Seniors Fishing License Discounts & Exemptions: All States

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Getting out on the water and fishing is good for all of us, but particularly for our 55 million plus seniors.

To help seniors throughout the US take advantage of fishing opportunities, we’ve researched which states offer discounted or free fishing licenses and set them out both in map and table form.

The findings of our research on this were:

  • 13 out of 50 states offer free licenses or exemptions to having a license for seniors
  • 35 out of 50 states offer discounted licenses for seniors
  • Only 2 states (Wyoming and Minnesota) have no publicly available seniors exemption or discount scheme

Check the map below to see which states offer exemptions and discounts to seniors and the table below that to get further info.

We’ve included in the table the age at which the exemption or discount kicks in. Most often this is 65, but be aware there are variations and it is as young as 62 in some states and not applicable until 70 in others.

The scale of the discount varies between states too, but it is usually in the vicinity of 50 to 75% cheaper than a regular license.

Please note we have strived to ensure the accuracy of the information here. Please advise us if you discover any errors or updates required.

AlabamaExempt (65 and over)
AlaskaExempt (60 and over)
ArizonaExempt (70 and over)
ArkansasDiscounted (65 and over)
CaliforniaDiscounted (65 and over)
ColoradoDiscounted (65 and
ConnecticutExempt (65 and over)
DelawareExempt (65 and over)
FloridaExempt (65 and over)
GeorgiaDiscounted (65 and over)
IdahoDiscounted (65 and over)
IllinoisDiscounted (65 and over)
IndianaDiscounted (64 and over)
IowaDiscounted (65 and over)
KansasDiscounted (65 and over)
KentuckyDiscounted (65 and over)
LouisianaDiscounted (60 and over)
MaineDiscounted (65 and over)
MarylandDiscounted (65 and over)
MassachusettsExempt (70 and over)
MichiganDiscounted (65 and over)
MississippiExempt (65 and over)
MissouriExempt (65 and over)
MontanaDiscounted (62 and over)
NebraskaDiscounted (69 and over)
NevadaDiscounted (65 and over)
New HampshireDiscounted (68 and over)
New JerseyDiscounted (70 and over)
New MexicoExempt (70 and over)
New YorkExempt (70 and over)
North CarolinaDiscounted (65 and over)
North DakotaDiscounted (65 and over)
OhioDiscounted (66 and over)
OklahomaDiscounted (65 and over)
OregonDiscounted (70 and over)
PennsylvaniaDiscounted (65 and over)
Rhode IslandExempt (65 and over)
South CarolinaDiscounted (64 and over)
South DakotaDiscounted (65 and over)
TennesseeDiscounted (65 and over)
TexasDiscounted (65 and over)
UtahDiscounted (65 and over)
VermontDiscounted (66 and over)
VirginiaDiscounted (65 and over)
WashingtonDiscounted (70 and over)
West VirginiaDiscounted (65 and over)
WisconsinDiscounted (65 and over)

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