Trout: Key Facts on This Freshwater Sportfish

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There are a lot of trout fishing fanatics among the Tackle Village team.

Several of us are keen fly fishers and others are keen on using lures to catch trout.

We spend a lot of time writing about the best ways to catch trout and about the various types of trout, which we’ve summarised below.

About trout as a species

Rainbow trout are a great fighting fish and fun to catch

Trout are a fascinating fish that come in a range of subspecies. They are found in a wide range of countries – across the United States and Canada, throughout much of Europe as well as South America, Australia and New Zealand, Japan and even Africa.

They are a prized target for people who enjoy fly fishing in particular, but for anglers of all types.

Trout Species

There are a wide variety of trout species and the Tackle Village crew has pretty much caught them all ranging from Golden Trout to Japanese Taimen.

Check below for our exclusive content on fishing for different trout species.

Gear, lures and methods to catch trout

brown trout half in water with spinning rod and reel excellent
Lure fishing is a great way to target brown trout

Eating Trout: Recipes and Advice

Trout are a tasty eating fish when prepared the right way

We usually fish catch and release with trout, but in lakes and rivers with decent populations of trout, there is nothing wrong with keeping a fish or two for the table, as long as it is allowed under the regulations.

We’ve included some content on how trout taste and how to cook them here.

Record Trout

Fly Fishing For Trout

Rick Wallace releasing big brown trout New Zealand fly fishing net

Fly fishing is our favourite method of fishing for trout. Done right, it can be more effective than any other type of fishing. We’ve put together links to some of our favorite content on fly fishing for trout and we are adding to this list all the time. Enjoy:

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