Which Simms Pack You Should Buy: Full Range Explained

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Simms is a big name in fishing and it has a reputation for making some of the best fly fishing waders, boots, and accessories.

Part of the Simms catalog is its three ranges of packs – Freestone, Flyweight, and Dry Creek. Each one of these ranges includes different types of packs that will help you easily carry your fishing gear on your next trip out on the water.

In this article, we take a look at each range and the products within them.

Simms Freestone Pack Range

Simms’ Freestone Pack Range includes a backpack, hip pack, tactical hip pack, and chest pack.

Also in the range are the ambidextrous sling and the tactical ambidextrous sling. These let you choose which shoulder you want to carry the pack on without impacting functionality in any way. It may not seem like a big deal but having free choice of which side to carry your gear on can be game-changing for comfort levels.

The Freestone Pack Range has been around since 2018 and is still going strong so it’s definitely worth a look (it’s reasonably priced too!).

Freestone Hip Pack

Price – $139.95

A durable hip pack that lets you carry a surprising amount of gear on your hip. This pack is good for those days where you don’t want to be lugging a heavy backpack around but still want to be prepared for a full-on day of fishing.

  • It has 12L of storage space with multiple pockets and a fly box storage sleeve.
  • Removable shoulder strap. This is also adjustable and padded to help you find the most comfortable carrying position.
  • Magnetic docking station on the exterior for your nippers or mitten clamps.

Freestone Backpack

Price – $169.95

The Simms Freestone Backpack is a comfortable pack that can carry a lot of gear. Tons of storage space in all the different pockets make sure you have everything you need to hand when you need it.

  • 35L of storage space including a hydration pocket for your hydration pack.
  • You can access the main compartment from any side as it has a four-way zipper. This is handy if you want to get something out from the bottom of your pack without having to unload everything first.
  • The front panel has a drop-down flap so you can store a net or an extra rod comfortably.

Freestone Ambidextrous sling pack

Price – $139.95

If you prefer a sling to backpacks then the Simms Freestone Ambidextrous Sling Pack is well worth thinking about. As the name suggests, you can carry the sling on either shoulder which can make a huge difference to comfort levels.

  • 18L capacity with a range of pockets to keep everything in its place and close to hand.
  • A four-way zipper gives you easy access to each side of the main compartment.
  • Compression straps hold your rod to keep your hands free when walking to your fishing spot.

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Simms Flyweight Pack Range

The Simms Flyweight Pack range works as a modular system. It includes a utility belt that can have multiple attachments added to it such as a drink bottle, net holder, and more. The range also includes backpacks and vests too.

This is a much more tactical option and makes use of the very popular MOLLE (modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment) system favored by the Military.

This is the newest range for Simms so is at the higher end in terms of pricing but also quality as well.

Simms FlyWeight Utility belt and attachments

The utility belt is known as the backbone of the Flyweight system. The belt is the starting point for your gear carrying options.

It’s compatible with all pods and accessories in the Flyweight range so you can customize your gear however you want.

Accessories that can be added to the utility belt include the Flyweight pod (large or small), bottle holster (large or small), and net holster.

Simms Flyweight Backpacks

There are three backpacks in the Flyweight range – we’ve reviewed them below.

Flyweight Packvest

Price – $199.95

If you enjoy heading out into the backcountry then this is a good choice. It has been designed to fit more like an item of clothing as opposed to a pack so it’s comfortable and practical. Multiple attachments can be added to help you carry whatever gear you want.

  • It is made from weather-resistant and very tough 420-denier CORDURA and lightweight 210-denier nylon ripstop that has a polyurethane coating.
  • The roll-top design allows the pack to expand or compress depending on the amount of gear you’re carrying.
  • Comes with a 2L hydration pack.

Flyweight Access Backpack

Price – $79.95

The Simms Flyweight Access Backpack is a bit different from other backpacks in that it packs away into itself. When it’s empty you can carry it inside another pack and then it can unfold and be used as a fully functioning bag when required.

  • It has a large opening to make getting your kit in and out easy.
  • The roll-top expands or compresses depending on the amount it is carrying.
  • Weather-resistant and breathable.

Flyweight Fishing Backpack

Price – $179.95

This is a big, spacious backpack that will keep you well equipped for a full-day trip into the backcountry. It’s compatible with all the Flyweight pods and accessories so you can pretty much carry anything you want with this one!

  • Very spacious main compartment that has stretch mesh sleeves so you can be very strategic in how you pack your gear.
  • The harness system is padded, adjustable, and ergonomic to keep you comfortable while carrying. The sternum strap also helps with load-bearing and carrying.
  • Weather and water-resistant to keep your gear dry.

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Simms Dry Creek Range

The Simms Dry Creek Range is a waterproof, roll-top backpack range that is designed to be simple but tough. If you are heading out into harsher conditions and need something a bit more durable than your usual backpack, this is the range to look at.

Simple Pack

Price – $139.95

Everything about this pack is simple but in a good way. It does exactly what you need it to – it carries your gear and keeps it dry and protected from the elements. It’s also comfortable to wear too.

  • Stretch mesh pockets help keep everything organized inside the bag while the exterior lash points let you store kit outside the main compartment too, which is handy if you need to get hold of something quickly.
  • The side compression straps can be used as waist straps which help you carry larger loads more comfortably.
  • 25L carrying capacity means you can take a good amount of kit with you.

Fishing Sling Pack

Price – $229.95

A fully submersible pack that can carry 15L worth of fishing kit. Ergonomic for comfort but with the practicality of having your net holstered and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

  • 100% waterproof and fully submersible. Your kit will stay dry no matter how wet the conditions are.
  • The shoulder strap is cushioned, with water-resistant foam.
  • A self-healing zipper prevents any water from getting into your bag.

Fishing Hip Pack

Price – $199.95

Another submersible pack. This is a smaller alternative to the larger packs. You can still carry everything you need on your hip without the need for a full-size bag.

  • Fully submersible and 100% waterproof.
  • The waistband is cushioned with water-resistant foam to help keep you comfortable while wearing but also keeping your kit dry and protected.
  • A 10L carrying capacity lets you carry all of your essential gear without the need for a backpack.

Fishing Backpack

Price – $299.95

This is an ultra-tough, spacious backpack. It can carry heavy loads without any issues and it can withstand harsh weather conditions too.

  • 35L carrying capacity so you can take a lot of gear with you.
  • It has an internal pocket so you can carry a hydration pack or even a laptop if you prefer.
  • Cam-strap lash points allow you to either attach your bag to your boat or you can use them to attach extra rods to your bag.

Final thoughts on the Simms Fly Fishing Pack Range

The Simms fly-fishing pack range covers most, if not all, of the basic needs you will have when heading out to catch some fish.

With each range having slightly different features, from levels of water resistance to the ability to customize – you can prioritize what you are looking for in your pack, and shop from the appropriate range from there.

Simms offers free shipping on orders over $100 so most of the items in this article will easily qualify.

Even though some of the packs seem expensive, as we mentioned right at the start, Simms Fishing is a very well-known and respected brand so you can be sure that any items you buy from them will be of very high quality.


  • Rob Harvey is an experienced outdoor writer with a passion for using and writing about all the gear that makes camping, hiking and fishing fun.

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