Florida Fishing: Advice on Spots for Bass and Saltwater Species

Florida Fishing

Florida is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. From freshwater to saltwater, Florida provides a habitat for a multitude of fish species. Whether you’re after trophy-sized bass in the inland lakes or seeking the adrenaline rush of battling large game fish in the open sea, you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

It offers a diverse range of fishing experiences across its stunning coastlines, lakes, and rivers.

With its temperate climate and abundant marine life, the Sunshine State attracts anglers from all around the US and across the globe to test their skills and enjoy unforgettable fishing adventures.

On this page you can explore the various fishing opportunities in Florida, with a focus on the prime locations to cast your line for a range of species.

Florida Fishing Experiences by Species

Florida is blessed with excellent fishing for a range of species.

In the saltwater you have a number of popular gamefish species:

  • Tarpon: Also known as “Silver King”, this powerful fish is typically found in the coastal waters, harbors, and bays of Florida. Fly-fishing and spinning are popular techniques for catching Tarpon.
  • Redfish: A popular inshore gamefish, Redfish are found throughout Florida’s estuaries and flats. Light tackle fishing and fly-fishing are effective techniques for catching them.
  • Snook: This aggressive fish is found in inshore waters and is known for its leaping and fighting abilities. Live bait and artificial lures work well for catching Snook.
  • Sailfish: Known as the fastest fish in the ocean, Sailfish are commonly found in the warm Gulf Stream waters. Trolling with ballyhoo or mullet is a popular technique for catching them.

In the inland waterways, you have all the main freshwater species including:

  • Largemouth Bass: As one of the most popular freshwater fish in Florida, Largemouth Bass can be found in almost every body of freshwater. Plastic WormsSpinnerbaits, and Topwater lures are popular choices for catching this species.
  • Black Crappie: Also known as “Speck”, Black Crappie are commonly found in Florida’s lakes and reservoirs. Jigs and Minnows are effective baits for catching them.
  • Bream or Blugill: Consisting of Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, and other panfish species, Bream can be found in most freshwater habitats. Worms and Small Poppers are popular baits for catching Bream.
  • Catfish: Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Flathead Catfish can all be found in Florida’s rivers and lakes. Cut baitDip baits, and Live bait are effective for catching Catfish.

Read on for our local expert guides to fishing for the following species in Florida.

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Florida Fishing License and Rules

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