Trout Fishing: Tips, Gear and Where to Go

Missouri Trout Fishing Feature Image

Trout are my favorite fish to catch. On this page, I’ve linked to our best trout fishing content.

This includes a strong collection of tips to increase your trout fishing success, info on trout fishing gear and where to go to catch trout in your state.

And we’ve got a lot of articles on trout behaviour covering when they spawn, what they eat and how many different species of trout there are.

I hope you enjoy the trout fishing content you find here and feel free to leave a comment if there is an aspect of trout fishing you want to know more about or you think that we should write about.

Trout Fishing Tips

Trout fishing is more difficult than fishing for panfish and other forms of fishing. That’s because trout are a wary fish and live in clear water where it is easy to spot approaching anglers. In flowing waters anglers need to approach from behind and use polarized sunglasses to spot trout before they detect a threat. We’ve put together a host of articles with tips to help your trout fishing. These are based on my own personal knowledge or that of our writing team, many of whom are passionate trout anglers on fly and lure.

Nymph fishing a run

How to Nymph Fish: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Nymph fishing is a great way to catch trout, but when you start out it can be confusing. In this article, we break down what constitutes a nymph, the best …

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Cutthroat trout

How to Catch Cutthroat Trout: Tips for Fly and Lure Anglers

Catching cutthroat trout doesn’t necessarily require any different methods than what anglers would use to land other trout species. The main challenge comes in trying to locate the fish. Due …

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Fly fishing a cicada hatch feature image

Fly Fishing a Cicada Hatch: Essential Tips for Success

Every angler has a fabled hatch on their list. Here in the Rockies, we have the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch, summertime tricos on the Platte, and let’s not forget the …

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How to Fish a Hopper Fly Feature Image

How to Fish a Hopper Fly: 10 Tips for Summer Dry Fly Success

Get the lown on landing HUGE trout on hopper flies with this simple guide to fishing with grasshopper patterns for brown and rainbow trout
Trout Rise Forms Feature Image

Trout Rise Forms Explained: How to Tell What Fish Are Taking

Learn how to interpret trout rise forms and dial in to what they are feeding on to catch MORE trout and bigger fish
Winter Trout Fishing Feature Image

Winter Trout Fishing: Top Tips for the Colder Months

Winter trout fishing can be BRILLIANT … learn these key tips to find and catch big trout during the colder months on fly fishing gear
Trout Fishing At Night Feature Image

Night Fishing For Trout: Tips for Success After Dark

Some of the biggest trout landed have been taken at night. The largest brown trout (and trout of other species) get that way by being very wary and difficult to …

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How to Catch Lake Trout Feature image

How to Catch Lake Trout: Essential Tips

The lake trout is a very interesting species, and it’s also a blast to catch in the lakes where they are found. Lake trout are quite different from other trout …

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How to Fish a Stream for Trout Feature Image

How to Trout Fish in a Stream: 10 Practical Tips With Images

I grew up fishing small streams for trout – first with spinners and then with flies. I have done more small stream fishing than any other kind and welcome the …

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Record Brook Trout Feature Image

World record brook trout: Where and How To Catch Them

Brook trout (salvelinus namaycush) are native to North America and are a popular target species for anglers. While they are called a trout, in reality brook trout are a type …

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Trout Fishing Gear (Lure fishing)

Trout are a fun fish to catch on light tackle, whether that’s lure fishing gear or fly fishing. Usually six pound test line is sufficient for all but the biggest trout, and spin fishing reels in the 1000 or 2500 sizing with appropriately matched rods are all you need.

Our writing team have put together a series of guides to the right line, lures and tackle to use to land big trout.

