World Record List: Table of IGFA Records for All Popular Species

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We love keeping a close eye on the IGFa records for various sportsfishing species.

We pulled together this piece to inspire anglers chasing world record catches of a variety of species.

It might also be helpful in settling arguments between anglers over the official record sizes for various types of fishing including largemouth bass, brown trout, muskie and various saltwater species including tarpon, bonefish and snook.

The information in the chart below comes direct from the IGFA database of All Tackle World Records for the species listed and is correct as of June 2022.

The Biggest Fish Ever Caught by Species: IGFA Records

SpeciesAll Tackle RecordDateAnglerLocation
Albacore88lb1977Siegfried DickemannCanary Islands
(full details of the current IGFA world record Amberjack here)
163lb2015Tadashi YamanakaZenisu, Tokyo, Japan
(full details of the current IGFA world record Arapaima here)
339lb2010Jakub VagnerAmazonia, Ecuador
Arctic Char32lb 9oz1981Jeffrey WardTree River, Northwest Territories, Canada
Barracuda (Guinean)
(full details of the current IGFA world record barracuda here)
102lb2013Thomas GibsonBarra du Kwanza, Angola
Bass (Largemouth)
(full details of the current IGFA world record largemouth bass here)
22lb (it was a tie)1932 and 2009George W Perry and Manabu KuritaMontgomery Lake, Georgia; Lake Biwa, Japan
Bass (Smallmouth)
(full details of the current IGFA world record smallmouth bass here)
11lb 15oz1955David HayesTennessee
Bass (Striped)81lb 14oz2011Gregory MyersonLong Island Sound, Connecticut
Bonefish16lb1971Jerry LavensteinBimini, Bahamas
Catfish (blue)
(full details of the current world record blue catfish here)
143lb2011Richard Nicholas AndersonKerr Lake, Buggs Island, Virginia
Catfish (channel)(full details of the current IGFA world record channel catfish here)58lb1964W WhaleySantee-Cooper Reservoir, South Carolina
Catfish (flathead)
(full details of the current IGFA world record flathead catfish here)
123lb1998Ken PaulieElk City Reservoir, Kansas
(full details of the current IGFA world record cobia here)
135lb1985Peter GouldingShark Bay, Western Australia
Dolphinfish87lb1976Manuel SalazarPapagayo Gulf, Costa Rica
Dorado55lb 11oz 2006Andre de BottonUruguay River, Argentina
Drum, Freshwater
(full details of the current IGFA world record freshwater drum here)
54lb 8oz1972Benny HullNickajack Lake, Tennessee
Gar, Alligator
(full details of the current IGFA world record alligator gar here)
279lb1951Bill ValverdeRio Grande, Texas
Gar, Longnose43lb2017Rock ShawTrinity River, Texas
Halibut (Pacific)
(full details of the current IGFA world record halibut here)
459lb1996Jack TragisDutch Harbor, Alaska
Kokanee9lb 10oz2010Ronald A CampbellWallowa Lake, Oregon
Marlin (black)
(full details of the current IGFA world record black marlin here)
1560lb1953Alfred Glassell JrCabo Blanco, Peru
Marlin, Blue (Atlantic)
(full details of the current IFGA Record Blue Marlin record here)
1402lb1992Paolo AmorimVitoria, Brazil
Marlin, Blue (full details of the current IGFA Record Pacific Marlin here)1376lb1982Jay de BeaubienKaaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii
Marlin, Striped
(full details of the current IGFA world record striped marlin here)
494lb1986Bill BonifaceTutukaka, New Zealand
Muskellunge67lb 8oz1949Cal JohnsonLake Court Oreilles, Wisconsin
Northern Pike55lb 1 oz1986Lothar LouisLake of Greefern, Germany
Permit60lb2002Renato FiedlerIlha do Mel, Brazil
Redfish (Red Drum)
[more details here]
94lb1984David DeuelAvon, North Carolina
Rooster Fish
(current IGFA World Record Roosterfish details here)
114lb1960Abe SackheimLa Paz, Baja California, Mexico
Salmon (Atlantic)
(current IGFA world record Atlantic salmon details)
79lb 2oz1928Henrik HenriksenTana River, Norway
Salmon (Chum)
(current IGFA world record chum salmon details)
35lb1995Todd JohanssonEdye Pass, British Columbia, Canda
Salmon (Coho)
(current IGFA world record coho salmon details)
33lb 4oz1989Jerry LiftonSalmon River, New York
Salmon (King or Chinook)
(current IGFA world record King salmon details)
97lb 4oz1985Les AndersonKenai River, Alaska
Salmon (Pink)
(current IGFA world record Pink salmon details)
14lb 13oz2001Alexander MinerichMonroe, Washington
Salmon (Sockeye)
(current IGFA world record sockeye salmon details)
15lb 3oz1987Stan RoachKenai River, Alaska
Sauger8lb 12oz1971Mike FischerLake Sakakawea, North Dakota
(current IGFA world record sheepshead details here)
21lb 4oz1982Wayne DeselleNew Orleans, Louisiana
Spanish Mackerel
(current IGFA world record Spanish mackerel details here)
13lb1987Robert CrantonOcracoke Inlet, North Carolina
Speckled Seatrout
(current IGFA world record Speckled Seatrout details here)
17lb 7oz1995Craig CarsonFort Pierce, Florida
Snook (Pacific Black)
(current IGFA world record Snook details here)
59lb 8oz2014Capt Ward MichaelsPuerto Quepos, Costa Rica
Taimen (current IGFA world record taimen details here)115lb 8oz2021Ilya SherbovichTugur River, Russia
Taimen (Japanese)33lb2017Tetsuya KataokaKushiro River, Japan
Tarpon286lb 9oz2003Max DomecqRubane, Guinea-Bissau
Trevally, Giant160lb 7oz2006Keiki HamasakiKagoshima, Japan
Trout, Brook
(full details of the current IGFA world record brook trout here)
14lb 8oz2015Dr JW CookNipigon River, Ontario, Canada
Trout, Brown44lb 5oz2020Seumas PetrieOhau Canal, Twizel
Trout, Lake
(full details of the current IGFA world record lake trout here)
72lb 1995Lloyd BullGreat Bear Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
Trout, Rainbow
(full details of the current IGFA World Record rainbow trout here)
48lb2009Sean KonradLake Diefenbaker, Canada
Tuna, Bluefin1496lb1979Ken FraserAulds Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
Tuna, Yellowfin427lb2012Guy YocomCabo San Lucas, Mexico
(full details of the current IGFA world record Wahoo here)
184lb2005Sara HaywardCabo San Lucas, Mexico
Yellow Perch4lb 3oz1865Dr C AbbotBordentown, New Jersey
Yellowtail , southern
(full details of the current IGFA world record yellowtail here)
114lb (tie)1984 and 1987Mike Godfrey and David LugtonTauranga and White Island, New Zealand
Source: International Game Fishing Association record data

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