How to Get a Walmart Fishing License [a complete guide]

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woman fishing to illustrate fishing license article Walmart

How to Get a Walmart Fishing License [a complete guide]

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woman fishing to illustrate fishing license article Walmart

Getting a Walmart fishing license is a quick and easy way to make sure you are fishing legally.

The fishing licenses sold at Walmart are the exact same documents issued by natural resources departments and are completely legitimate.

The costs are practically the same whether you are getting a fishing license at Walmart or through the government offices in your state.

How to Get a Fishing License at Walmart

It’s not widely know, but you can get a fishing license at Walmart stores across the US and at Walmart’s online store.

For many people this Walmart fishing license is a better option than heading in to their state’s licensing department or navigating a clunky government website.

In this guide to getting a fishing license at Walmart, we’ve broken down the easiest way to get yourself licensed to avoid fines and ensure you are contributing to the health of our beloved recreational fisheries.

Get a Fishing License at Walmart in Person

Follow these easy steps to get your Walmart fishing license store:

  1. Bring photo ID and proof of residency (a utility bill for example)
  2. Head to the Sports and Outdoor section of the store
  3. They’ll give you a form that you can fill out on the spot and hand to the staff
  4. They will double check your age and the type and duration of license you require (resident or non resident; saltwater fishing or freshwater fishing) and let you know the price.
  5. There is no test or anything like that, but the Walmart fishing license staff will give you a booklet with the regulations that apply in the state you are getting the license for
  6. Once you’ve paid the applicable fee, they’ll give you your fishing license and you are done!
  7. Purchasing a fishing license at Walmart is that easy!

Get a Fishing License at Walmart online

While there are some articles that claim you can get a fishing license online through Walmart, we’ve seen no evidence that that is the case.

You can get fishing licenses online of course, but they are usually sold via the natural resources department’s website in your state. There are links on these sites to buy the license online. After buying the license online, in some cases you can print the license out and you are good to go until the send you the actual license to fish.

Why get a Walmart fishing license?

Many people find getting a Walmart fishing license to be convenient as it is a store that they visit frequently. Also, when you get your Walmart fishing license you can also pick up fishing supplies including lures and other tackle that you need. And with it’s convenient opening hours, it is easy to visit a Walmart store and get a Walmart fishing license.

Chance are if you are a non resident angler you won’t know where the departmental office is anyway, so Walmart is an easier option. Non residents need a license to fish in pretty much all states.

Walmart Fishing License FAQs

Who needs a fishing license?

Anyone who wants to fish in the US needs a fishing license, with a limited number of exemptions.

In some states people under 16 or 17 or over 65 don’t need a fishing license and some states have exemptions for veterans and people suffering from disabilities.

You need to get a Walmart fishing license if you are a resident of the state or a non resident angler.

What states offer fishing licenses via Walmart?

Forty seven states in the US sell Walmart fishing licenses. Walmart has an agreement with these state governments to issue a valid non resident or resident fishing license that has the validity as the government issued license.

Alabama fishing license

Alaska fishing license

Arizona fishing license

Arkansas fishing license

California fishing license

Colorado fishing license

Connecticut fishing license

Delaware fishing license

Florida fishing license

Georgia fishing licenses

Hawaii fishing licenses

Illinois fishing licenses

Indiana fishing licenses

Iowa fishing license

Kansas fishing license

Kentucky fishing license

Louisiana fishing license

Maine fishing license

Maryland fishing license

Massachusetts fishing license

Michigan fishing license

Minnesota fishing license

Mississippi fishing license

Missouri fishing license

Montana fishing license

Nebraska fishing license

Nevada fishing license

New Hampshire fishing license

New Jersey fishing license

New Mexico fishing license

New York fishing license

North Carolina fishing license

North Dakota fishing license

Ohio fishing license

Oklahoma fishing license

Oregon fishing license

Pennsylvania fishing license

Rhode Island fishing license

South Carolina fishing license

South Dakota fishing license

Tennessee fishing license

Texas fishing license

Utah fishing license

Vermont fishing license

Virginia fishing license

Washington fishing license

West Virginia fishing license

Wisconsin fishing license

Wyoming fishing license

What type of fishing licenses are available

You can purchase a fishing license in these types:

  • 24 hours fishing licenses.
  • 3 or 5-day fishing licenses.
  • Annual fishing licenses

How much does a Walmart fishing license cost?

Here are some indicative costs for a Walmart fishing license. Obviously the fishing license cost varies a bit from state to state and which bodies of water you plan to fish in, but this gives you a rough idea of expected fishing license cost when you purchase a fishing license.

  • Licenses for individual residents – $19.
  • Licenses for individual residents of age 66 and above – $10
  • A one-day fishing license for both residents and non-residents – $11
  • Non-resident annual license – $40
  • Three-day tourist fishing licenses – $19

Why get a Fishing License?

Fishing licenses are not just a revenue raising exercise for state governments. In most cases the money raised via licensing fees – and via the Walmart fishing license -goes to fish stocking and the enforcement of fishing rules so it helps to create a better fishery for all recreational fishers.

So think of the fishing license cost as an investment in the quality of the fishery. The money raised via the fishing license cost also helps with river and stream rehabilitation and programs to help get young people fishing.

Where to Buy a Fishing License Near Me

Walmart has almost 5000 stores in the US, so buying a Walmart fishing license is relatively simple and faster and easier than visiting your fish and wildlife department. Other outdoor and hardware retailers also sell licenses, and of course you can buy a fishing license through the relevant government department/offices in your state.

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