Fishing Sun Protection: Sunglasses, Hats and More

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Fishing means long hours spent outdoors in pursuit of our elusive quarry.

And it pays to protect yourself from the sun to avoid getting sunburnt and increasing your risk of skin damage and more serious conditions.

We’ve been testing a range of sun protection gear ranging from polarized sunglasses through to trucker hats to help you choose the best way to keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays.

Fishing Sunglasses

Sunglasses are arguably the most important piece of fishing kit when you are sight fishing.

Being able to cut through the glare and pick out fish often means the difference between a great day and coming home fishless.

We’ve taken the hard work out of researching the best options for fishing sunglasses:

The Smith Guide’s Choice glasses in polarchromic copper are a great set of sight fishing glasses for river and lake fishing

Fishing hats, shirts and face protection

There are a wide range of hat types and styles as well as masks for sun protection.

All of them help you to avoid getting too much sun when you are fishing:

Simms trucker cap rainbow trout
Simms make great trucker hats such as this rainbow trout model
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