Patagonia Lo Pro vs Regular: Trucker Hat Profiles Explained

When shopping for a trucker hat, you will probably see terms such as LoPro, mid-crown, and high-crown. All of these relate to the profile of the hat – which, in …

When shopping for a trucker hat, you will probably see terms such as LoPro, mid-crown, and high-crown.

All of these relate to the profile of the hat – which, in simple terms means the height of the crown.

If you love Patagonia then you will have very likely seen that they offer a range of trucker hats in all of the profile categories.

From the lower front crown profile with a precurved bill to the slightly heavier mid-crown and looser fitting high-crown, Patagonia have you covered when it comes to trucker hats.

If you are unsure which hat best suits you then this article can help. In it, we explain the differences between low-crown (LoPro), mid-crown, and high-crown trucker hats.


What does LoPro mean for Patagonia Trucker Hats

A Patagonia LoPro Trucker Hat has a lower crown than other hats so it fits more snuggly on your head.

Low-profile trucker hats commonly have a crown height of two to three inches.

This type of trucker hat is ideal if you like your hats to sit low on the top of your head and not have to be pulled down really low to get a good fit.

Having a lower front crown profile and a precurved bill means that a LoPro trucker hat doesn’t usually need much adjusting to fit comfortably.

That being said, they will still usually have an adjustable snap closure to make sure wearing it is as comfortable as possible.

They are also well suited to slightly smaller heads so they are very stylish hats that both men and women can wear.

LoPro hats are the newest profile of tucker hat. As fashion, preferences, and style change, brands like Patagonia have to change too.

Low-profile hats are a sign of the changes brands are making as it is the next step in the evolution of trucker hats – from the standard original versions to the newer, extremely stylish low-profile caps.

What other profiles are there?

Mid Crown

A trucker hat with a mid-crown profile has a slightly higher crown than that of a LoPro trucker hat.

Crown height is usually between three and four inches and the fit can feel slightly looser.

A mid-crown hat is a great hat for you if you like your hat to cover a bit more of your head. If you pull this type of trucker hat down so the crown touches the top of your head, the brim will sit just above your eyebrows so they provide plenty of coverage.

These tend to be what people are referring to when they say “standard baseball cap” and they weigh a little bit more than low-profile hats so they can be better suited to slightly windier conditions.

A mid-crown cap will still be adjustable and they look equally as stylish as the low-profile versions.

If you enjoy hiking then these can be a good match for you as they fit comfortably, are heavy enough not to get blown away, and they look very cool too!

High Crown

If a trucker hat has a crown that is higher than four inches, it’s considered to have a high-crown profile.

As the crown is higher than other hats, a structure is built into the hats, and panels are usually seen across the body.

These hats tend to fit looser on the wearer’s head so give a relaxed and casual look.

High-crown trucker hats are ideal for people who like to customize their outdoor clothing as there is plenty of space for patches to be attached.

One thing to keep in mind with this type of hat is that they tend to be better suited to calm, less active days as they can come off your head fairly easily.

As there is more material on your head, there is more chance of a breeze taking your cap if the conditions get too blustery.

That being said, a high-crown hat makes for an ideal cap for a quiet day of fishing at the lake in the summer.

Patagonia LoPro Trucker Reviewed (P-6 Label Trad)

Patagonia LoPro Trucker

Patagonia LoPro Trucker

Patagonia LoPro Trucker
Our Score

The brim of the Patagonia LoPro Trucker Hat is made from recycled fishing nets which makes it ideal for environmentally-conscious outdoor lovers.

The main body of the hat is made from recycled polyester mesh that allows for great ventilation so you will be comfortable wearing it in hotter environments.

The cotton brim adds an extra layer of style and coolness so you can look awesome while wearing it.

  • Brim made from 100% recycled fishing nets – Patagonia is known for being an environmentally-friendly brand and this fits in perfectly with that
  • Fairtrade certified
  • Snap closure to get the best fit for you

Patagonia Mid Crown Trucker Reviewed (Fitz Roy Trout)

Fitz Roy Trout

Fitz Roy Trout

Fitz Roy Trout
Our Score

The Patagonia Mid-Crown Trucker hat is available in a range of colors and has the recognizable Patagonia logo proudly displayed for all to see.

It has the recycled polyester mesh back and precurved bill that the LoPro version has but this one can fit a slightly larger head.

If you’re heading out into the backcountry and are expecting a bit of a breeze, the Patagonia Mid-Crown Trucker could be a great choice of hat.

  • Fairtrade certified
  • Recognizable Patagonia logo on the front of the hat
  • Different colors available to suit your preferences and style

Patagonia High Crown Trucker Reviewed (Fly Catcher)

Fly Catcher Hat

Fly Catcher Hat

Fly Catcher Hat
Our Score

If you want to get as far away from the lower front crown profile as possible, then the Patagonia High Crown Trucker could be just what you are looking for.

It’s made from 100% recycled organic cotton corduroy and features a front patch that can hold flies while you are on your travels.

The brim of the Patagonia High Crown trucker is made from recycled fishing nets making it not only a stylish hat but also a hat that helps keep our planet healthy.

  • Fair trade certified
  • Adjustable closure to help get the perfect fit
  • Eye-catching and very cool looking fish-shaped front patch that can hold your flies while you are out in the wild

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