Marmot Montreaux vs Patagonia Down With It

Both Marmot and Patagonia have some great offerings when it comes to women’s coats. If you’re heading out in cold weather, there’s nothing nicer than having a warm coat on …

Both Marmot and Patagonia have some great offerings when it comes to women’s coats.

If you’re heading out in cold weather, there’s nothing nicer than having a warm coat on to help keep you comfortable, dry, and protected from the cold.

The Marmot Montreaux and the Patagonia Down With It are two examples of winter jackets that can keep the cold air at bay allowing you to enjoy more time in the wild.

If you are a bit stuck as to which one of these winter jackets to choose, we hope to help you make your decision with this article.

In it, we compare the Marmot Montreaux and the Patagonia Down With It. By the end of the article, you should be in a strong position to decide which one you are going to wear on your next outdoor adventure.

Marmot Montreaux vs Patagonia Down With It: Specifications


As Patagonia has a well-known and long-standing commitment to the environment, it should come as no surprise that the shell of the Down With It Parka is made from recycled materials.

In fact, it is made from 100% recycled polyester which makes it a very environmentally-friendly jacket.

As well as recycled polyester, there are also areas of fleece lining that help keep you even warmer in the cold weather. The fleece lining features in the collar and the hood while the rest of the lining has a smooth finish to it. This is useful if you want to wear the parka over other layers as it easily slides over most other items of clothing.

As with the majority of Patagonia’s winter jackets, the Down With It (click here for the best deal) has been coated with DWR (durable water repellent) to make the polyester shell a bit more water-resistant.

The Marmot Montreaux also has a polyester shell coated in DWR for protection from the rain.

One of the big differences between the Montreaux and the Down With It is the lining of each of the jackets. The Montreaux actually has a fleece lining that covers the torso of the jacket. This adds an extra layer of protection from the cold air and can keep you extremely warm while you are out on your travels.

You also get a microfleece lining on the collar, exterior pockets, and the cuffs of the Marmot Montreaux (click here for the best deal).

When comparing these two jackets on the materials used in their manufacture, Patagonia uses more recycled materials, but Marmot has gone beyond the fleece-lined hood of the Patagonia Down With It and gone for a fleece-lined torso in the Montreaux to help the brand’s winter coat keep you extra warm on those cold days in the wild.


Once again, Patagonia offers an environmentally conscious solution to insulating the Down With It Parka.

600-fill-power 100% recycled down is used to keep cold air out and your body heat in. The recycled down actually comes from reclaimed down products and is made from duck and goose down.

Most outdoor enthusiasts understand how good down is at keeping you warm so it’s always a bonus when a winter jacket uses it as insulation.

Marmot has opted for 700 fill power down in the Montreaux Parka. This has been treated with down defender to help protect it from an unexpected rain shower.

Down does not handle wet weather particularly well so it’s a sign of quality from a brand to think of a solution to this – Marmot performs well here!

The fact that both brands have used down in these jackets means that both the Patagonia Down With It and the Marmot Montreaux make for excellent winter jackets. You do need to be careful if rain is forecast though to avoid any issues with the down insulation getting wet.

That being said, either of these would make for a great winter coat.


When it comes to features, both of these have more than you might expect from a simple-looking parka.

The Patagonia Down With It has two zippered handwarmer pockets that tuck down behind the down insulation. This gives your hands an extremely warm place to stay protected from the cold. You could also keep your phone or wallet in either of these pockets as there is plenty of storage space in both.

If you like to keep your valuables a little more protected, then the interior zippered pocket works very well for this purpose.

The Down With It has a removable hood that uses snaps to quickly remove or attach. A removable hood can be very useful if you want to wear your jacket with a helmet or a hat and you don’t want your hood to get in the way.

Marmot has gone for more of a fancy style hood on the Montreaux as it features a removable faux-fur ruff. This can be removed or reattached simply by using a zipper. The hood itself is also removable and, again, uses a zipper instead of the snaps used by Patagonia.

