The Best Walleye Spoons: Top Lures for Trophy Fish

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While not as popular as crankbaits or jigs, spoons are very effective lures to catch walleye when they are used in the right situations. They can be effective while casting, trolling, or jigging, and in this post, we will take a look at our picks for the best walleye spoons.

Best Walleye Spoon

Our pick for the best overall walleye spoon is the Mepps syclops. The syclops can be used virtually anywhere from walleye fishing under the ice, as a trolling spoon, and as a casting spoon. There isn’t a wrong way to fish this spoon, it has a great hook-up rate and flat out catches fish.

Mepp's Syclops
Mepp's Syclops
Mepp's Syclops
Our Score

The Syclops has unique features like an S-shaped body that is also slender. Due to its unique design, it can be trolled at any speed while maintained its action. It can also cast very long distances as well, and the slender shape means it will encounter less air resistance and drag.

The scyclops works well for walleye when vertically jigged in both open water and while ice fishing, making it very popular with walleye anglers due to its versatility. 

The Syclops comes in a wide variety of colors, which is a given with anything made by Mepps and is also available in several sizes.

  • S-curve design for tight action
  • Awesome colors
Northland Tackle O-Shot
Northland Tackle O-Shot
Northland Tackle O-Shot
Our Score

A relatively new ice fishing lure by the ever-popular Northland Tackle, the O-spoon has a unique shape that really makes it stand out. It features an S-curve design and is made to be light. The lightweight characteristics of the spoon allow it to have an excellent fluttering action when jigging through the ice, with twitches and lift-fall motions making it come alive.

One feature of the O-shot that will make it stand out is the inline glow stick, charging the stick with a flashlight will create an awesome glow, and due to the metallic but colored metal surface, the glow reflects off of the spoon to create tons of flash that will stand out in night fishing applications.

  • Built-in  glow stick
  • The lightweight design creates a great vertical jigging presentation
Gibbs G-Force Spoon
Gibbs G-Force Spoon
Gibbs G-Force Spoon
Our Score

The Gibbs G-force spoon is great for both trolling and casting. The G-force is also a great option for night fishing with all of them having at least some glow paint in the color pattern.

Unlike many spoons on the market, G-force spoons feature a single treble hook, this allows for easy fishing in heavy covers like timber and weeds, and the single hook performs well in the hooking percentage category.

Each lure is tuned to create an awesome erratic action that will make even the wariest of walleyes eat, with a combination of color, flash, and movement that makes other spoons look like childs play.

  • Glow paint on every color pattern
  • Single hook design
Moonshine Lures Trolling Spoons
Moonshine Lures Trolling Spoons
Moonshine Lures Trolling Spoons
Our Score

The trolling spoons made by moonshine lures are responsible for anglers catching more walleyes on the Great lakes than anyone could count, so if you fish the Great lakes, and don't have a wide variety of moonshine trolling spoons, you need to get some.

They don't just work on the Great Lakes, and you can catch walleyes on them anywhere walleyes live and any place you can troll for them.

The spoon has a slender design with is perfect for trolling, with a tight spin and roll that excels in a wide range of speeds. These trolling spoons also come in a wide range of colors that will drive walleye and other fish like salmon or trout crazy, from glow-oriented patterns, bright and gaudy patterns, natural patterns, and flashy patterns.

Moonshine trolling spoons are also pretty affordable, and allow you to fill up a box with them while going easy on the wallet.

  • Designed specifically for trolling
  • Crazy amounts of color patterns
Original Doctor Spoon
Original Doctor Spoon
Original Doctor Spoon
Our Score

The doctor spoon is more than meets the eye and is actually two spoons molded into one. One side tapers down to a narrow point and with the line tied on this end, you will get a wide-sweeping and rolling action that is great for mid-depth fishing. Use the line tie on the wide end of the spoon and you get a spoon that has a tight wobbling action that excels in deep water and low trolling.

The spoons come in a wide array of awesome colors and are built tough. And don't forget to check out the doctor trolling spoons which are specifically designed for trolling with the same two-for-one action depending on where you tie your line, these things will crush walleye wherever you find them.

  • two spoon designs in one package
  • A large variety of colors

Jigging Spoons for Walleyes

A walleye caught on jig fishing

Jigging spoons are typically used for fishing walleye on the ice in winter, but in the right situation, you can use them vertically from a boat in open water as well, particularly when fishing deep structure like rock bars or for localized suspended fish.

Jigging spoons can be manipulated in many ways to create different actions and cadences, with ripping, popping, twitching, and even bottom bouncing all being productive at given times.

Trolling Spoons for Walleyes

Trolling spoons are great when fishing large bodies of water that are moderately deep to very deep. They are a necessity when you need to cover large areas of water as efficiently as possible.

Desired depths can be achieved by adding specific weight amounts to your line, and by the distance of the spoon to the rod or boat, and the more line you have out the deeper the spoons will run.

Glow Spoons for Mid-Winter Walleyes

Glow spoons in the winter can be deadly when fishing for walleye, and it is the favorite lure of many walleye fishermen on the ice. You fish glow spoons like you fish any vertical spoon, and the glow aspect works great not just at night but during the day as well, as overcast conditions and a blanket of snow on the ice are all that is needed to get some glowing light in deep water even mid-day. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Spoons for Walleye Anglers

Spoons for walleye are overlooked by many, and as an angler that is something you can take advantage of. In the right conditions, they are powerful tools, and if you are using them for walleye in a lake where no one else is, you will have a serious edge.

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