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We have certainly done some miles together, my Simms G3 boots and I.

We’ve waded rivers and lakes in multiple continents in a range of conditions.

After five seasons, I have finally retired my current pair, although I plan to upgrade them soon.

So what can I say about these boots? Put simply they ROCK – tough but comfortable, highly functional and long lasting.

Some details on the Simms G3 Guide boots below:

Stand out features:

  • Superb ankle support. Ideal for fishing in the wilderness safely
  • Great lacing system with open eyelets at the top so you can put them on and take them quickly
  • Durable Vibram sole
  • Anatomical design and highly comfortable
  • Tough upper and stitching; highly durable

I’ve hiked more than 20km a day in these boots and in some cases I’ve had to run down trails to get back before nightfall. Despite being a wading boot, they are as comfortable as any hiking boot I’ve owned and you can do crazy jaunts like these in these boots without damaging your feet or feeling the effects the next day.

Ankle support

Much of my fishing involves fishing in large freestone rivers with slippery rocks and boulders. This is tough territory on the ankles, and the Simms G3 Guide boots have never let me down in this regard.

As I mentioned in this article, I do own the Simms Flyweights and find them to be slightly more comfortable, but if I need that extra ankle support, say in a particularly bouldery river or carrying a large backpack or hiking overnight, the G3 Guides are a safer and better choice.


The grip offered by the Vibram rubber sole , for me, is not sufficient to use without assistance. I use the Simms HardBite Studs and would recommend people fit either these or the HardBite Cleats if fishing in similar conditions. A tip on fitting these – make sure they are screwed in tight enough otherwise they can come out while fishing. Considering use a drill to drive them in taking appropriate care.


As mentioned early, these are a really comfortable boot. I have fished with them with Simms waders (both the G3 Guides and the G4Zs) along with Simms neoprene socks for wet wading. Even though the socks and the wader stocking feet have slightly different thickness of neoprene, these boots are comfortable when pair with either. Be sure to use the Simms sizing chart so you start off on the right foot so to speak. Get that sorted, and you’ve got yourself a comfortable platform to fish on.


The other thing you get with these is the the superb quality that comes with Simms gear. Granted it is not the cheapest – not by a long stretch. But you get what you pay for and what you get with Simms is industry-leading durability, great technology and good after sales service via the Simms warranty that applies across their range including packs and clothing.

Of course talk is cheap and sometimes a picture tells a 1000 words – so feel free to look at my Simms G3 Guide boots below, still functional – if a little beaten up – after at least five hard seasons on the water.


If you are only going to own one pair of wading boots, then make it the Simms G3 Guide boots. They are tough, versatile, highly protective and perform well in all wading conditions (with the addition of studs and cleats).

Trust us, these boots are the real deal and will not only last you for a long time, but make wade fishing as enjoyable as it can be. Get a decent wader bag that can carry your waders too and you have all the kit you need.

Accessories for Simms wading boots

Simms G3 Guide Boots: My Video Review

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