Best Lake Trout Lures Feature Image

Best lake Trout Lures: 6 Top Picks for Trolling, Jigging & Casting

Discover the best lures to tempt trophy lake trout. Crankbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits included, along with a DEADLY soft plastic swimbait
Rigs for trout feature image

Trout Fishing Rigs: 10 Proven Set-Ups

Trout can be caught in many different ways, from spinners to crankbaits and live bait. Live bait is the most popular approach for many anglers, and in this post, we …

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Ice fishing for trout feature image

Ice Fishing Lures For Trout: Our Top 9 Picks

Ice fishing for trout is excellent, and while it is a smaller niche in the ice fishing realm, it has grown in popularity in recent years. There are some great …

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Trout Fishing Gear List Feature Image

Trout Fishing Gear List: The Bare Essentials & More

Trout fishing doesn’t require you to master the art of fishing with a fly rod and reel. It’s quite possible to have just as much fun using an ultralight rod …

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Trout fishing rod best feature image

Best Trout Fishing Rod: Our Top 8 Picks Reviewed

Experience anglers for any species will tell you that there is a huge difference when comparing a cheap and poorly made rod to a high-quality one. The action, power, and …

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Best spinning reel for trout feature image

Best Trout Spinning Reel: Our Top 12 Models Reviewed (2024)

Trout can be one of the more challenging species of fish to catch due to a number of factors. Having the right gear and tackle is crucial if you want …

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Untitled design 31

Best Lures for Trout: 11 Deadly Lures Reviewed (2024)

Trout fishing is incredibly popular, whether anglers are fly fishing or using conventional tackle. Every year countless anglers head to rivers, streams, creeks, and lakes to fish for one of …

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shutterstock 376837966 scaled

Best Fishing Line for Trout: Our 9 Top 2024 Picks Reviewed

Monofilament, fluorocarbon and braided line: get the top picks for the best fishing line for trout

Trout Fishing Rods (Fly Fishing)

For fly fishing anglers, a fly fishing rod between #3 and #6 weight are fine for most trout fishing situations.

Then you need to choose the right flies to tempt the trout. Our writing team have put together a range of article to help you catch more trout on fly tackle. I’ve written many of these myself as fly fishing is the main form of fishing that I like to do.

best fly rod for backpacking feature image

Best Fly Rod for Backpacking: 5 Top Rods & Buyers Guide

Combining backpacking and fly fishing into one trip is a true outdoor experience. The challenges of living out of one bag with the joys and rewards of venturing to far-out …

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Best 3 weight rods feature image

The 8 Best 3 Weight Fly Rods 2024: Small Stream Sticks Reviewed

When the water you’re fishing allows you to use a 3-weight fly rod, you’re in for a fun day. Three-weight rods fit in exceptionally well on small water that requires …

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What weight fly rod for trout feature image

Best 4 Weight Fly Rod: Our Top 8 Picks Reviewed

When you take out your 4-weight fly rod, you know you’re in for a great day of fishing. Odds are, you’re going to a stream or small river with hopes …

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What weight fly rod for trout feature image

What Weight Fly Rod for Trout? A Complete Guide

Choosing the right weight fly rod for trout depends on three things: the type of water you will be fishing, the size of fish you will be targeting and the …

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Where to Go to Catch Trout

Our writing team love writing about trout fishing in their local waters. Below you’ll find a series of state-based trout fishing articles all written by local experts familiar with their home waters. They share their secrets on where to go to catch big trout.

The states in the darker blue color are the ones we have written about. We will update this map as we add content covering the states in the light blue.


All About Trout

In these articles we talk about the different types of trout as well as the interesting habits and physical characterists of trout. We’ve also written extensively on trout spawning behaviour and you can find these articles below.

When Do Rainbow trout Spawn Feature Image

When Do Rainbow Trout Spawn? Expert Guide

Rainbow trout are some of the best fish to target. They’re aggressive and eager to take whatever you throw at them. They are hearty fish with large populations worldwide, making …

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When Do Brown Trout Spawn Feature Image

When Do Brown Trout Spawn: Full Details for Key Areas

Brown trout are found in many parts of the US and around the world and typically spawn during the fall (exact details below). Knowing about their spawning habits helps anglers …

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Fishing for arctic char feature image

Fishing for Arctic Char 101: A Fly Fishing Guide

Arctic Char are some of the least targeted and highly respected members of the salmon family. Arctic Char are the northernmost freshwater fish in the world and are found in …

