Mississippi Fishing License 2024: Cost, Types & How to Buy

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Mississippi has a diverse range of fishing options from casting for trophy bass to chasing big catfish or trying your luck offshore on the Gulf Coast.

The important thing to remember about fishing in Mississippi is that you need to have the correct Mississippi fishing license.

In this comprehensive article, we explain which license you need to get, how much it will cost and where you can buy your Mississippi fishing license.

Our aim is to provide ALL the information you need on one page in an easy to absorb way.

Who Needs a Fishing License in Mississippi?

Residents of Mississippi aged sixteen (16) to sixty-four (64) who engage in fishing activities within its fresh or marine waters, including lakes and reservoirs (excluding privately owned ponds and streams), are required to buy a fishing license.

Those fishing in the saltwater areas south of U.S. Highway 90 must obtain a saltwater license, whereas those within the region between I-10 and U.S. Highway 90 can use either a freshwater or saltwater license. Saltwater license is not valid north of I-10.

Persons aged sixty-five (65) and above, along with those who qualify for exemptions from obtaining a freshwater fishing license, must possess appropriate documentation while fishing, as outlined in the Exemptions section [MS. Code 49-7-9].

Here is the license fees page: https://www.mdwfp.com/license/fishing/

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Who Is Exempt From Needing a Fishing License in Mississippi?

The following individuals are exempt from obtaining a Mississippi fishing license:

  • Disabled Residents – Visually impaired, paraplegic, a multiple-amputee, adjudged totally disabled by the Social Security Administration or totally service connected disabled by the Veterans Administration are not required to purchases a Hunting or Fishing License. [MS. Code 49-7-5 and 49-7-9] (see here for information on discounts and exemptions for disabled anglers in all states)
  • Senior residents – MS residents aged 65 and over aren’t required to purchase a fishing license. However, they should obtain a Resident Senior Exempt license, which is a lifetime privilege that allows its holders to contribute to various MS wildlife programs (see here for information on discounts for seniors on fishing licenses in all states)
  • Younger Residents –  Residents under the age of 16 can fish license-free. The state offers a voluntary Youth Exempt license, which is similar to the Resident Senior Exempt license. 

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Mississippi Fishing License Cost and Types

Residents of Mississippi have various options for fishing licenses, including:

  • Freshwater Fishing License – This allows fishing in freshwater bodies like lakes, rivers, and ponds.
  • Saltwater Fishing License – Required for fishing in Mississippi’s coastal waters.

Resident Fishing Licenses

Only individuals domiciled within the state of Mississippi as defined in Section 49-7-3 of the Mississippi Code, as amended, have the privilege to acquire a resident hunting/fishing license.

As per this section, an individual’s domicile is their principal or primary home or place of abode. However, it’s worth noting that a person holding a valid driver’s license is deemed to be domiciled within the state that issued that driver’s license.

Even if someone currently lives within the State of Mississippi, when it comes to obtaining a hunting license, they are considered to be domiciled in the state that issued their driver’s license.


Even when you reside in another state, you have the option to buy a resident hunting license if you present either (1) a current ID card from a Mississippi college or university; or (2) a current military ID card showing you are an active member of the Armed Forces (excluding Reserves and the National Guard), along with proof of your assignment to a military base in Mississippi.

Proof of age may be shown by the following:

  • A valid driver’s license; or
  • Copy of birth certificate
License TypePriceAgent FeeProcess Fee
Sportsman’s License(Does not include saltwater fishing)$45$1$1.29
All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing (Does not include Archery, Primitive Weapon or Crossbow)$25$1$1.29
Small Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing$10$1$1.29
3-Day Freshwater Fishing$3$1$1.29
Freshwater Guide License$500$1$1.29
Freshwater Guide Boat License$25$1$1.29
Saltwater Fishing$10$1$1.29
Senior Lifetime Saltwater License(Age 65 and over)$5$1$1.29

NOTE: Louisiana residents must purchase both the Freshwater Fishing and LA Saltwater Fishing License to fish in the marine waters of Mississippi.

Mississippi Fishing Bass
Mississippi Fishing: Bass are a popular sportsfishing target in Mississippi

Non Resident Fishing Licenses

All non-resident anglers, except minors under the age of sixteen (16), are required to obtain a fishing license while fishing in the fresh or marine waters of the State of Mississippi.

