Simms G3 Guide Waders Review: 2024‘s Stand Out Pair

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The Simms G3 Guide was my first pair of GORE-TEX waders. I’ve waded freezing rivers, hiked in searing heat, and caught many fish in these waders.

They will forever hold a place in my heart.

I have since upgraded to the Simms G4Z (for the zip and the slightly better resistance to punctures), but the G3 Guides arguably remain Simms’ iconic waders model and a deservedly popular choice.

For very little compromise on quality, you save more than $200 vs the G4Z model and get high-end, durable waders that could last a decade or more for just over $500.

Simms G3 Guide Review: Top Technology and Comfort

Since that pair of mine was finally retired, Simms has made considerable improvement to the puncture resistance of these waders.

They now have four layers of breathable GORE-TEX in the lower section extending up to the waist (and three layers above this). While they aren’t completely puncture-resistant, they are very robust.

They have all the benefits of the Simms’ approach to comfort – a huge range of sizes (click here for Simms’ great sizing guide for waders), a cut that suits a range of body types and sizes, lightweight and adjustable harnesses, and supreme breathability.


The G3 Guides have a single large zippered chest pocket with a Velcro fly patch attachment on it as opposed to the two large pockets (and two small) sported by the G4 range. This large pocket can store fly boxes, polarized sunglasses, and any other fishing gear you want close to your hand while on the water.

Behind these pockets, you have two reach-through micro-fleece lined hand-warming pockets.

As with all Simms waders, you have anatomically engineered neoprene stockingfeet with abrasion-resistant built-in gravel guards that can hook into your boots.

There’s also a wading belt, of course (necessary for safety), and an attachment for Simms add-on waterproof Tippet Tender pocket.

Quality and Reputation

We’ve said it 1000 times, but Simms is at the top of the tree when it comes to quality with these and their other higher-end models made in Trout Central – Bozeman Montana. The superior quality is backed up by a great warranty where if your waders need to be repaired within the first year or any issue deemed a manufacturer defect the repair is free, any repairs beyond the first year are subject to either a $40 or $65 charge depending on the amount of wear and tear.

While this warranty is good to have (and extends across Simms’ pack range and clothing), I have never needed it in two decades of owning Simms waders. I absolutely thrashed my G3 Guide pair, fishing long days (and nights sometimes) in thick scrubby river banks and crossing barbed wire fences and other wader-killing hazards. They stood up to everything I threw at them!

The G3 Guide Waders – Perfect for Young Fly Fishers

Now to our verdict. We reckon the G3 Guide is the best pair of waders you can buy for a certain type of fly fisher – someone I’d call a hard-charging young obsessive (like me 10 years ago!).

These guys won’t mind the lack of a zip – it’s not til we get a bit older and increase our coffee and tea consumption (and that of the harder stuff!) that the zipper becomes almost mandatory.

They’ll love the elite-level quality of these and their durability and will enjoy saving the $200 odd bucks from not having to go a level up to the G4 range.

If that sounds like you, these are your pair of waders – go out and buy them (click here to buy direct and save).

If that was you 10 years ago – try the G4Zs.

And if money is an issue (we completely get this), go the Freestones – zippered or unzippered. Check out this article for more info on the entire Simms waders range.

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