Indiana Fishing License (2024): Cost, Types & Where To Buy

Here’s all the details on Indiana fishing licenses: cost, types of license needed and how to buy licenses online and in person PLUS discounts

Indiana offers some great fishing for bass, trout, catfish, and various panfish species.

But you need to make sure you have the right fishing license to fish legally in this great state.

We’ve put together all the information you need on how much a fishing license costs in Indiana, where to buy one, and which type you need.

Fishing in Indiana

Indiana has some great bass lakes as well as decent fishing for trout.

There are also all the main species of catfish on offer and panfish including crappie, bluegill, and perch.

There is even some decent carp fishing in Indiana, if that’s your thing.

How Much is a Fishing License in Indiana?

For residents, an annual fishing license in Indiana costs $23. For non-resident anglers, an annual Indiana fishing license costs $60.

Who Needs a Fishing License In Indiana?

All individuals need a valid fishing license issued by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to fish in public lakes, streams, rivers, or tributaries in Indiana and its boundary water. 

A signed copy of the license must be carried while fishing and shown to an Indiana Conservation Officer upon request. Fishing without a license can result in fines and penalties. A license may also be revoked and equipment seized for violating regulations.


Fishing License Age in Indiana

Children can fish in Indiana without needing a fishing license up until they turn 18. This is generous compared to other states, some of which require children of 12 or over to have a fishing license.

Who is Exempt from Needing a Fishing License in Indiana?

A fishing license and trout/salmon stamp are not required for:

  • Residents born before April 1, 1943 (should carry valid Indiana Driver’s License or other identification to verify age and residency).
  • Residents and nonresidents under age 18.
  • Residents who are legally blind (proof not required while fishing).
  • Residents of a state-owned mental rehabilitation facility.
  • Residents of any licensed health care facility taking part in a supervised fishing activity sponsored by the facility.
  • Residents with developmental disabilities as defined by IC 12-7-2-61 (proof not required while fishing).
  • Residents with permission to fish in private ponds with no public water entry or exit.
  • Residents or lessees of Indiana farmland.
  • Residents engaged in full-time military service while on approved military leave (must carry leave orders and valid ID to prove residency).

Fishing License Costs in Indiana

You can choose a type of license that is applicable to you in Indiana. The prices will vary if you are a resident or non-resident. Non-residents will have to pay a bit higher price than residents.

Resident Fishing License Costs

To qualify for an Indiana resident license, a person must be a resident for at least 60 days without any existing fishing license to any other state.

Fishing License TypeCost
Annual Fishing$23
One-Day Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)$10
Senior Annual Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)$3
Senior Fish for Life (includes Trout/Salmon)$23
Trout/Salmon Stamp$11
Annual Hunting and Fishing$32
Disabled American Veterans Hunt/Fish$2.75
Disabled American Veterans 10-Year Hunt/Fish$27.50

Non-Resident Fishing Licenses Costs

Those who do not qualify as a resident in Indiana will automatically be considered non-residents.

Fishing LicenseCost
Annual Fishing$60
One-Day Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)$15
Seven-Day Fishing$35
Trout/Salmon Stamp$11

Who Can Purchase Discounted Indiana Fishing Licenses?

Resident disabled American veterans may purchase a license to fish in the State of Indiana for a discounted price. More here on discounts for veterans on fishing licenses in other states.