License TypePriceAgent FeeProcess Fee
Armed Forces 14-Day Hunting/Fishing (Must apply through MDWFP; Includes Archery, Primitive Weapon or Crossbow. Does not include Saltwater Fishing)$32$1$4.25
Freshwater Fishing$68$3$4.25
3-Day Freshwater Fishing$30$2$4.25
1-Day Freshwater Fishing$10$1$4.25
Freshwater Guide License$2,000$3$4.25
Freshwater Guide Boat License$25$1$1.29
Saltwater Fishing$30$3$4.25
LA Saltwater Fishing$60$3$4.25
3-Day Saltwater Fishing$15$2$4.25

Who Can Purchase Discounted Mississippi Fishing Licenses?

Certain individuals are eligible for discounted fishing licenses in Mississippi. This include Senior Residents aged 65 and older, and Disabled Veterans with a service-related disability. Each category has specific eligibility criteria, often requiring documentation to prove eligibility.

Special Fishing Licenses in Mississippi

Mississippi caters to different needs with special licenses. These specialized licenses enhance fishing experiences, making Mississippi’s diverse fishing opportunities accessible to a broader audience.

License TypePriceAgent FeeProcess Fee
Sportsman’s License (Does not include saltwater fishing)$45$1$1.29
All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing(Does not include Archery, Primitive Weapon or Crossbow)$25$1$1.29
Armed Forces 14-Day Hunting/Fishing(Must apply through MDWFP; Includes Archery, Primitive Weapon or Crossbow. Does not include Saltwater Fishing)$32$1$4.25
Small Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing$10$1$1.29
Freshwater Guide License (Resident)$500$1$1.29
Freshwater Guide License (Non-resident)$2,000$3$4.25
Resident Freshwater Guide Boat License (Resident & Non-resident)$25$1$1.29
Senior Lifetime Saltwater License(Age 65 and over)$5$1$1.29
Mississippi Fishing Crappie
Mississippi Fishing: Chasing crappie in the slower water is a great option

Where Can I Buy a Mississippi Fishing Licence?

Fishing licenses in Mississippi can be obtained from multiple sources:

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

You can visit the agency’s license sales office and buy a physical copy of your license there. They offer personalized assistance and are especially useful for addressing any questions or concerns. Check the official website here.


The most convenient way to purchase a Mississippi fishing license is thru their website’s Customer Portal. Follow the prompts to select the appropriate license type, duration, and complete the transaction securely.

Walmart and other Retail Outlets

Fishing licenses are available at select retail outlets across Mississippi, including Walmart stores (more detail here), local tackle shops, and sporting goods stores. Check with your local store to confirm availability and save time on the purchase process.

What Happens With Mississippi Fishing License Fees?

Fishing license fees contribute to the conservation and management of Mississippi’s aquatic resources. All fees collected by the MDWFP go to the Wildlife Endowment Fund to help various educational activities, research projects, and wildlife management and enforcement programs.

Does Mississippi Have Reciprocal License Arrangements With Neighboring States?

Yes, Mississippi has reciprocal fishing license agreements with neighboring states, such as Alabama (see here for info on Alabama fishing licenses), Arkansas (see here for info on Arkansas fishing licenses), Louisiana (see here for info on Louisiana fishing licenses), and Tennessee (see here for info on Tennessee fishing licenses). To learn more about the reciprocal agreements with each state, please refer to this link.

Does Mississippi Offer Lifetime Fishing Licenses?

Investing in a Mississippi Lifetime License proves advantageous, even for non-resident hunters. This license offers hunters and anglers not only excellent value and convenience but also plays a crucial role in ensuring future generations’ access to hunting and fishing.

By opting for a Lifetime License, individuals secure financial savings and preempt potential license fee hikes. Plus, it saves time and the inconvenience of renewing or purchasing an annual license!

Your present investment will yield direct benefits for Mississippi’s wildlife, an added advantage that your descendants can also partake in.

To purchase a Lifetime License;

  • Lifetime Sportsman – You must provide proof of domicile of Mississippi for a minimum of 18 consecutive months.
  • Non-Resident Mississippi Native Lifetime – You must be a native-born Mississippian proving you were born in the state of Mississippi and parent’s address was in Mississippi OR if you were not born in Mississippi, the parents’ address was in Mississippi at the time of your birth.
  • Lifetime Sportsman MIL – You must provide proof of parent being born in Mississippi. Must also provide official documents indicating parent was on active military service at the time of your birth.
License TypePriceProcess Fee
Lifetime Sportsman’s License (Birth through Age 12)$500$0
Lifetime Sportsman’s License (Age 13 and Over)$1,000$0
Lifetime Sportsman Native MIL (Birth through Age 12)$500$0
Lifetime Sportsman Native MIL (Age 13 and Over)$1,000$0
Non-Resident Mississippi Native Lifetime$1,500$0
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