Catfish Fishing: Tips, Gear and Where to Go

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Catfish are found through much of the United States and are one of the most popular species to catch.

Many of the Tackle Village team are avid catfish anglers and in the articles below they’ve shared their knowledge about catfish, how to catch them, what kind of gear you need and more.

Not only are catfish fun to catch, they are also excellent eating fish, so we’ve also shared our articles on cooking catfish on this page.


About Catfish

Catfish are a versatile and interesting species – they can survive in a range of different water conditions and grow to large sizes (see our piece below on the world record catfish).

Are Catfish Bottom Feeders feature image

Are Catfish Bottom Feeders? All You Need to Know

Catfish have long fascinated both anglers and aquatic enthusiasts with their unique characteristics and behavior. One question that often pops up in freshwater fish groups and fishing circles is whether …

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Types of catfish feature image

Types of Catfish: The Big Three Species

There are more than 3000 different catfish species in the world, including the Asian Mekong giant catfish , the large Wels catfish and the tiny cory catfish found in South …

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Blue catfish vs channel catfish feature image

Blue Catfish vs Channel Catfish

There are over 3000 catfish species in the world, but if you asked anglers to identify their favorites, most would mention blue catfish and channel catfish. Many anglers would rather …

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Fish out of water catfish

How Long Do Catfish Live? Out of Water and in General

Catfish life spans widely vary. Scientists have concluded that there are 3,000 – 4,500 species of catfish around the world. Some of the smallest catfish are the sucker fish or …

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Do Catfish Dig Holes Feature Image

Do Catfish Dig Holes? And for What Reason?

Yes, catfish dig holes, like many other fish species. Not only are the holes used as nests, but having a hole gives a catfish a place to rest and relax. …

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World Record Catfish new feature image

World Record Catfish: Giant Wels Cat the Biggest Ever Caught

Find out the current global and US records for catfish including the IGFA records for flathead, bullhead and blue catfish. These fish are MASSIVE!

Catfish Fishing Tips

There’s a lot of knowledge and experience that goes into catching catfish on a consistent basis. In the articles below our writing team share their insights on the different ways to catch catfish and how to maximise your success.

What is Catfish Noodling Feature Image

Catfishing Noodling: What Is It and How to Do It Correctly?

Catfishing noodling is an age-old fishing technique extremely popular in Louisiana and other southern states with a twist that has gained popularity among fishing enthusiasts worldwide. But what exactly is …

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Best time of day to catch catfish feature image

Best Time of Day to Fish for Catfish Explained (+ Seasons)

While you can catch larger catfish throughout the day, experienced fishermen have discovered that dusk and dawn are prime periods for enticing these whiskered creatures. During these twilight hours, catfish …

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How to catch catfish feature image

How to Catch Catfish: Expert Tips for All Species

Fishing for catfish of many species, including channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, and more, is a popular pastime for anglers of all skill levels. Catfish is one of the …

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How to Handle a Catfish Feature Image

How to Hold a Catfish: Protect the Fish and Your Arms

For anyone that goes fishing, catfish of most species can be a bit of a problem for some anglers due to their spiky and potentially dangerous pectoral spines and dorsal …

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Do Catfish eat crawfish feature image 1

Do Catfish Eat Crawfish? Top Baits for Big Catties

An often overlooked bait for catfish is the crawfish, crayfish, or crawdad. These miniature lobster-like creatures are found in almost any small river, creek, pond, or lake and are a …

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Do Catfish Have Teeth Featured Image

Do Catfish Have Teeth? Catfish Features & Dangers Explained

Catfish have hundreds of microscopic teeth that function like sandpaper to grip their prey when they bite it. The thing to beware of is their spines

Catfish Fishing Gear

Catfish are big and powerful fish and taming a bit cat needs good gear. We’ve pooled our knowledge via the articles below to provide info on the best reels for catfish and what hook sizes you should be using. Stand by for more articles to be added to this section.

Abu Garcia Catfish Special Feature Image

Abu Garcia Catfish Special: 6500 vs 7000

When it comes to the best fishing reels for catfish and similar fish species, very few reel manufacturers can beat Abu Garcia. Their Catfish Special spinning reels come in both …

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Best Catfish Reels Feature Image

Best Catfish Reels 2024: Our 10 Top Picks

Angling for catfish is great fun. These whiskered fish range in weight from less than a pound to over 500 pounds, and are found in freshwater all over the world. …

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Depositphotos 65695185 xl 2015 scaled

What Hook Size and Type For Catfish: Expert Guide

Whether freshwater or saltwater fishing for catfish, choosing the right catfish hook sizes and type is important to ensure you can land your catch. There is a range of fishing …

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Eating Catfish

Catfish is a staple food for many anglers, particularly in the south. That’s because it is delicious. Fried catfish is simple to prepare and tastes great, but in the articles below we share some different ways to cook catfish.

Can you Eat Catfish Feature Image

Can You Eat Catfish? Is It Safe and Tasty?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can eat catfish. Not only that, it is a healthy, tasty, and nutritious fish to eat. In this article, we outline …

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Does Catfish Have Bones Feature Image 1

Does Catfish Have Bones?

The short answer is, yes, catfish do have bones. There are some who say catfish is not safe to eat and others who swear it has a muddy taste. In …

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