Walleye Fishing: Tips, Gear and Where to Go

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Walleye caught on jig head and mouth teeth

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Walleye are a favorite sportfishing target for anglers across the northern parts of the US and into Canada.

They are strong fighters, an attractive fish and aren’t too bad to eat. They are also a favorite target for ice fishing in the winter months.

Many of the Tackle Village team, lead by guide Jeff Knapp, are very keen walleye anglers and are happy to share their knowledge with you in the articles below covering:

Walleye Fishing Tips and Facts

How to Catch Walleye Feature Image

How to Catch Walleye: Tips for Bait and Lures

Walleye are an exciting fish for any angler to catch. They have a mouth full of sharp teeth and very large eyes. Their long bodies and decent size can make …

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World Record Walleye Feature Image 1

The World Record Walleye: Hickory Lake Fish Reinstated

If you like a bit of controversy and drama, then the world record walleye catch held by Mabry Harper will be one of great interest to you. Despite this record …

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Bottom Bouncer Rig 1200 × 628 px

Bottom Bouncer Rig for Walleye: Set Up Guide + How to Fish

This deadly trolling rig gets your bait right down low in the water column without getting snagged up. Use it for all walleye trolling situations
Trolling speed for walleye feature image

Walleye Trolling Speed: Secrets to Success

As temperatures at your favorite fishing spot start to increase, it’s not uncommon for most anglers to make the switch from jigging for walleye, to trolling for them. While jigging …

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Are walleye good to eat feature image

Is Walleye Good To Eat? A Guide to This Popular Fish

Spending time at your favorite lake, river, or other waterway to enjoy some walleye fishing time is a great way to spend the weekend. Tossing a hook in the water …

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Night fishing for walleye feature image

Night Fishing For Walleye: 10 Expert Tips From a Top Guide

Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean you should pack in your fishing tackle and call the fishing trip over. Walleye are still just as active, if not more …

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How to catch walleye from shore feature image

How To Catch Walleye From Shore: A Guide’s Secrets

Walleye are those big fish that every angler loves landing on their weekend fishing trips. They can be aggressive and strike fast, and they can put up a nice fight …

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When do walleye spawn feature image 1

When Do Walleye Spawn And How To Catch Them

Fishing for walleye is a popular hobby for many anglers to focus on throughout the year. But during the months when walleye spawn, their urge to slam into your bait …

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Best barometric pressure for walleye fishing feature image

Barometric Pressure And Walleye Fishing

Fishing can be incredibly fickle. One day on your fishing trip you’re reeling in more fish than you can handle, and the next you haven’t had a strike for hours. …

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Sauger vs Walleye Feature Image

Sauger vs Walleye: Differences + the BEST way to ID them

Learn the FIVE sure-fire ways to tell sauger & walleye apart in this article breaking down all the key differences between these popular fish species
Best Walleye Spoons Feature image

The Best Walleye Spoons: Top Lures for Trophy Fish

While not as popular as crankbaits or jigs, spoons are very effective lures to catch walleye when they are used in the right situations. They can be effective while casting, …

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Walleye Fishing Lures and Gear

Walleye fishing is often about matching the hatch – choosing lures or baits that either match what they are eating or will induce a strike. In these articles our team of guides and fishing experts have put together a range of articles on what gear you need to be consistently successful in fishing for walleye.

Pennsylvania Walleye Fishing

The 12 Best Walleye Fishing Spots in Pennsylvania: Rivers and Lakes + Map

From the shores of the impressive Lake Erie to the meandering beauty of the Susquehanna River, the waters of Pennsylvania are full of trophy-size walleye, with the natural surroundings being …

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What size hook for walleye feature image

Choosing What Size Hooks for Walleye: Pro Guide and Chart

Walleye fishing is an extremely popular sport across North America, especially in the Pacific Northwest, for anglers of all experience levels. These fish are voracious eaters, rarely shy about striking …

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Walleye fishing gear list

Walleye Fishing Gear List: All the Essentials

Walleye are an outstanding sport fish to target on your next fishing trip. They are a great fish species for both the highly experienced walleye angler, as well as the …

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Blade bait close up feature image

Blade Baits for Walleye: Five Top Lures Reviewed

Fishing for walleyes with blade baits is a very effective tactic both on open water and while ice fishing. Many anglers overlook the effectiveness of blade baits, most likely due …

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Best Walleye Spoons Feature image

The Best Walleye Spoons: Top Lures for Trophy Fish

While not as popular as crankbaits or jigs, spoons are very effective lures to catch walleye when they are used in the right situations. They can be effective while casting, …

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Untitled design 39

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Walleye: 5 Top Minnows and Spoons (2024)

Ice fishing for walleye is very popular during the winter months in the northern regions of the U.S. and Canada. There are a few common types of lures used to …

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Lindy Rig 03 feature image scaled

Lindy Rig Set Up: Full Guide to Using This Great Walleye Rig

Master the art of the perfect Lindy Rig set up: From weights to leaders, our comprehensive guide covers every aspect for unparalleled fishing success!
shutterstock 1295155939 scaled

The Best Walleye Lures: Top 8 Baits of 2024 Ranked and Reviewed

Here are the 8 best walleye lures as that are must-haves in your tackle box as selected by our resident fishing guide. Top crankbaits, soft plastics and jigs.
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