Simms Trucker Hats: A List of Our Top 10 Styles

Simms trucker cap rainbow trout

Simms is known for making high-quality fly fishing gear at their headquarters in Bozeman, Montana. A favorite across the country, you’d be hard-pressed to find a fly fisherman who doesn’t own at least one Simms product.

Combined with polarized sunglasses and a fishing shirt, this series of Simms trucker hats will add another level of protection, practicality, and even a little bit of style to your fishing kit!

And if you need all over face protection – when you are fishing in very sunny conditions or you have fair skin – the best set up is a face mask with a trucker hat worn over the top of it.

Simms Trucker Hat Sizing

Made in a range of sizes Simms’ caps are renowned for their comfort. These are available in S, M, L and XL (some products are a one-size-fits-all option). By measuring your head’s circumference, you can check the Simms hat size chart to make sure you find a hat that fits you perfectly.

Profile Options

Once you have size sorted, you can also choose between profile options of a low crown, mid crown, and high crown (sometimes called low-profile, mid-profile, and high-profile).

Your hat profile decides how high your hat sits above the top of your head. Low profiles fit close to your head, while mid crowns sit slightly higher, and high crowns are around 3 – 4 inches above your head.

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Simms Truckers are made from materials to suit different weather conditions. For example, if you are fishing in very hot, humid conditions (Florida, Louisiana, etc) then a full mesh trucker hat would be a good choice.

If you are somewhere slightly cooler but still need breathability, then front mesh panels will be your go-to option.

100% polyester trucker hats are a good all-rounder that will work well in general, mild conditions.

The Best 10 Simms Fishing Trucker Hats

Here is a list of our all-time faves among the Simms trucker collection of trucker.

1. Simms Mesh All-Over Trucker Hat

The Simms Mesh All-Over Trucker Hat is exactly what you need if you are fishing in high temperatures. It’s a mid-profile hat that is made with a full mesh crown resulting in high levels of breathability to help keep you cool in the sun.

If you are fly fishing in the middle of a hot summer’s day, you will be much more comfortable with this on your head. With a price of $29.95, it’s a guilt-free purchase too!

Buy direct from Simms Check price on Amazon

2.Simms Tactical Trucker

If you are looking for a hat that improves your camouflage for small stream trout fishing, this is the one for you. With a part mesh panel to help keep you cool, you can be both tactical and comfortable on the water.

$29.95 doesn’t seem like a high price to pay for a hat of this quality either.

3.Simms Bass Patch Trucker

If you like bass fishing in warm waters, the bass patch will be right at home with you. It’s a low-profile hat that fits comfortably in its one size fits all design. Considering it’s usually only $24.95, it’s a relatively cheap addition to your Simms fishing kit.

4. Simms Womens Adventure Trucker

While all Simms fishing products look good, this one is extra nice to look at. With its sky blue coloring, this cap brings a touch of femininity and will complement most fishing outfits.

5.Simms Trout Icon Trucker

A classic style hat that is ideal for fly traditionalists. A no-frills, yet perfectly practical addition to your fishing attire. If you like the simple things in life, look no further.

At a price of just $29.95, you can get your hands on this iconic trucker for less than $30.

6.Simms USA Walleye Trucker

If you want to look cool while out on the water, this low crown trucker is perfect. Breathable thanks to its front and back mesh panels, hot conditions aren’t an issue in the Walleye.

Look cool and stay cool for the cool price of $29.95.

7.Simms Musky Icon Trucker

Sporting cool headgear while trying to net an iconic fish has never been easier. Choose your color (camo or tan) and then hit the water. This isn’t just about looking good either. The same high levels of sun and water protection are still very much included in the musky icon.

Another $29.95 item to add to your angling gear.

8.Simms Artist Series Fly Trucker Hat

Featuring an awesome print of a tarpon fly, this is one cool-looking hat! Even though it looks cool, nothing has been taken away from its breathability functions. You can stay comfortable while looking incredible for $29.95 with the Artist Series.

If you want to make a statement to your angling buddies – this might be the one for you.

9.Simms Artist Series Five Panel Trucker Hat

The prints of rainbow and brown trout almost make this hat a piece of art, let alone a high-quality fishing hat. As with others in the Artist Series, breathability and comfort have not been sacrificed. If you are a stylish yet practical fisherman – the $29.95 price tag won’t put you off.

10. Simms USA Catch Trucker Hat

Show how patriotic you really are while out on the water with this USA Catch Trucker. A mesh back and low profile provide a good fit and airflow. Show the fish some red, white, and blue on your next fishing trip.

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Ordering through Simms

You can easily shop for Simms fishing products via their online store. They not only offer free shipping on orders over $100 but they also have a free returns policy too.

This means you can shop with confidence, knowing you are getting a good price, reliable shipping, and great customer service.

Finding what you want is a quick process. By selecting the category of items you want from the main menu, and applying the appropriate filters, you will see a range of items on the results page.


  • Rob Harvey is an experienced outdoor writer with a passion for using and writing about all the gear that makes camping, hiking and fishing fun.

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