Fishing License Type Cost
Disabled American Veterans Hunting & Fishing (does not include deer or turkey)$2.75
Disabled American Veterans 10-Year DAV Hunting & Fishing (does not include deer or turkey)$27.50

Special Fishing Licenses in Indiana

In Indiana, there are several special fishing licenses that are available to residents and non-residents:

Fishing License TypeResidentNon Resident
Trout/Salmon Stamp$11$11
Senior Annual Fishing (includes Trout/Salmon)$3N/A
Senior Fish for Life (includes Trout/Salmon)$23N/A
Disabled American Veterans Hunting & Fishing (does not include deer or turkey)$2.75N/A
Disabled American Veterans 10-Year DAV Hunting & Fishing (does not include deer or turkey)$27.50N/A
  • Trout/Salmon Stamp – required for fishing in certain designated trout and salmon waters in the state. This stamp is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • Senior Annual Fishing – For residents aged 64 or older, this license grants the same fishing privileges as the standard license but only lasts for one year.
  • Senior Fish for Life – this license is available to residents aged 64 or older, granting the same fishing privileges as the standard license for their lifetime. Ideal for seniors who want to continue fishing in retirement.
  • Disabled American Veterans Hunting & Fishing – Indiana residents who are honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected disability of 30% or more can buy this license. It’s valid for a year and requires annual renewal. To buy, they need to provide proof of their veteran status and disability.
  • Disabled American Veterans 10-Year DAV Hunting & Fishing – This license is for honorably discharged veterans with a service-connected disability of at least 30%. It grants the same hunting and fishing privileges as the standard license, valid for ten years. The applicant must present proof of veteran status and disability. Ideal for disabled veterans who plan to hunt and fish in Indiana for an extended period of time.

See here for info on discounts available for veterans, seniors, and disabled anglers in other states.

Where Can I Buy An Indiana Fishing Licence?

There are several ways to purchase an Indiana fishing license:


Go to and click the green ‘Enter Online Portal’ button. Select ‘Start Shopping’ under ‘Licenses for Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing,’ and log in or create an account. Answer the prompted questions to purchase the appropriate license.

In Person

Visit one of more than 500 retailers statewide listed at or visit the DNR Customer Service Center from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. Remember you can always buy a fishing license in person at Walmart.

By Mail

Send a check or money order (payable to DNR) or credit card information (include card number and expiration date) to:


DNR Customer Service Center

402 W. Washington St., W160

Indianapolis, IN, 46204

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of your fishing license. Include the following information inside the envelope for accurate processing:

  •  Name, date of birth, Indiana Driver’s License number, and Social Security Number (required by IC 14-22-11-3)
  • Complete address, city, state, ZIP code, and phone number
  • Height, weight, sex, color of hair and eyes

Please specify the exact licenses you need and dates for one-day or any multi-day licenses 

By Phone

Call the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at (317) 232-4200 and provide your information to the representative.

What Happens with Indiana Fishing License Fees?

All license fee revenue is used for managing fish and wildlife resources in Indiana to conduct a variety of work including fish and wildlife research, habitat protection and restoration, maintenance of fish & wildlife areas and public access sites, hunter and angler education, technical assistance to private landowners, and much more.

Funds from license sales are split between DFW (Division of Fish & Wildlife) and DLE (Division of Law Enforcement) to manage fish and wildlife resources and the enforcement of fish and wildlife laws.

Does Indiana Have Reciprocal License arrangements with neighboring states?

Indiana has reciprocal fishing license agreements with several neighboring states, including Illinois (see here for info on Illinois fishing licenses), Kentucky (see here for info on Kentucky fishing licenses), Michigan (see here for info on Michigan fishing licenses), and Ohio (see here for info on Ohio fishing licenses). These agreements allow residents of each state to fish in the other state’s waters without purchasing an additional fishing license.


Does Indiana offer Lifetime Fishing Licenses?

Lifetime licenses were discontinued on July 1, 2005. For those that have a lifetime license issued before that date, below are the lifetime license types and privileges they cover:

  • Basic Fishing: Covers the annual resident fishing license. Does not include the trout/salmon stamp privilege.
  • Comprehensive Fishing: Covers the annual resident fishing license and trout/salmon stamp privilege.
  • Comprehensive Hunting and Fishing: Includes all hunting and fishing licenses and stamp privileges covered by the comprehensive hunting and comprehensive fishing licenses. Does not include trapping.
  • Trapping: Covers the annual resident trapping license.
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