Baitcasting Reels: All the Info You Need


Baitcasting reels offer some great advantages over spinning reel set ups, including:

  • Accurate casting through the ability to thumb the spool
  • Single handed casting
  • Strong drag settings
  • A variety of gear ratios

Types of baitcasting reel

There are several different types of baitcasting reels, which we have run through below.

The low-profile bass baitcasting reels.

These are the compact little reels that are popular with bass fishing. They make for a really well balanced outfit you cast accurately with one hand. The only drawback to these reels are they have a smaller line capacity than the traditional baitcasting reel.

Traditional baitcasting reels.

These are the round medium sized baitcaster reels popular a decade or so ago. These still exist but tend to be used in saltwater scenarios where you might do some casting, but also trolling. They are good for tangling with larger species due to the strong drag settings they can post and the higher line capacity than the low profile baitcasting reels.

Line counter reels

These are a baitcasting reel in the sense they sit on the top of the rod. These are used for trolling where the capacity to measure the amount of line out – hence the name line counter reel – is really useful for working out the depth your lure is running at.

Baitcasting Reels Info

Baitcasting Reel reviews and comparisons


  • Rick Wallace is a passionate angler and fly fisher whose work has appeared in fishing publications including FlyLife. He is a regular on fly fishing podcasts and appeared in the international fly fishing film Predator.

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