Fly Fishing Gear List: Essentials and Accessories Checklist

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As our lives get busier and free time harder to find, the last thing you want to do when you do get away fly fishing is to forget something.

And you also want to be able to pack in a hurry to maximise time spent fly fishing on the river or lake and minimise time spent worrying about whether you’ve packed everything.

To simplify the task of packing for a fly fishing list, we’ve published below our fly fishing day trip packing checklist. Keep in mind this is a fly fishing checklist list centred around a day trip in trout fishing country and will differ if you fish in salt water or for larger fish.

It is not a complete checklist for every fly fishing situation and not everyone will agree with these choices. You can adapt this to your needs.

Fly Fishing Gear Gear List: What to Bring on a Day Trip

My vest and rod and reel set up. I’ve ditched the wading boots for this location

Adapting this fly fishing gear checklist

Rods and reels are obviously among the first things packed on a fly fishing trip

This is a generalized fly fishing equipment list for dry fly fishing and nymphing for trout. For more specialized fishing techniques such as swinging and stripping streamers, you might want to add a sinking and/or sink tip fly lines on spare spools to complete your floating line.

For those who like to fly fish in winter, obviously you would pay more attention to packing cold weather clothing including an insulated rain jacket instead of a shell as part of your fishing equipment.

If you are unsteady on your feet and are crossing swift freestone rivers or a tailwater by wading, consider a wading staff (although if you are with another angler you can cross most rivers by putting your arms around each others’ shoulders and wading across together).

And for multiple day trips you need to consider your needs for food, cooking and potentially camping along with your fly fishing gear.

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