Walleye: Key Facts on this Great Sportfish


Walleye are native to the northern states of the US and to southern Canada.

They are a popular sports fish and caught in all seasons including winter, where they are a popular ice fishing target.

Walleye can reach up to 20 lb or 40 inches in length, but fish that size are very rare.

All about Walleye

excellent picture of a trophy walleye being held by a fisherman
  • Walleye vs Sauger: What are the differences
  • Walleye Teeth: How to handle these fish

Walleye Fishing: Tips and Gear

Picture of a fisherman on a boat holding a walleye


  • Rick Wallace is a passionate angler and fly fisher whose work has appeared in fishing publications including FlyLife. He is a regular on fly fishing podcasts and appeared in the international fly fishing film Predator.

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