Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody vs Down Sweater

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The original Patagonia Down Sweater has always been a very popular hoody in the Patagonia catalog. As the brand is known for making some truly awesome outdoor clothing, it should come as no surprise that Patagonia has taken the Down Sweater and made a new and improved version – the Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody.

The Hi Loft Down Hoody is a warmer version of the original Down Sweater. It’s also got a bit more bulk to it.

In this article, we look at the newer Hi Loft Down Hoody compared to the original Down Sweater in a bit more detail to see if the new version is better suited to you than the classic.

Both are awesome, but does one fit your needs more than the other?

Patagonia Hi Loft vs Down Sweater: Specifications

Materials (Shell, Lining Insulation):

The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody has a 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell and is insulated with 800-fill-power goose down. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the goose down used is certified by NSF International which makes sure the geese used to make the down aren’t force-fed or live-plucked. This may not have an impact on the performance of the hoody, but it’s important that any animals used in products are treated humanely and ethically.

The lining of the Down Sweater Hoody is smooth so can easily slide over other layers. This is very useful if you have to take it on and off throughout your trip as the weather and temperature change.

The Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody also has a 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell. Its insulation is slightly different though as it uses 600-fill-power 100% recycled down. The recycled down is duck and goose down that has been reclaimed from down products. Patagonia is known for being a brand that cares about the environment. Using recycled materials like this is part of their commitment to sustainability.

Having a smooth lining, just like the original Down Sweater makes it just as easy to put on and take off even if you have a couple of layers underneath.


As the Hi Loft Down Hoody is designed to be a bit warmer and has a bit more bulk to it than the classic Down Sweater, it does weigh a bit more too. It’s by no means a heavy jacket though as both versions are lightweight.

The Down Sweater weighs in at around 14 oz although this could be slightly more or slightly less depending on the size you go for. The Hi Loft Down Sweater Hoody weighs in at around 14.6 oz again depending on what size you ultimately choose.

While other jackets from Patagonia are a good amount lighter, the Patagonia Nano Air, for example, they won’t provide you with as much warmth and protection as the Down Sweater and the Hi Loft Down Sweater.


On both, the Patagonia Down Sweater and the Patagonia Hi Loft Down Sweater Hoody, there is an adjustable hood. It’s adjustable by a single drawcord located on the backside of the hood. It can be pulled tight for a more snug fit or made looser if you don’t want a tight fit around your head.

The hoods are a good size and offer decent levels of protection from unexpected rain. A sometimes overlooked feature of an effective hood is how far it extends over your face. You won’t appreciate a hood that doesn’t reach out far enough as this will simply cause any excess water to run off the hood and straight onto your face. The hoods on these hoodies do a good job of preventing this.


Pockets are always a useful addition to your outdoor jackets. Patagonia has designed the Down Sweater and the Hi Loft Down Sweater to be very simple jackets so there aren’t lots of wild features packed into them – they are both simple jackets that do what they are supposed to do very well.

That being said, as Patagonia understands how useful pockets can be, there are two zippered hand pockets and one internal chest pocket on both jackets. The chest pocket converts into a stuff sack on both versions too. Having a jacket that can fold down into its own stuff sack to form a compact bundle makes carrying it around when not in use very easy and convenient.

Weather Resistance:

The classic Down Sweater and the Hi Loft Down Sweater both have a durable water-repellent coating. Patagonia uses its own deluge DWR which is kinder to the environment than standard water repellents.

This coating gives the jackets good levels of water resistance. It’s always worth bearing in mind though that neither is fully waterproof. Down products are known for not holding up too well in wet conditions and the Down Sweater and the Hi Loft Down hoody are no exception.

Environmental Credentials

All Patagonia products are made in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Recycled materials are used in the majority of the brand’s products and, if recycled materials aren’t used, any other materials are sourced ethically and fairly.

These two jackets are fair trade certified sewn meaning that the people who actually made them are paid fairly and treated well. There aren’t many other outdoor brands that put as much effort into sustainability as Patagonia so they are a great choice for anyone who is environmentally conscious too.

Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody Reviewed

Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody
Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody
Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody
Our Score

Patagonia says that the Hi Loft Down Hoody delivers exceptional comfort and warmth and we think they have got that exactly right. The 600-fill-power 100% recycled down provides a very good warmth to weight ratio while still being extremely comfortable to wear.

The elastic cuffs and drawcord on the hem allow you to not only find a great fit but also to keep the wind and the cold air out.

It has three pockets - two hand pockets and one internal chest pocket which doubles up as a stuff sack for storing your jacket when you're not wearing it.

  • The 100% recycled polyester ripstop shell is durable and well-suited for a wide range of outdoor activities
  • Recycled down insulation provides lots of warmth without adding lots of weight
  • Fair trade certified sewn

Patagonia Down Hoody Reviewed

Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody
Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody
Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody
Our Score

The shell of the Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody is made from 100% recycled polyester ripstop that has been coated with a durable water repellent so is water-resistant and windproof too.

800-fill-power goose-down insulation keeps you warm while the elastic cuffs and drawcord hem keep the cold air at bay.

Two hand pockets and an internal chest pocket give you some storage space for small outdoor essentials. The chest pocket is also used as a stuff sack to store your jacket. This has a loop that can be used to attach to your backpack for even more practicality and convenience.

  • Made from recycled polyester ripstop and Global Traceable Down
  • It is a very lightweight insulated jacket
  • Fairtrade certified sewn

Patagonia Hi Loft vs Down Sweater: Our Verdict

There’s no denying that we love both of these jackets.

The Patagonia Down Sweater (buy direct from Patagonia) is a great choice for heading out into the wild for a hike on a cold day. Its insulation can keep you warm and protected from the cold without feeling bulky or cumbersome. If you are doing a more high-intensity activity like a fast hike, for example, the Down Sweater could be the better choice thanks to its lighter weight and less bulk.

The Patagonia Hi Loft Down Hoody (buy direct from Patagonia) provides even more warmth than the original Down Sweater. This can make it a great choice for colder days out in the wild where a bit more protection is required.

Whichever one you decide to add to your kit, you can be confident that both will do exactly what you need them to – keep you warm and protected from the wind and light rain.

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