Find Tiemco hook equivalents:


Use our hook equivalent database to find equivalents to a wide range of Tiemco (aka TMC) fly tying hooks with any need for a Tiemco hook chart. The tool returns comparable hooks in Ahrex, Orvis, Daiichi, Dai-Riki, Eagle Claw, Kamasan, Mustad, Gamakatsu and more.

It also helps you find the right Tiemco/TMC hook for any fly you are tying – just put in the type of fly you are working on and it will return the correct Tiemco hook plus alternatives to it across the other leading brands.

Then simply click on the hook image and you can buy the preferred hook through our store. What could be easier? Find and buy the right hook with needing a Tiemco hook chart.

Hook comparison tool

Hook search tool

Choosing Tiemco fly tying hook models

We have the full range of Tiemo/TMC fly tying hooks in our database including. Just use the search window – no need for a Tiemco hook comparison chart.

  • Tiemco 100
  • Tiemco 101
  • Tiemco 508
  • Tiemco 518
  • Tiemco 921
  • Tiemco 2302
  • Tiemco 2312
  • Tiemco 5212
  • Tiemco 9300
  • Tiemco 100BL
  • Tiemco 100SP-BL
  • Tiemco 102Y
  • Tiemco 103BL
  • Tiemco 108SP-BL
  • Tiemco 112TR
  • Tiemco 112Y
  • Tiemco 113BLH
  • Tiemco 212TR
  • Tiemco 212Y
  • Tiemco 226BL
  • Tiemco 105
  • Tiemco 2457
  • Tiemco 2487
  • Tiemco 2488
  • Tiemco 3761
  • Tiemco 3769
  • Tiemco 5262
  • Tiemco 5263
  • Tiemco 200R
  • Tiemco 206BL
  • Tiemco 2487BL
  • Tiemco 2488H
  • Tiemco 2499SP-BL
  • Tiemco 2499SP-BLB
  • Tiemco 3761SP-BL
  • Tiemco 3769SP-BL
  • Tiemco 403BLJ
  • Tiemco 7999
  • Tiemco 202SP
  • Tiemco 9394
  • Tiemco 600SP
  • Tiemco 800S
  • Tiemco 811S
  • Tiemco 300
  • Tiemco 784
  • Tiemco 785
  • Tiemco 8089
  • Tiemco 9395
  • Tiemco 765TC
  • Tiemco 8089N
  • Tiemco 900BL

About Tiemco fly tying hooks

Tiemco has been producing fly tying hooks since 1984 and it’s flagship TMC100 model hook may well be the most popular fly tying hook in the world.

Like all the brands in our database, they are a high quality fly hook manufacturer.

The Japanese manufacturer now sells more than 40 individual models of fly tying hooks covering nymph hooks, emerger hooks, dry fly hooks, streamer hooks, saltwater fly hooks, jig hooks and more.

Tiemco is almost exclusively a fly fishing hook maker, which there focus on product development is purely fly fishing, leading to state-of-art designs that work for a wide variety of fish found all over the world.

Tiemco’s hooks are high quality – I use them as my base brand in fly tying because of their quality and diversity of range and have never had one fail on me yet. They are chemically sharpened and designed by fishermen.

Why use Tiemco hooks?

Tiemco 113BLH

As mentioned above, quality and range – as well as availabity – are the key reasons to go with Tiemco hooks.

Tiemco hooks are also referred to in some places as TMC hooks – don’t worry, it is the same product and the same model numbers apply. And they are all in our database effectively replacing the TMC hook comparison chart.


  • Rick Wallace is a passionate angler and fly fisher whose work has appeared in fishing publications including FlyLife. He is a regular on fly fishing podcasts and appeared in the international fly fishing film Predator.

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