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  • Experienced fly fishing writer
  • English teacher with a professional background in journalism
  • Dedicated fly fisher and passionate about the outdoors


Danny is an Arizona-based English teacher who loves to get out fly fishing on his local streams and lakes as well as doing interstate trips chasing trout, salmon and other species including bass. At the beginning of his career he worked in journalism writing for Newsweek and the International Business Times in New York City. Now he's combining teaching with outdoor writing for Tackle Village and other sites including Into Fly Fishing, Guide Recommended, Positive Fishing and other outdoor focused publications. Danny writes for anglers and outdoor adventurers of all skill levels and approaches his work from the perspective of making it accessible for people who are new to fishing. As far as he is concerned, the more approachable his writing is, the better. He also ensures his articles are packed with accurate, reliable and actionable information and he won't take on topics unless he has relevant expertise. Outside of work his interests revolve mainly around spending time outside, whether that's fly fishing, mountain biking, traveling, racing in ironmans, playing golf or spending time with his wife.


Danny has bachelors degrees in English Writing, Criminal Justice and Secondary Education from Dordt University in Indiana. He has a Masters in Teacher Leadership, also from the Sioux City campus of Dordt in Indiana. Along with his professional roles in journalism, he has done a range of internships with leading publications and edited his college newspaper.  

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