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Use our hook equivalent database to find equivalents to a wide range of Gamakatsu fly tying hooks without needing a Gamakatsu fly hook comparison chart. The tool returns comparable hooks in Tiemco, Ahrex, Orvis, Daiichi, Dai-Riki, Eagle Claw, Kamasan, Mustad and more.

While Gamakatsu make some great fly tying hooks, there are times when you can’t get the hook you want. Put in the hook you are looking for in the tool below and we’ll provide you with a range of alternatives from other brands.

For starters, the tool will return the Gamakatsu fly tying hook you entered with a link to buy it direct and save from our leading retail partners.

Equally, you can click on any one one of the alternatives provided to buy them direct from our trusted tackle partners. Or if you prefer, use the second window to search for the type of fly you are tying and it will return suitable models across the full range of fly tying hook manufacturers.

So throw away the Gamakatsu fly hook comparison chart and use this easy tool instead.

Hook comparison tool

Hook search tool

Choosing Gamakatsu fly tying hooks

Use this tool to buy, or find equivalents to, the following Gamakatsu hooks and don’t worry about having to use a Gamakatsu fly hook comparison chart ever again:

  • Gamakatsu S10
  • Gamakatsu S10S
  • Gamakatsu S13S-M
  • Gamakatsu S10-3F
  • Gamakatsu C14S
  • Gamakatsu C12
  • Gamakatsu R17-B
  • Gamakatsu L10-2H
  • Gamakatsu C13U
  • Gamakatsu C12-B
  • Gamakatsu J20
  • Gamakatsu C12U
  • Gamakatsu T10-6H
  • Gamakatsu SC15
  • Gamakatsu SL45
  • Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H
  • Gamakatsu B10S

Gamakatsu hook models

Gamakatsu uses a logical system for its model numbers. It can be understood by taking – for example – the S11S-4L2H streamer hook.

Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H buy now image

Working from the start:

  • S is for style of bend: it can be sproat (S), perfect (P), curve (C), bend (B), limerick (L), tapered (T) or retainer (R).
  • 11 is the model number
  • S is the eye style: straight (S), up (U)
  • 4L is the length: 4 times long
  • 2H is the wire gauge or strenght: 2 times heavy.

About Gamakatsu fly tying hooks

Gamatkatsu is a leading Japanese fishing tackle company that sells its high quality fly tying hooks worldwide where they are a favourite for many anglers. Gamakatsu is the market leader in Japan and is a popular brand in the US market too.

The company’s history dates back to 1955 when it was a smaller player constructing hooks by hand.

By the mid 70s it had implemented a wide range of technology to ensure its hooks could be mass produced to top standards and it had become the leading producer in Japan.

In the late 80s, the company moved to bring its product range – previously targeted exclusively at the Japanese market and other Asian markets – to the rest of the world.

Gamakastsu fly hooks are made from premium grade of high carbon steel is used using the company’s advanced tempering method.

Each hook is heated to the exact temperature that is perfect for that particular style and size then cooled in oil. According to Gamakatsu, this process produces hooks which are super strong, but not brittle.

The hooks are then sharpened to a conical point guaranteeing good hook sets.

Among fly fishers, Gamakatsu is known for its stream hooks and saltwater fly fishing hooks, but it also does a number of nymph and dry fly hooks that are included in our fly tying hook database and able to purchased directly via the search tool results.

Why Gamakatsu fly tying hooks?

Like all the hooks we have in the database, these are high quality fly tying hooks that will not let you down on big fish. Gamakatsu’s products are designed by anglers in line with the rigorous product development methods that makes Japanese tackle makers the global elites of the fishing industry.


  • Rick Wallace is a passionate angler and fly fisher whose work has appeared in fishing publications including FlyLife. He is a regular on fly fishing podcasts and appeared in the international fly fishing film Predator.

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