Ahrex hooks and equivalents

Find and purchase Ahrex fly hooks via this searchable database and online store. No hook comparison charts needed

Use our hook equivalent database to find equivalents to a wide range of Ahrex fly tying hooks without needing an Ahrex hook chart. The tool returns comparable hooks in DaiichiMustad, Dai-Riki, Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Kamasan, Orvis, Tiemco and more.

You can use this tool in two ways and not have to worry about finding an Ahrex hook comparison chart:

  1. To find a suitable Ahrex hook (or equivalent hook in other brands) for the type of fly you are tying . For this purpose, use the Hook Search Tool below. The tool will return the Ahrex fly tying hook you entered (along with some other equivalents) with a link to buy it direct and save from our leading retail partners.
  2. To find equivalents in other brands for a particular model of Ahrex hook (such as one mentioned in a fly pattern for example). For this purpose, use the Hook Comparison Tool below. Again, the tool will return the Ahrex fly tying hook you entered (along with some other equivalents) with a link to buy it direct and save from our leading retail partners.

So throw away the Ahrex hook chart and use this easy tool instead.

Hook comparison tool

Hook search tool

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Ahrex fly hook models

Use this tool to ind and purchase Ahrex hooks including these models and more:

  • FW500
  • FW506
  • FW504
  • FW530
  • FW570
  • FW501
  • FW502
  • FW503
  • FW524
  • FW540
  • FW510
  • FW560
  • FW580
  • NS156
  • FW520
  • FW550
  • HR414
  • NS118
  • SA220 S/ESA270
  • SA280
  • HR430
  • HR482
  • NS122
  • PR320

About Ahrex fly hooks

Ahrex SA220 S:E buy now image

Ahrex explains their mission and purpose here: “We have our roots in the Scandinavian fly-fishing tradition. Anglers and the waters they fish in inspire us to create the best hooks possible. Ahrex Hooks are made without compromise – designed by Scandinavian fly-fishermen for fishing all over the world. We use innovative technology and the best materials available for each specific hook.”

The Ahrex hook range explained

Nordic Salt (NS) range: This series was initially aimed at the Scandinavian coastal fishing conditions with the sea trout (sea run brown) as the main target but these hooks quickly became popular for flies targeting bass, panfish, freshwater trout and lots of other species.

Salt (S) range: This range of hooks was developed for the tropical waters and the fish that inhabit them such as bonefish, tarpon and permit.

Predator (PR) range: the name says it all – these hooks are designed to meet the challenge of targeting large predators like northern pike, musky and bass on the fly rod. Ahrex notes that this range includes models for surface bugs as well as regular stingers and even Texas style hooks for weedless fly designs. Some of the smaller sizes from this series are great for large trout streamers as well.

Home Run (HR) series: Anadromous fish is the target here: Steelhead, Atlantic and Pacific salmon and sea run brown trout.

Freshwater (FR) Range: Ahrex’s move into the most popular branch of fly fishing – using dries, nymphs and wet flies for trout, grayling and similar species. What we love about this range is they come in barbless versions.

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