Best Fishing Podcast: Our Listening Faves

Cast a line into the ultimate angler’s oasis! Explore the best fishing podcast for expert tips, thrilling stories, and exclusive interviews!

Have you ever wanted to spend a day on the water with a professional angler or famous outdoor figure and soak up as much of their knowledge and expertise as you can? For many of us, this probably won’t ever happen, but listening to the right podcasts is the next best thing as it allows you to listen to extensive conversations between some of the greatest minds in the fishing industry.

If you’re looking for some of the best fishing podcasts available right now, we’ve compiled our favorites in the following sections.

Our Top Five Fishing Podcasts

  1. The Itinerant Angler – many consider this to be the most complete fishing podcast in the industry. It’s one that is packed with compelling content and unforgettable episodes you’ll want to tell your fishing buddies about.
  2. Bass Edge Radio – the go-to resource for bass anglers that includes useful tips and techniques related to bass lures, fishing gear and equipment items.
  3. Anchored with April Vokey – the best podcast to hear genuinely-entertaining and fascinating stories and information from some of the true legends in the fishing industry.
  4. Tom Rowland Podcast – a great source for valuable information on the ways you can become a better angler and a more well-rounded individual.
  5. Ike Live – Iaconelli is known for his infectious energy and creativity. This podcast is the product of one of the fishing industry’s most exciting and entertaining figures.

Best Fishing Podcasts by Category

The best fishing podcasts are those that offer seriously useful and entertaining content. The media world is flooded with outdoor and fishing podcasts, so it can be hard to find the really good ones that offer top-notch content.

Here are some of our favorites that routinely feature everything from regional fishing reports to the world’s fishing celebrities. Each fishing podcast we’ve included will leave you feeling like the time you spent listening was well worth it.

Best Bass Fishing Podcasts

Bass Talk Live

Bass Talk Live scaled

Bass Talk Live is hosted by Mark Jeffreys and Matt Pangrac, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of bass fishing. This fishing podcast is one that features in-depth bass fishing tips, as well as genuinely interesting conversations between some of the industry’s best minds. You can listen to or watch this podcast on their YouTube channel with new episodes multiple times each week.

Ike Live

ike live thumbnail

Mike Iaconelli, otherwise known as Ike, is one of the most colorful figures in the world of bass fishing. As a current MLF pro angler, Ike provides extensive knowledge and fishing tips, as well as some of the most entertaining fishing interviews you’ll find on any fishing podcast. If you’re a fan of Mystery Tackle Box, Ike Live is a must-listen as Ike typically gives you a pro’s opinion on some of the fishing gear in their monthly boxes.

Inside Bassmaster

basslogo 1

Inside Bassmaster is your go-to source for in-depth interviews with professional anglers and the low-down on the latest and greatest gear in the bass fishing industry. Featured guests are usually Bassmaster Elite Series pro anglers and other prominent figures from the professional tournament fishing world. Few other bass fishing podcasts are as loaded with tackle tips and fishing talk from those who fish for a living.

Bass Edge Radio

bass edge radio

Bass Edge radio is chock-full of interesting content from the top professional anglers in the bass fishing industry. This one provides weekly bass fishing podcast episodes featuring special guests who are among the most engaging anglers in the fishing industry. Bass Edge Radio is arguably one of the best bass fishing podcasts as it connects anglers from all of the professional tournament circuits and presents guests with a relative, useful content in every episode.

Bass Fishing Dads

bass fishing dads

Many beginners might be overwhelmed with the technical jargon and expensive gear discussions they find in other bass fishing podcasts. Bass Fishing Dads is exactly what beginner anglers are looking for as it features simple, easy-to-understand fishing tips and other in-depth information that makes sense and will make you a better angler. My favorite thing about Bass Fishing Dads is that it’s geared toward the every day outdoor enthusiasts who are not tournament-driven, but are instead passionate anglers that just want to soak up more wisdom.

Best Fly Fishing Podcasts

The Itinerant Angler

the itenerant angler podcast

The Itinerant Angler podcast is arguably the best fly fishing podcast as it features numerous episodes that cover some of the latest news and latest tips from the who’s who of the fly fishing industry. The Itinerant Angler is hosted by outdoor writer Zach Matthews, who discusses fly fishing with everyone from celebrity athletes to the world’s foremost fishing guides. This one is well-produced and consistently entertaining and intriguing for anyone who loves fly fishing.