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Brook trout spawning feature image

When do Brook Trout Spawn: Season, Conditions and Locations

Find out what triggers brook trout to spawn in the fall & when the spawning run starts in various parts of the US with this brook trout spawning guide
Arctic char vs dolly varden feature image

Dolly Varden vs Arctic Char: Key Differences Explained

Learn the simple ways to tell the difference between Dolly Varden and Artic char by looking at their size, tails, jaw and gill rakers.
What is a Dolly Varden Feature Image

What is a Dolly Varden? How to Identify This Char Species

Dolly varden are a type of char (not a trout as many think!) that are found in northern regions of the Pacific side of North America. Learn more here
Japanese trout feature image of a white spotted char amemasu in a net

Japanese Trout: A Guide to the Key Types

Japan is home to a wide range of trout species as well as char, salmon and taimen. From the small landlocked yamame and iwana char in the mountain streams, to …

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trout scales close up rainbow trout feature image

Do Trout Have Scales? A Full Explanation

No trout fishing expedition is complete until you cook your catch, preferably on-site over a flaming campfire. Nothing quite compares to the taste of fish grilled or pan-fried in camp, …

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Untitled design 31

Do Trout Have Teeth? And How to Handle a Hooked Trout

If you are an angler, chances are you have dreamed of hooking a nice rainbow or brownie on a dry fly or nymph. To answer the question simply, yes, trout …

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DSC 0789 1

Types of Trout: Brown, Rainbow, Brook and 10 More Trout Species

Most of us are familiar with the brown and rainbow trout, which are the key targets for many fishermen and women around the world. But the range of species that …

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Eating Trout: Making them Taste Great

Trout are a decent eating fish and their flavor pairs well with ingredients including butter, nuts and bacon, along with lemon of course. They can also be eaten smoked or raw. In the articles below we share some hints on cooking and eating trout.

Is Lake trout good to eat feature image

Are Lake Trout Good to Eat?

Are lake trout good to eat? This is a debated topic among anglers, with many saying that the lake trout is a subpar-tasting fish, while other anglers are big fans …

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World Record Dolly Varden Feature Image

World Record Dolly Varden: A 20lb Monster on Fly!

Dolly Varden are a great sportfishing target in northern Pacific region. An aggressive and large char species, they are fun to tempt on fly tackle or light lure gear. Alaska …

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How does trout taste article feature image

What Does Trout Taste Like? Brown, Rainbow & Lake Trout

Tasting different foods from around the world can be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. You may find textures and tastes that you have never known, and it could open up …

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Can you eat trout raw feature image

Can you eat trout raw? It depends …

The short answer on this one is that it is a matter of one’s personal choice but it does carry some risk of parasite inflection My view is I will …

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Rainbow trout taste feature image

Rainbow Trout Taste: Are They Good for Eating?

Rainbow trout has a mild and delicate flavor. Cooked properly, rainbow trout meat is light pink, tender and flakes easily. Trout has a slightly nutty flavor and is completed by …

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Trout Fishing Records

We love keeping tabs on record trout captures. We’ve written about some of the biggest trout ever caught in the articles below covering the main trout species.

Record Rainbow Trout Feature Image

World Record Rainbow Trout: The BIGGEST ever caught

Rainbow trout are one of the most popular freshwater gamefish in the world and are pursued by anglers across North America and many other parts of the world including Argentina, …

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World Record Lake Trout Feature Image (1)

World Record Lake Trout: The Biggest Ever Caught

A 73lb lake trout caught in an undisclosed Colorado lake may be the largest caught of this species on a line and could set a new world record. Angler Scott …

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World Record Golden Trout Feature Image

World Record Golden Trout: An Amazing Size

Setting a world record in anything is an achievement that deserves acknowledgment and recognition. In the world of fishing, world records can be hard to set, break, and hold. This …

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Record Brook Trout Feature Image

World record brook trout: Where and How To Catch Them

Brook trout (salvelinus namaycush) are native to North America and are a popular target species for anglers. While they are called a trout, in reality brook trout are a type …

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