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Piscifun is a small company targeting the average angler by offering cost-effective reels that offer the same high-quality components as brands like Abu Garcia, Shimano, and Daiwa reels.

Our verdict is that Piscifun reels are a great option for anglers looking for quality gear on a tight budget who don’t want to pay for big brand names.

Piscifun’s Philosophy

The company name, Piscifun, means fishing fun. Piscifun is a fishing brand dedicated to putting affordable fishing gear in the hands of all fishing enthusiasts but without the high prices associated with brands like Abu Garcia and Shimano reels.

Piscifun’s History

Piscifun is a company founded by college friends, Ben and Peter. One of their favorite pastimes was fishing, but the high-quality gear was out of their price range.

Having worked in a fishing product manufacturing facility, Ben knew what it takes to make a high-quality fishing rod. Peter was an avid angler who had traveled to many amazing fishing destinations and used some of the best fishing products made.

Together, they formed a company to create reels that would offer the same quality and performance as expensive reels, but at a fraction of the cost. They designed Piscifun fishing reels with attention to detail like lightweight aluminum spools and sealed ball bearings.

Piscifun Reels by Category

Piscifun manufactures spinning reels, casting reels, and some fly reels. All their reels offer a carbon frame, high-quality drag system, and sealed ball bearings.

Spinning Reel Range

Piscifun is quickly becoming a leader in the spinning reel market. Their low-cost options give anglers high-quality fishing gear that performs as well as more expensive fishing reels.

From the entry-level Piscifun Flame, which comes in right at $20, to the top-of-the-line Piscifun Carbon X, the spinning reel offerings from this fledging company are above expectations.

All the reel models have Piscifun’s own original design capabilities, including lightweight aluminum, graphite, or carbon frames, adjustable drag washers, and durable parts like a stainless steel main shaft and zinc alloy drive gears.

The Piscifun Carbon X is their premiere reel, and every spinning reel review has given it excellent ratings and comments.

Here is the entire Piscifun spinning reel lineup.

Fishing ReelFeaturesLink
Piscifun Flame9+1 sealed ball bearings, 19.8 lb. max drag, aluminum body, 5.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Viper X10+1 sealed ball bearings, 33 lb. max drag, graphite body, 5.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Honor10+1 sealed ball bearings, 22 lb. max drag, graphite body, 5.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Auric9+1 sealed ball bearings, 33 lb. max drag, graphite body, 5.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Honor P XT9+1 sealed ball bearings, 33 lb. max drag, graphite body, 6.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Carnivore X5+1 sealed ball bearings, 21.5 lb. max drag, graphite body, 5.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Carbon X10+1 sealed ball bearings, 8.8 lb. max drag, carbon body, 6.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price

Baitcasting Reels

Piscifun baitcasting reels are among the highest-rated fishing gear in consumer reviews. With attention to detail like application-specific gear ratios, large comfort handles, and dual braking systems, these Piscifun reels are favored by freshwater and saltwater anglers all over the world. Their mid-level Piscifun Torrent [check latest price] is a great reel for anglers new to using a bait caster.

The Piscifun casting reel lineup includes the following models.

Baitcast ReelFeaturesLink
Piscifun Spark7+1 sealed ball bearings, 16.5 lb. carbon fiber maximum drag, magnetic brake, 8.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Torrent5+1 sealed ball bearings, 18 lb. carbon fiber maximum drag, magnetic brake, 7.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Perseus5+1 sealed ball bearings, 18.5 lb. maximum drag, dual brake, 5.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Spark Pro11+1 sealed ball bearings, 16.5 lb maximum drag, magnetic brake, 8.1:1 gear ratioCheck latest price
Piscifun Carbon XCS10+1 sealed ball bearings, 18 lb. maximum drag, dual brake, 5.2:1 gear ratioCheck latest price

Other Reel Types

Piscifun also makes fly-fishing gear and a few different models of ice fishing reels. Like their spinning reels and bait casters, they designed these products to provide high-performance reels to anglers at affordable prices.

