Crappie: All About America’s Favourite Panfish

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We love crappie fishing at Tackle Village – several members of the team are really keen crappie fishers. Crappie fishing is a great way to get kids into fishing, get some fish for the table and just have a great time on the water.

Crappie are aggressive feeders at the right time (see our guide to spawning season for crappie) and will really attack a range of baits, lures and flies.

Perhaps a good starting point is our guide to catching crappie. It has the right information for aspiring crappie aces and see below for more specific content.

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Crappie fishing gear and tips

Crappie Fishing Tactics

Crappie are plentiful, fun to catch and tasty, so it is little wonder they are such a popular target for anglers.

If you are just starting out in fishing, there are few better fish to target first than crappie.

We’ve got a nice list here of all the gear you need for crappie fishing.

And if fly fishing is your thing, we’ve even got an article by Danny Mooers on catching crappie on a fly rod.

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