Patagonia Fiona vs Radalie: Women’s Coat Showdown

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With a huge range of insulated jackets to choose from, Patagonia doesn’t make it easy when it comes to choosing only one to buy!

Two of the most popular women’s jackets from Patagonia are the Fiona and the Radalie.

Both of these jackets come at a premium price, so it’s worth knowing that you are making the right choice between them.

In this article, we take a close look at both the Patagonia Fiona and the Patagonia Radalie and compare them to help you make a more informed decision about which one is best for you.

Patagonia Fiona vs Patagonia Radalie: Specifications


As with all Patagonia jackets, the Fiona and the Radalie are made from recycled materials to help keep the brand’s impact on the environment to a minimum.

The extremely lightweight shell of the Patagonia Fiona Parka is made from 100% recycled polyester ripstop that has been coated with DWR (durable water repellent). This not only makes the Fiona an environmentally-friendly parka but also gives you a good level of protection from the rain.

Like the Fiona, the Patagonia Radalie uses recycled materials in its shell. 100% recycled nylon is used in this instance which, again, has a DWR coating for water resistance.

Patagonia has done a great job in making both of these very cool jackets have a tough and durable outer shell while still keeping the weight down to ensure comfort and practicality while wearing them out in the wild.


When it comes to outdoor jackets, insulation plays a huge part in their performance.

You need your insulated jacket to keep you warm and dry, but you also need it to be breathable enough to not be uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time.

Patagonia understands this and has made sure both Fiona and Radalie meet these criteria.

The insulation used in the Patagonia Fiona Parka is 600-fill-power 100% recycled down. The down is actually made from duck and goose down taken from reclaimed down products.

This is thin and lightweight insulation, which makes it well-suited for everyday life in slightly colder conditions, but it can be a little bit too minimal if temperatures drop below freezing.

For the Radalie, Patagonia has gone for thermogreen insulation. This is insulation made from recycled polyester. In the case of the Radalie, 92% of the polyester used in the insulation is recycled.

Both of these Parkas are very effective at keeping you warm in pretty cold conditions. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that if the conditions are extra cold and wet, neither will probably be your go-to choice.


To help keep you warm on your adventures, Radalie has a stand-up collar that prevents the cold air from hitting your normally exposed neck.

Although you could argue weight isn’t a feature, the fact that the Fiona is so lightweight has to be mentioned here. Weighing in at just over one pound, this takes being a lightweight parka to a whole new level.

There are two handwarmer pockets on the external shell of the Fiona. These are both fleece-lined, making them perfect for warming up cold hands. There are also two interior pockets, with one having a zipper and one being a simple drop pocket.

When it comes to pockets, though, the Radalie has all the bases covered. In addition to the standard handwarmer pockets, there is also an internal zippered compartment just behind the main zipper. This gives you a nice little storage compartment for small accessories or your phone and wallet.

To help keep you warm on your adventures, Patagonia has given the Radalie a stand-up collar that prevents the cold air from hitting your normally exposed neck.

Another great little feature on the Radalie that shows how much Patagonia thinks about the practical use of its products is the lining on the cuffs, collar, and handwarmer pockets. This lining helps keep you warm and comfortable, which can be very useful in cold conditions.


The Patagonia Women’s Fiona Parka (buy here) has a form-fitting design, so it can feel a bit tighter and more restrictive than other jackets you may have worn.

In particular, the hip area of the jacket tends to give quite a tight fit, so it may be worth buying a size bigger than normal if you want a bit more flexibility and mobility. That being said, Patagonia has allowed extra space in the chest area, which does give you mobility around the moving parts of your body.

The Patagonia Women’s Radalie Parka (buy here) has a slim-fit design. It comes across as a much more tailored and sleek-fitting jacket.

Like the Fiona, the Radalie does give quite a tight fit. If you need lots of movement in your arms and torso while out in the wild, it may be a good idea to buy a size up.

Once you have the right size, though, both of these jackets look awesome when worn. Some parkas can be baggy, bulky, and look far too big for the person wearing them. That doesn’t happen with these two, though – both the Fiona and the Radalie fit nicely and give the wearer a very sleek and stylish appearance.

Water Resistance:

If you’re heading out in mild conditions, though, with only a light rain forecast, the Fiona will be more than up for the job!

It’s fair to say that the Fiona Parka is water-resistant but certainly not fully waterproof.

The DWR coating does a very good job of making water beads up and roll off the jacket. However, if the rain shower turns into a rainstorm, you might be in a bit of trouble if this was the only jacket you had with you.

As down insulation is used in the Fiona, if the jacket becomes saturated with water, it will take a long time to fully dry. In the wild, this is not a good position to be in – wet clothes and out in the cold and wet weather.

If you’re heading out in mild conditions, though, with only a light rain forecast, the Fiona will be more than up for the job!

It’s a very similar story for the Radalie. Light showers prove no worry for the DWR coating, but anything more severe and might not be quite enough.

Environmental Performance:

Both of these jackets are made in very sustainable ways.

The shell of the Fiona and the Radalie are made from recycled materials (polyester ripstop for the Fiona and nylon for the Radalie).

As Patagonia is such an environmentally-conscious brand, all of its materials are ethically sourced to make sure the impact on the planet is as small as possible.

The Radalie Parka is fair-trade certified, which should give you confidence that it has been made in a fair and ethical way.

Patagonia Fiona Reviewed

Patagonia Fiona Parka
Patagonia Fiona Parka
Patagonia Fiona Parka
Our Score

The Patagonia Women's Fiona Parka is a very stylish and lightweight jacket.

It is made from 100% recycled polyester ripstop and thanks to the durable water-repellent coating, it has a good level of water resistance too.

600-fill-power 100% recycled down insulation keeps you warm on your adventures, while the fleece-lined sleeves and two handwarmer pockets help take this warmth to another level.

A storm flap covers the main zipper to keep the cold air out and your body heat in.

  • Extremely lightweight at just over 1 pound in weight
  • DWR coating helps keep you dry in wet conditions
  • Insulation made from reclaimed down products makes it a very sustainable parka

Patagonia Radalie Reviewed

Patagonia Radalie Parka
Patagonia Radalie Parka
Patagonia Radalie Parka
Our Score

The Patagonia Women's Radalie Parka is a very stylish insulated jacket.

While other insulated jackets can appear bulky, the Radalie has more of a slim-fit style that is finished off nicely with quilt lines and princess seams.

Hidden zippers are inside the Radalie and seal extra pockets for storage, which is a great little bonus.

The Radalie comes in a range of colors, so you will definitely be able to find one that best suits your style and preferences.

  • Insulated with 150-g Thermogreen 100% polyester and coated with durable water repellent
  • The outer shell is made from 100%recycled nylon
  • Fair-trade certified

Patagonia Radalie vs Fiona: Our Verdict

We love both of these jackets.

The 600-fill-power recycled down insulation in the Fiona makes it very warm and comfortable for your time in the wild.

The stylish look, thanks to princess seams and quilt lines on the Radalie, makes it a great parka for everyday use as well as outdoor adventures.

Patagonia has made these jackets practical and comfortable to wear while still making sure you are as protected as possible from the elements.

Whichever one you choose, you can be confident that you are buying a sustainable, well-made, and high-quality insulated jacket that will last a long time.

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