Fishing and Outdoor Clothing: Buyer’s Guide

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We are truly fortunate these days with the range of high tech and high performing fabrics that it is possible to be comfortable in a huge range of weather conditions.

We’re regularly testing the top outdoor brands’ gear fishing and camping scenarios, and have condensed our findings into these reviews.

Fishing and Outdoor Clothing and Gear Brands Compared

We are lucky these days to have so much choice in terms of clothing and gear to wear outside when we are fishing or doing other forms of outdoor recreation. We spend a lot of time testing outdoor clothing and gear to work out which brands and products we like.

You can see some of our outdoor brand and clothing comparisons here below:

Fishing and Outdoor Pants

Choosing the right pants is key to being comfortable on a fishing trip.

Something quick drying that you can wear under your waders is worth thinking about.

We love pants that can double as a reasonable formal pair of pants we can wear to the pub after a night on the stream.

For actual wading pants and fishing waders head over to our fly fishing pages for more info, reviews, hints and tips on this kind of specialist gear.

Windshield Pants Patagonia Product
These Windshield pants are part of the Patagonia range

Fishing and Outdoor Sweaters and Jackets

Fishing and outdoor shorts and accessories

Backpacks and Other Gear

A backpack is one of the most vital pieces of kit for any fishing trip, or any occasion your manage to get into the great outdoors. We’ve got some great articles on this kind of gear below

Waders and Wading Shoes

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