years


Rick is a passionate fly fisher who has fished in North America, Europe, Japan, South East Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. He appeared in the Japan chapter of the fly fishing movie Predator and has written about fly fishing for magazines and newspapers including The Australian. Rick has been fishing since he was a small child and his preferred form of fly fishing is dry fly sight fishing for large trout, but he is happy to tackle any species in the salt or the fresh water. He is also a lure angler and keen kayak fisher. He draws on his background as a successful writer and editor for daily newspapers and magazines to bring readers the most entertaining, simple and accurate content on all forms of fishing. In part due to his time spent in Japan as a foreign correspondent, Rick loves eating most species of fish and enjoys writing about ways to cook and prepare delicious fish dishes.


Rick trained as an engineer at the University of Melbourne before embracing his passion for writing and completing a Post Graduate Diploma of Journalism and working in national daily and metropolitan newspapers for 20 years. Throughout that period he continued to fly fish (and lure fish) whenever possible often writing about his pursuits including trips to Argentina and New Zealand. He has completed a range of short courses on online publishing and search engine optimisation to help make Tackle Village the most popular and useful resource it can be for anglers.

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