Are Crocs Good Water Shoes? Our verdict

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Crocs might not be the most stylish shoes around, but they are mighty popular with more than 25 million pairs sold.

Many people buy them as good shoes to wear in the water, but how do they stack up?

Crocs are a good water shoe for some situations where grip and ankle support aren’t crucial.

They are cheap, it doesn’t matter if you get them wet and they stand up to even hard usage.

Pros and Cons of Using Crocs as Water Shoes

  • The rubberized material they are made from is waterproof and durable
  • They are easy to put on and take off
  • It doesn't matter if you get them wet
  • They are relatively cheap
  • They float if they fall off
  • They offer some sun protection for your feet
  • Their grip isn't the best
  • They don't offer much support for your ankles
  • Your feet aren't fully protected from sharp rocks, thorns or snakes
  • They can come off your feet relatively easily
  • They don't offer much arch support if you are wearing them all-day
  • They can get sand and grit in them and irritate your skin

What Type of Crocs Are Best in the Water: Clogs, Sandals, Flat or Flip Flops

In summary, of the four types of Crocs, the Clogs, and Sandals are the only ones we’d recommend as water shoes.

Crocs Clogs as Water Shoes: Reviewed

Crocs Clogs
Crocs Clogs
Crocs Clogs
Our Score

Crocs Clogs offer reasonable all-around protection for your feet underwater. The backstrap on them helps ensure they don't fall off underwater and they will float to the surface if that does occur.

Your foot is relatively enclosed with the Crocs Clogs, so they offer reasonable sun protection for your feet when you are in and out of the water.

They are quick-drying and hardy shoes that are suitable for most activities in the water.

They aren't the best for surf fishing as sand enters them very easily and is highly irritating when it gets between the rubber of the Crocs water shoes and your skin.

  • Lightweight and great value
  • Popular choice
  • Good foot protection

Crocs Water Shoes – Swiftwater Sandals Reviewed

Swiftwater Deck Sandals
Swiftwater Deck Sandals
Swiftwater Deck Sandals
Our Score

The Swiftwater Deck Sandals are the other Crocs model that is suitable to wear as water shoes. Again, they are made off materials that you can freely get wet without them degrading in any way and they are quick drying.

Unlike the one-piece Clogs, the sandals have a stretch mesh upper with a hook-and-loop closure strap to allow you to adjust for a secure fit.

They also have a more grippy sole than the Clogs and they are a bit more stylish for wearing around the place when you are out of the water.

So in that sense, they are the best water shoes for those trips when you might do some fishing and then head to the bar without getting cleaned up.

The Crocs sandals are also a good choice for water activities such as kayaking and scrambling around in rivers or rockpools.

We wouldn't really like to do any hiking in these shoes, but they are probably better than the Crocs for walking longer distances.

  • Adjustable
  • Good grip on the soles
  • Best water shoes

Crocs Slides, Flats, and Flip Flops

Crocs are not really good water shoes but they can also be used when launching kayaks, messing around in rivers, swimming, and other water activities.

We don’t recommend using these Crocs models as water shoes, particularly in fishing situations.

They are water resistant, dry quickly, and won’t break down if they get wet, but they just aren’t the best for wearing in the water. For a start, they have no retention strap at the back so they can easily fall off.

If you are in the river or the surf enjoying some fishing, they can float away and never be seen again!

Crocs as Fishing Shoes?

At a pinch, you could use the sandals or the clogs as fishing shoes, but there are better choices and wading shoes that offer more grip and better protection than Crocs.

Final Thoughts on Crocs as a Water Shoe

We’ve used our Crocs clogs for a long time now when launching kayaks, messing around in rivers, swimming, and doing other water activities. And they’ve been fine to wear as a water shoes in these situations.

But the next pair we get will probably get will be the sandals. The Clogs do lose their grip over time on the sole and they can result in a slip or two. For that reason, the sandals may be a better choice as a water-friendly shoe for our purposes.

They are comfortable, with the straps they fit a bit closer to your foot, you are less likely to slip and, thanks to their style, you can wear them in an informal beach bar without feeling out of place.

We think the Crocs Sandals are the best water shoes for the money available.

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