Lowrance Transducer Compatibility Chart: Find Your Model Here

Find which Lowrance transducer is needed for your fish finder unit with this simple Lowrance transducer compatibility chart covering all models

Keeping track of which transducers are compatible with various Lowrance fish finder models can be a tricky task.

To save you having to scroll through product pages to find this data, we’ve put together a handy Lowrance transducer compatibility chart based on information from Lowrance’s product catolog.

Lowrance Transducer Compatibility Guide (Comprehensive Chart)

ModelTypeSKUCompatible Fish FindersMounting Type
Active Imaging 3-in-1000-14489-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2Transom
Active Imaging 3-in-1 (6 foot cable)000-14814-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2Transom
Active Imaging 2-in-1000-14490-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2Transom
Active Target000-15593-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FSTransom
LiveSight000-14458-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon (Carbon Requires PSI-1)Transom
LiveSight PSI-1000-14899-001HDS CarbonTransom
High Speed Skimmer (med/high CHIRP)000-14884-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Transom
High Speed Skimmer (low/high CHIRP)000-14885-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Transom
HDI Skimmer (Lowrance Blue)000-12570-0001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Transom
HDI Skimmer000-12569-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Transom
Bullet Skimmer000-14027-001Hook2 4x BulletTransom
SplitShot000-14028-001Hook2 SplitShot DisplaysTransom
TripleShot000-14029-001Hook2 TripleShot DisplaysTransom
Pod Shoot-ThruMed/High CHIRP000-14886-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Shoot Thru
Pod Trolling MotorMed/High CHIRP000-14888-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Trolling motor
Pod Shoot-Thru (Remote Temp)Med/High CHIRP000-14887-001HSD LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite FS, Elite Ti2, Elite Ti, Hook2Shoot Thru
LiveSight (Thru Hull)LiveSight Down Thru Hull000-14897-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon (Carbon requires PSI-1)Thru-Hull
StructureScan 3D (stainless steel)3D,SideScan, DownScan000-13559-001HDS LIVE, HDS CarbonThru-Hull
StructureScan 3DLow/High CHIRP, 3D, SideScan, DownScan000-14254-001HDS LIVE, HDS CarbonThru-Hull
StructureScan 3DMed/High CHIRP, 3D, SideScan, DownScan000-14255-001HDS LIVE, HDS CarbonThru-Hull
StructureScan HDSideScan, DownScan000-11460-001HDS LIVE, HDS CarbonThru-Hull
Bronze HDILow/High CHIRP/DownScan000-13905-001, 000-13906-001, 000-13907-001 (different tilt anglers)HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite Ti2, Elite TiThru-Hull
TotalScanLow/High CHIRP SideScan, DownScan000-14259-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite Ti2, Elite TiThru-Hull
TotalScanMed/High CHIRP SideScan, DownScan000-14257-001HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon, Elite Ti2, Elite TiThru-Hull

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Transducer Glossary and Mounting Terms

lowrance-downscan-image fish finder

Transom Mounted

This type of transducer is mounted on the transom (the flat part at the stern) of the boat and are typically designed to allow water to pass smoothly over the face of the transducer when the boat in on the plane.

Trolling Motor Mounted

Many Lowrance transducers can be mounted on a trolling motor, either directly or with the help of a mounting bracket.

Hull Mounted (Shoot Thru)

With fibreglass boats or kayaks, the transducer can be mounted on the inside of the hull by gluing it to the floor. The sonar beam shoots through the plastic or fibreglass hull.

Thru Hull Mounted

These require a hole cut or drilled in the hull and the transducer to be mounted in it so the beam can shoot out without having the hull there to have to penetrate.

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Lowrance transducer types explained

It is easy to be intimidated and confused by all the model numbers and terms of different transducers, so we’ve put together an explanation of all the key types.

HST skimmer transducer

These transom mounted models are the most basic providing only traditional 2D sonar, although they are CHIRP capable.

HDI transducer

These transducers can be bout transom mounted and mounted to a trolling motor. They provide downscan imaging as well as traditional sonar.

StructureScan transducer

The Structure Scan transducer provides side scan and downscan imaging, but no traditional sonar imaging.

TotalScan transducer

The TotalScan transducer provide all modes of basic sonar – traditional, side and down imaging and is CHIRP compatible.

Active Imaging transducer

This is the updated version of Lowrance’s all-in-one transducer model. The 3-in-1 model has sidescan, the 2-in-1 model does not.

3D Transducer

This types allows for both down and side imaging as well as 3D sonar.

Active Target transducer

This transducer allows you to use Lowrance’s Active Target function to see accurate real time sonar images in great detail, including fish moving. It is a great tool for giving you a complete view all around your boat. It gives you three views from the one transducer – a forward view, down view, and scout view with an ultra-wide overhead shot in front of the boat.

LiveSight Transducer

LiveSight sonar provides real-time views of bait and fish movements. You can watch fish react to your lure as it happens and gain insight on what’s working.

How to identify what Lowrance transducer you have

The model of your Lowrance transducer can be found by looking at the small tag at the end of the connector cable.

Are all Lowrance transducers interchangeable?

No, many can only be used with particular fish finders within the Lowrance range. Be sure to check compatibility with this chart to make sure you don’t pair a fish finder and transducer that aren’t compatible.

How to choose a Lowrance transducer compatible with your fish finder unit

The easiest way is to use this chart, but you have one other option too. If you turn on your fish finder and navigate to settings > sonar > installation a box labelled Transducer Type will appear. If you press on the box then it will open up a drop-down menu of all possible transducer types that the unit will work with.

Final Thoughts on Lowrance Transducers and Compatibility

We hope this chart explains the capabilities of various Lowrance transducers (CHIRP, down scan imaging, traditional sonar, Active Target imaging and more) and helps you to work out what transducer you need to operate your sonar in the way you want to and catch more fish.

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