Fish Untamed

fly fish untamed

Host Katie has a strong passion for fly fishing in wild places and sharing her experiences via her podcast. She’s great at generating relaxed and detailed conversations with a wide range of fly fishing personalities. Check out this link to her Tackle Village founder Rick Wallace appearing on Fish Untamed talking about fishing in Japan, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

Fly Fishing 97

fly fishing 97 podcast

Host Mark Hopley is an interesting guy – a winemaker and passionate fly fisher and a great podcaster. Part of his secret is he is a great listener and skilled at getting his guests to relax. He’s also interested in finding out about the personal side of his guests and what makes them tick. Rick has also appeared with Mark on Fly Fishing 97 talking about fly fishing.

Ask About Fly Fishing

ask about flyfishing podcast

Roger Mayes is another skilled veteran in fly fishing podcast circles. His show Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio is broadcast live and also uploaded as a podcast. Roger has a huge archive of interviews with many key players in fly fishing circles through to passionate anglers. The show focuses on bucket list fishing experiences but also delves into techniques and practicalities for different places and species. You can hear Rick’s interview with Roger here and find archives of previous shows here.

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

orvis fly fishing podcast

This is a must-listen addition that many would deem the best fishing podcast for fly fishing guides and serious anglers. Orvis is a premier name in the fly fishing industry and this podcast discusses all things fly fishing with some of the most brilliant minds in the business. The podcast, hosted by Tom Rosenbauer, does an outstanding job of drawing out some of the most pertinent information related to effective tactics for fishing success in each season, as well as how to adapt to the ever-changing conditions and catch more fish.

Anchored With April Vokey

anchored with april vokey podcast

Anchored with April Vokey is a fly fishing podcast that offers some of the most authentic content you’ll find. Each episode is masterfully done and features interviews with industry leaders, as well as tips or even incredible stories that are both captivating and educational for fly anglers of all skill levels. Vokey, who is a fly fishing expert herself, creates a laid-back and fun interview style that leads to exceptional episodes you’ll want to listen to more than once.

Tailer Trash Fly Fishing

tailer trash fly fishing

Tailer Trash Fly Fishing is somewhat of a brash, unorthodox fishing podcast that is teeming with a nice balance of compelling content and hilarious trash talk between friends. This one touts itself as “The Most Genuine Fly Fishing Podcast in the World” and we heartily agree. Tailor Trash Fly Fishing is a podcast where fly fishing bums and industry professionals come together to ‘talk fish’ in a way that’s thoroughly entertaining.

Best Kayak Fishing Podcasts

Paddle N’ Fin

paddle n fin kayak fishing podcast

Paddle N’ Fin is a fun and entertaining podcast that features some of the latest news and information regarding kayak fishing, as well as interesting episodes on life in general. Paddle N. Fin is hosted by Brian Schiller and Jay Randall who routinely feature kayak fishing experts who discuss some of the most useful tips and tactics related to fishing out of a ‘yak.


yaktactics kayak fishing podcast

YakTactics is a genuine fishing podcast that’s both entertaining and educational for kayak anglers of all skill levels. This podcast explores some of the best tips, tactics, and techniques to catch a variety of different fish species through interviews with some of the top anglers in the kayak fishing community.

Kayak Bass Nation

kayak bass nation podcast

Kayak Bass Nation is a solid go-to kayak bass fishing resource that’s entertaining and keeps you in the loop on the latest happenings in the world of kayak fishing. The hosts do a great job keeping a pulse on the kayak fishing community and interviewing tournament winners and industry influencers in a way that’s fun to listen to. 

Best Saltwater Fishing Podcast

Tom Rowland Podcast

tom rowland podcast

Tom Rowland began his career as a fly fishing guide in Wyoming, but following the allure of saltwater fishing and became one of the most noteworthy figures in the sport. His podcast show covers everything from fitness to hunting and plenty of saltwater fishing information. Tom is a true ‘alpha male’ who features guests who discuss ways you can improve your fishing game, health, and life in general.

Captain’s Collective Fishing Podcast

captains collective podcast

Whether you’re an aspiring fishing charter captain or just a saltwater fishing enthusiast, the Captain’s Collective Fishing Podcast is one that every deep-sea fishing fanatic must listen to. This podcast features incredible stories from real fishing guides and captains, as well as useful tips and bits of wisdom that are both entertaining and informational. The Captain’s Collective is a solid resource for understanding fish patterns and habits in different regions at certain times of the year.

Bite Me

bite me podcast

When you can’t be on the water, the next best thing you can do to become a better angler is listening to fishing podcast shows like Bite Me. Hosted by Capt. Scott Null and John Lopez, this one offers a load of useful tips and techniques related to inshore and offshore saltwater fishing. The show tackles some of the toughest subjects related to saltwater fishing and provides useful tips that you can put to use on the water.

