Best prescription fly fishing sunglasses (polarized)

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prescription polarized fly fishing sunglasses

Best prescription fly fishing sunglasses (polarized)

Updated on:
prescription polarized fly fishing sunglasses

Just because you are short or long sighted, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a great pair of polarized fly fishing sunglasses.

All four of the top brands for fly fishing (Smith Optics, Costa Del Mar and Maui Jim’s and Oakley) offer prescription polarized lenses to go with their fishing sunglasses frames.

These are a better choice than just going to your optician and selecting a standard (non fishing) frame and a lens and color to go with it.

While this is a quicker and easier option, these frames aren’t made for fishing and nor are the lenses. 

It is better to get the best polarized lens and frame technology you can by getting presciption fly fishing sunglasses from one of the major manufacturers.

  • Costa del Mar prescription or RX lenses are available through the Costa dealers’ network. Click here for more detail.
  • Maui Jim’s says 95% of their frames can be fitted with prescription lenses. Find a dealer here.
  • Oakley’s prescription models with polarized lenses can be ordered direct from their website.
  • Smith Optics has suspended its direct-order prescription program. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

Of course all prescriptions are different and requirements for bifocal or progressive multifocal lenses make things a bit trickier.

I need progressive multifocals so I can both see well at a distance and tie on flies at close range (my days of tying on a size 18 dry fly without these lens are well and truly over!).

Lens materials for prescription polarized sunglasses

And depending on the strength of your prescription, certain frame materials (particularly glass) may or may not be available in polarized lenses.

Glass or Techlite is heavy compared to Trivex or polycarbonate plastic lenses, so thickening it to accommodate corrective vision properties can make it too heavy for polarized fishing sunglasses.

Check with the companies themselves for details and get your polarized prescription fishing sunglasses glasses ordered now. 

Trust us – you won’t regret this. We’ve tried the alternative – non corrective sunglasses with contact lenses (eyes get sore and dry on long days and can see well close up) and convention glasses with polarized lenses (frames aren’t strong enough for fishing and lenses too small and ineffective or too dark/too low a VLT). 

Our prescription polarized sunglasses are now arguably my most valuable piece of fly fishing kit. Please remember to label them with your phone number and email – you never want to lose a good pair of fishing sunglasses, let alone a pair that is tailored specifically to you!

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