The fleece lining in the torso of the Montreaux adds extra warmth while the microfleece lining in the pockets, collar, and cuffs help keep you warm and comfortable.

There are two fleeced-lined external pockets as well as two interior media pockets that can comfortably hold a smartphone. One of these pockets can be secured with a zipper while the other is a simple drop pocket.

A two-way zipper helps make the Marmot Montreaux practical and mobile.


Patagonia has done an impressive job of making the Down With It Parka a very warm jacket without adding lots of bulk to it.

The fit it gives can be described as flattering without being too tight or restrictive.

Marmot has done a similar job with the Montreaux as it also helps give a flattering shape while still making sure you are warm, comfortable, and mobile.

Neither of these jackets has a particularly form-fitting design which does mean you have a bit more mobility than you would with some other tighter-fitting jackets out there.

Water resistance:

The DWR coating does a good job at making water bead and roll off the Down With It jacket. That being said, it does struggle to perform as highly as it could in much wetter conditions.

Patagonia has designed the Down With It to be worn as a super warm coat in cold but dry conditions. In this respect, it makes for a perfect winter jacket as it is extremely effective at keeping you warm on cold days.

There is also a snapped fabric cover that goes over the zipper which prevents any water from making its way inside the jacket too.

Like the Down With It, the Marmot Montreaux is water-resistant, but it certainly isn’t fully waterproof.

The DWR coating on the shell and the defender treatment used on the down insulation do a good job at fending off light rain showers. The jacket can quickly get saturated in extremely wet conditions though.

Both jackets have good levels of weather resistance when it comes to cold conditions. If you are heading out into wet snow or rain though, you might need some different outdoor gear to keep you fully protected.

Environmental performance

Patagonia is the stand-out brand when it comes to looking out for the environment.

The Down With It is made predominantly of recycled materials so is a very environmentally-friendly winter jacket.

Patagonia does an impressive job of manufacturing all of their products in a fair and ethical way which makes them a worthwhile brand to support.

Patagonia Down With It Reviewed

Patagonia Down With It
Patagonia Down With It
Patagonia Down With It
Our Score

The Patagonia Down With It is a knee-length parka made from recycled materials.

 A 100% recycled polyester shell insulated with 600-fill-power 100% recycled down makes this not only an exceptionally warm coat but also one that is kind to the planet too.

It can keep you toasty warm on cold days out in the wild as it offers good levels of wind resistance and all-round weather protection.

With plenty of space in the pockets for your hands or your essentials, the Down With It is practical, comfortable, and high-performing in freezing weather.

  • Made with 100% recycled materials
  • The hood is removable
  • Fair trade certified

Marmot Montreaux Reviewed

Marmot Montreaux
Marmot Montreaux
Marmot Montreaux
Our Score

The Marmot Montreaux is a thigh-length parka that is fleece-lined to make an incredibly warm jacket.

It is insulated with 700 fill power down that has been treated to give it additional water resistance.

The two-way zipper helps prevent any bunching while the DWR coating makes the Montreaux water-resistant with a good level of weather protection too.

It is available in a range of colors including arctic navy and midnight navy.

  • Faux fur ruff adds a sleeping bag type feel to the generous hood
  • The fleece lining helps you to feel warm in cold weather
  • Simple yet stylish design

Marmot Montreaux vs Patagonia Down With It: Our Verdict

When it comes to looking at the best winter jackets, either of these could be a contender.

If you typically wear jackets that cover down to your mid-thigh and have some stylish additions such as faux fur and alike, then the Marmot Montreaux could be a good coat for you.

However, if you like your outdoor gear to be made ethically with minimal impact on the environment – Patagonia is the way to go.

Both the Patagonia Down With It and the Marmot Montreaux are great quality jackets that can keep you warm and comfortable during many different outdoor activities. The Down With It is a slightly longer jacket and is the warmest jacket of the two.

We love both jackets but the winner for us is the Patagonia Down With It.

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