Best Trout Fishing Podcasts


troutbitten podcast

If you’re looking for a podcast that specifically focuses on catching trout, Troutbitten is a must-follow podcast that offers in-depth coverage on catching all kinds of trout species. Hosted by author and fishing guide, Domenick Swentosky, Troutbitten is a show that discusses the methods you can use to catch wild trout in remote locations. This podcast contains captivating stories from some of the most accomplished fly fishing experts in the world.

The DrakeCast

drake cast podcast

The DrakeCast is a podcast that’s associated with Drake Magazine, which is easily one of the most recognized fly fishing publications in the world. DrakeCast is a bi-monthly podcast that features some of the most accomplished fly fishing guides and experts in the world who come together to discuss their best techniques for catching trout. Drake Magazine is teeming with useful information related to trout fishing, but DrakeCast offers even more tips for catching wild trout throughout the year.

Best Other Fishing Podcasts

Addicted Fishing Podcast

addicted podcast

Addicted Fishing Podcast is a show that’s hosted by avid anglers who are based in the Pacific Northwest. This fishing podcast covers everything from catching trout, steelhead, walleye, bass, and a litany of other species found in this region. The episodes are made into short, 20-minute segments that are packed with useful tips instead of the usual fluff that so many other podcasts get bogged down with.

Fish Nerds

fish nerds podcast

Fish Nerds is one of the more fun-to-listen-to podcasts on our list that includes everything from funny or interesting stories to some of the best techniques related to cooking and eating fish. Host Clay Groves explores some of the more uncharted territory in terms of fishing-related content and this podcast is a goldmine for those who want to listen to seriously-entertaining content. Even those who aren’t interested in fishing find this podcast amusing.

How To Start a Fishing Podcast

Starting a podcast isn’t as difficult as you might expect. It does, however, require you to take the right steps and come up with a solid plan in order to produce something that people will actually want to listen to.

Podcasting Gear

If you want to produce a truly great podcast, you’ll need to start out with the right gear. The two most important items you’ll need to create a podcast are a microphone and a computer. However, there are other items you should add to your podcasting gear assortment if you want to really break through and become one of the top podcasts in the fishing industry.

If you’re going to produce the best possible product, you’ll need to have a pair of headphones in addition to other equipment. Headphones allow you to listen to your podcast as you’re recording to ensure that there aren’t any issues with your audio and that your mic is actually turned on.

There are also things like audio mixers, mic stands, editing software, and other items you should look into if you’re looking to create a great podcast that sounds like the pros. It’s important to consider other things as well that will play a role in what kind of equipment you need. Ask yourself the following questions before you get started:

  • Will I have more than two people on the show at one time?
  • Where will I record each episode?
  • Will I need to record some episodes in different locations for events, special trips, etc?

Lastly, be sure to have plenty of SD cards that will allow you to store your recordings and offer enough space when you need it.

Getting Interviews

Part of creating an exceptional podcast is putting a serious amount of thought and planning into what you’re going to talk about, as well as who you’re going to bring with you to talk about these subjects. Getting the major figures in the fishing industry on your show will be tough when you’re just starting out unless you’re already somewhat established as a guide, pro angler, writer, or film expert who works with people in the fishing industry.

The main thing you need to remember when it comes to producing a great podcast is to always be networking and thinking of people you can bring on your shows that will provide value. Remember, it never hurts to ask, so be sure to reach out to those you want on your show through social media, email, or their website.

You might be surprised how many of the industry’s leading experts and professionals are sometimes eager to get their name out there any way they can—and podcasts are an easy way for them to do this.

Publishing and Marketing your Podcast

As you know, there are a variety of different platforms you can use to publish and market your podcast. We recommend using everything you can that’s free to both publish and market your podcast if you want to gain traction when you’re just starting out.

Once you’re ready to record your podcast, it’s time to consider the places you want to publish it. Spotify and other popular platforms offer free publishing and this is exceptionally useful if you’re willing to put in the effort to set your podcast up properly.

First, you’ll need a podcast hosting company. Some of the more popular ones are Buzzsprout, Blubrry, Libsyn, and PodBean. Do your research and make sure you know what the pros and cons are associated with each one, both short and long-term.  Your hosts are actually the ones who will store podcast episodes—not platforms and apps like Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

You will use your host to actually add your podcast to places like Spotify and other apps.

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