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Use our hook equivalent database to find equivalents to a wide range of Mustad fly tying hooks without needing an Mustad hook chart. The tool returns comparable hooks in DaiichiAhrex, Dai-Riki, Eagle Claw, Gamakatsu, Kamasan, Orvis, Tiemco and more.

You can use this tool in two ways and not have to worry about finding an Mustad hook comparison chart to select the right hook:

  1. To find a suitable Mustad hook (or equivalent hook in other brands) for the type of fly you are tying . For this purpose, use the Hook Search Tool below. The tool will return the Mustad fly tying hook you entered (along with some other equivalents) with a link to buy it direct and save from our leading retail partners.
  2. To find equivalents in other brands for a particular model of Mustad hook (such as one mentioned in a fly pattern for example). For this purpose, use the Hook Comparison Tool below. Again, the tool will return the Mustad fly tying hook you entered (along with some other equivalents) with a link to buy it direct and save from our leading retail partners.

So throw away the Mustad hook chart and use this easy tool instead.

Hook comparison tool

Hook search tool

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Mustad hook models:

  • Mustad 94840
  • Mustad 94859
  • Mustad 94838
  • Mustad 94831
  • Mustad 7957B
  • Mustad 94833
  • Mustad 9174
  • Mustad CO68
  • Mustad C49S
  • Mustad 3906B
  • Mustad R73-9671
  • Mustad R74-9672
  • Mustad AC80050BR
  • Mustad C67S
  • Mustad 36890
  • Mustad 34007
  • Mustad S71SZ
  • Mustad 3665A
  • Mustad 9174
  • Mustad 3366
  • Mustad C70SD

Mustad hooks history

Mustad C70SD buy now image

Mustad is a very popular hook brand, mainly for conventional tackle fishing but the Norwegian company also has a dedicated following among fly fishers.

The Mustad company was found in 1832 as a nail and wire manufacturer before a recession saw the business decide to expand into the production of fishing hooks.

From the start, the company was focused on mechanised production and soon came to dominate the hook trade. As many as one quarter of the hooks sold in the world today are Mustad hooks.

Their fly fishing hooks are popular with fly tyers, particular models designed for scud patterns and curved nymph variants.

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