Kansas Fishing License (2024): Cost, Types and How to Buy

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Kansas has some wonderful fishing with channel catfish a real angling highlight, but panfish, bass and walleye fishing also well regarded.

Make sure you are across which Kansas fishing license you need to enjoy the fishing on offer.

We’ve set out the different types of license available, where to buy them and how much they cost – plus what discounts and exemptions are available.

Fishing in Kansas

Before we go into the details on fishing licenses in Kansas, just a brief word on the fishing.

Channel catfish are found in nearly every stream, river, pond, lake, and reservoir in the state and monster flathead catfish of 60, 70 and even 80 pounds are caught each summer.

But it is not all about the catfish. The numerous lakes and more than 10,000 miles of rivers and streams are also home to both smallmouth and largemouth bass, panfish such as crappie and bluegill and spotted bass.

There is even some trout fishing in Kansas too!

How Much is a Fishing License in Kansas?

For resident anglers, an annual Kansas fishing license costs $27.50.

For non resident anglers, an annual Kansas fishing license costs $52.50.

There are a range of other licenses that cover shorter periods right up to lifetime fishing licenses. We’ve summarized the cost of these in the tables below.

Who Needs a Fishing License In Kansas?

Any individual who is from age 16 to 74 is required to have a license in possession while fishing in Kansas. 

Kansas Fishing License Age

Children can fish without needing a Kansas fishing license until age 16. That’s about standard among US states.

Who is Exempt from Needing a Fishing License in Kansas?

Kansas is offering fishing license exemption for the following:

  • Individuals who are part of the National Guard
  • Disabled Veterans: These individuals must provide proof by showing a copy of their disabled veteran’s entitlement papers. 
  • American Indian: Individuals who demonstrate at least one-sixteenth American Indian by blood and also certified by the Bureau of Indian Affairs may apply for a free fishing license.
flathead catfish
Monster flathead catfish are caught every year in Kansas

Kansas Fishing License Costs for All Types

Residents and non-residents can avail fishing license in Kansas. They can choose form Basic License which is valid for 365 days. One-day and five-day licenses are available to both residents and non-residents, while multi-year and lifetime licenses are good only for residents.

Resident Fishing Licenses: Costs

For a resident’s permit, the person must be a resident of Kansas for at least 60 days before purchasing the license.

Fishing License Type (Resident; annual unless stated)Cost
Lifetime Senior Resident/Hunt/Fish Combination$42.50
Senior Resident Fish$15
Senior Resident Combination Hunt/Fish$25
Resident 1-Day Fish License$8.50
Resident Fishing$27.50
Resident Combination Fish & Hunt$47.50
5 Year Resident Fish License$102.50
Lifetime Fishing$502.50
Combo Lifetime Fishing & Hunting$962.50
Trout Permit (adult)$14.50
Trout Permit (youth)$7
Paddlefish Permit (adult)$12.50
Paddlefish Permit (youth)$7.50
Hand Fishing Permit$27.50
Bass Pass$14.50
Three Pole Permit$8.50
Duplicates (All Licenses/Permits)$2.50

See also:

Non Resident Fishing Licenses

For non-residents, a valid non-resident license must be at hand at all times.

Fishing License Type (Non-Resident; annual unless stated)Cost
Non-resident Fishing$52.50
Nonresident Combination Fish & Hunt$137.50
Nonresident Five Day Fishing$27.50
Nonresident 1 Day Fishing$14.50
Trout Permit (adult)$14.50
Trout Permit (youth)$7
Paddlefish Permit (adult)$12.50
Paddlefish Permit (youth)$7.50
Hand Fishing Permit$27.50
Bass Pass$14.50
Three Pole Permit$8.50
Duplicates (All Licenses/Permits)$2.50
Source: https://ksoutdoors.com/Fishing/Fishing-Application-and-Fees

Who Can Purchase Discounted Kansas Fishing Licenses?

A reduced price lifetime combination hunting/fishing license or a half price annual fishing are made available for residents age 65-74. 

Fishing License TypeCost
Lifetime Senior Resident/Hunt/Fish Combination$42.50
Senior Resident Fish$15
Senior Resident Combination Hunt/Fish$25

Special Fishing Licenses in Kansas

Kansas is offering Combo Lifetime Fishing & Hunting for its residents. Kansas children can also have lifetime license for fishing and hunting combo.

Where Can I Buy A Kansas Fishing Licence?

Channel catfish 2
Channel catfish are a real angry highlight in Kansas

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks 

Fishing Licenses may be purchased online, from all our licensed agents, any Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks and Tourism office or call 1-833-587-2164.

To acquire a Kansas fishing license, you have a few options to choose from:

You may visit any Kansas Department Wildlife and Parks Office. Visit their website to find nearby locations. 

Kansas Fishing License Online

To purchase the license online, just follow the procedures here

Local Agents

Click this link to find your local agents near you based on your region. You can always buy your license at Walmart too.

By Phone

You can also buy your license via phone. Just dial the number 1-833-587-2164.

What Happens with Kansas Fishing License Fees?

Kansas fishing license will be used to enhance Kansas’ natural heritage and fisheries habitats.

Does Kansas Have Reciprocal License arrangements with neighboring states?

Kansas has no formal license reciprocity agreements with any other state for now. 

Does Kansas offer Lifetime Fishing Licenses?

Yes. Kansas offers lifetime fishing licenses offered to residents only. They have Lifetime licenses, Senior Lifetime Licenses, and Combo Lifetime licenses.

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