Pike Fishing: Tips, Lures and Gear

Silently stalking the shallow reaches of lakes and rivers, Northern Pike are a deadly predator and fun to catch. The rush you get from seeing a big pike inhale your …

Silently stalking the shallow reaches of lakes and rivers, Northern Pike are a deadly predator and fun to catch.

The rush you get from seeing a big pike inhale your lure or fly is hard to beat and large pike fight well.

Several of the Tackle Village team are keen pike anglers and they’ve shared their insights here in this hub page linking out to our best pike content.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips and Facts

To have the most success possible in pike fishing you need to get across the best lures and flies to use along with what works best in terms of line strength and terminal tackle. In these articles, you can learn the basics of chasing pike.

world record northern pike

Current World Record Northern Pike: The Biggest Ever Caught

The world record for northern pike has stood since 1986. Learn how this monster pike was caught and where the largest US pike was captured
When do northern pike spawn feature image

When do Northern Pike Spawn? Time, Season and Locations

Catch more LARGE pike by factoring in northern pike spawning times. Capitalise on pre-spawn pikes aggression and hunger to catch more fish
How to Catch Pike Feature Image

How to Catch Pike: Top 2024 Tips for Lure Fishing Success

Learn the BEST lure fishing techniques to catch big northern pike every time you go fishing. We explain the best lures, retrieves and spots to target
Are pike good to eat feature image

Are Pike Good To Eat? And How Do They Taste?

Pike are one of the most sought-after game fish in the cold, northern regions of the United States and Canada, but what do most anglers do with these monster-sized fish …

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northern pike teeth feature image

Northern Pike Teeth: Facts and Pictures Plus How to Handle

Northern pike have hundreds of razor sharp teeth that they use to grab prey. Anglers need to be careful when handling pike to avoid injury.
Muskie vs Northern Pike Feature Image

Muskie vs Northern Pike: How These Apex Predators Compare

Many new anglers or anglers who don’t fish for these species can get confused about the differences between a musky and a pike. They look fairly similar if you don’t …

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Northern Pike Gear and Lures

Pike are aggressive and will chase a wide range of lures, but some are no doubt more effective than others. Tournament angler Shawn Chapin and our other pike specialists share their thoughts on the top baits and lures for pike and what other gear is needed for pike fishing, including grips and pliers to handle their sharp teeth!

Pike fishing gear list feature image

Pike Fishing Gear List: Essential Items for Success

The northern pike is one of the most popular freshwater species among anglers on the planet. If you are just getting into pike fishing, or if you’re looking to expand …

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Best lures for pike feature image of a pike with a lure in its mouth

The 8 Best Pike Lures in 2024: Top Spinners, Spoons, and Swimbaits

We break down the best pike lures to tempt big Northern Pike
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