Piscifun vs Daiwa, Shimano and the Other Brands

In side-by-side comparisons, Piscifun reels performed as well as reels costing three or four times more money. A recent spinning reel review actually recommended Piscifun fishing reels over Abu Garcia reels based on performance and ease of use. Because Piscifun, Shimano, and Daiwa reels are all manufactured in China, the exact same components are used in each reel.

Where Are Piscifun Reels Made?

From a manufacturing perspective, Piscifun is headquartered in Beijing, China, like the vast majority of well-known brands, including Daiwa and Shimano. Basing their operation in China allows Piscifun to offer high-quality fishing equipment at low costs.

Piscifun uses the same quality components parts as larger, well-known brands to create reels such as the Piscifun Carbon x, which has a quiet and smooth retrieve, and the Piscifun Torrent, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular baitcasting reels on the market today.

What Factors Are Important When Choosing a Fishing Reel?

feature image for where are KastKing reels made China
Piscifun spinning reels feature sealed ball bearings, a carbon drag system, fast gear ratios, and corrosion-resistant frames.

From flyfishing to saltwater fishing, your reel is the one piece of equipment you don’t want to see fail. Having just the right spinning reel or fly reel can make or break your fishing trips. Nothing is worse than fighting fish with a drag that won’t stay tight or having a spinning reel with such a low gear ratio that you wear out your hand but don’t seem to get much line in.

Use: Where and how will you use the reel? Spinning reels can be used for freshwater and saltwater and come in different sizes depending on your needs. Different fish species require different types of fishing equipment. There are many reels designed for use in fresh and saltwater. Some are best used only in freshwater.

Line capacity: Study the packaging or do some internet research. Will a particular reel accommodate you as far as line capacity? Does the manufacturer recommend monofilament or braided line? If you are deep-water fishing, you need a reel with a large capacity spool.

Gear ratio: There are two numbers in the ratio (example 5.2:1). The first number is the number of times the spool will turn. The second number is how many cranks it takes for that to occur. A lower gear ratio is great when you need lots of power, like hauling a flounder up onto a bridge. A higher gear ratio works best when you need more speed, like throwing a spoon or spinner bait.

Drag system: The drag system is a stack of flat washers that create friction as they turn in opposing directions. Improper drag can cause your line to break when you are fighting a big fish.

Most newer spinning reels have carbon fiber drag washers, rather than felt ones. Piscifun carbon washers are self-lubricating and longer-lasting.

Casting reels have the drag adjustment on the side of the reel, near the handle. Usually, this is a star-shaped adjustment that can be turned to apply more drag or braking as the line is cast and retrieved.

Fishing Rods

What kind of fishing rods do you prefer, and what kind of rods do you like? You wouldn’t want to pair a low-ratio, heavy drag reel with an ultralight medium action rod. Likewise, you wouldn’t put a lightweight baitcasting reel with a 6.2:1 gear ratio on a stiff saltwater rod and go ocean fishing because you’d never be able to put enough thick monofilament on the reel to cast or retrieve the bait. Pair your rods and reels. Most rods have a recommendation printed right on them.

Are Expensive Spinning Reels Worth Buying?

We’ve all seen the Abu Garcia and Penn reels with price tags well over $100, but are these expensive spinning reels really worth buying? It depends on the angler.

If you are a professional traveling to amazing fishing destinations all over the world to win contests with big fish, then you might consider the extra expense to be worth it. But for the hobby fisherman or the family man spending time with his family, there is no reason to spend all that money when you can get a Piscifun reel for half the money, and it will do the same thing.


Piscifun is a growing company in the fishing industry. Their spinning reels aren’t far behind high-end models made by Shimano and Daiwa. Piscifun spinning reels feature sealed ball bearings, a carbon drag system, fast gear ratios, and corrosion-resistant frames. Their Piscifun Carbon X fishing reel is almost as good as the much more expensive Shimano Sedona or Daiwa Excelor.

True to their philosophy, Piscifun remains extremely focused on manufacturing fishing gear most anglers can afford. Their cost-effective reels are made from the same components as more expensive brands but offer excellent performance at a great price.

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