Maui Jim vs Costa: Fishing Sunglasses Shakedown

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Sunglasses can make a major difference in an angler’s performance. A nice pair of polarized sunglasses allow anglers to choose the ideal casting spots and see fish under the surface. Both Mauji Jim and Costa sunglasses are high-quality and have the technology to give you advantages that lower-quality glasses don’t offer. 

For me, Costa del Mar is the winner of this fishing sunglasses shootout due to having better frames, keener pricing, and being purpose-built for fishing rather than being all-around sunglasses that can be used for fishing.

But not everyone shares this view, and for some anglers, Maui Jims will be the better choice as sunglasses that suit a wider variety of situations. To help you choose between these two top brands, we explain in detail the different features and designs that both of these companies offer for anglers and road test a couple of models. 

Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim Maui Jim Sunglasses in Action
Protect your eyes and improve your fishing game with the perfect pair of polarized fishing sunglasses.

Maui Jim vs Costa: How We Compare Them?

  • Lenses
  • Lens Colors
  • Special features
  • Frames
  • Warranties
  • Price
Maui Jim Ohai
Costa Fantail
High-quality, scratch-resistant thin glass lenses
High-quality lenses in both glass and polycarbonate
Lens Colors
Lens Colors
Four different polarized lens colors: natural grey, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose, and Maui HT.
Seven different polarized lens colors: blue mirror, green mirror, gray silver mirror, copper silver mirror, gray, copper, and sunrise silver mirror
Wide choice of styles, flexible and light
Flexible, tough frames; hypoallergenic nose pads
2 years on defects; self-inflicted damage not covered
Lifetime on defects; self-inflicted damage not covered
Price range
Price range

How Do Their Lenses Compare

The lenses on Maui Jim and Costa’s glasses are polarized. Each company is well aware of the importance of polarized lenses for anglers. These fully polarized lenses are some of the best on the market, and they truly do make a big difference when you’re on the water. Each company offers glass as well as non-glass lenses, depending on your activities and usage. 

Costa Del Mar Lenses

There’s a reason Costa sunglasses are favorites for saltwater anglers. The Costa 580G glass lens does a phenomenal job of reducing glare. The sunny days on the ocean make it almost impossible to see without proper sunglasses. Costa glass lenses do a phenomenal job of reducing as much glare as possible. 

The polycarbonate lenses have 580 clarity, and they’re lightweight and scratch resistant. These are likely the better option for anglers. They may not be as clear as the glass lenses, but they’re designed to withstand some of that wear and tear that anglers often put on their sunglasses. Plus, they have the same 100% polarization that you would find on Costa’s glass lenses. 

The polycarbonate material easily repels oil, water, and dust, so you don’t have to constantly wipe them down while you’re on the water. The glass is great for casual wear and fashion, but the polycarbonate material is best for anglers. You’re going to have to work hard to ruin these lenses, so it gives anglers peace of mind that they can fish however hard they like knowing their eyes will be protected. 

Either way, Costa lenses are some of the best on the market. 

Maui Jim Lenses

The thing that sets Maui Jim lenses apart from many of the other competitors is that they use glass lenses. These glass lenses not only repel harmful UV rays but also offer some of the best quality on the market. Their lenses are 32% thinner than traditional sunglass lenses, with a major emphasis put on being scratch resistant. 

Scratch resistance is a necessary feature for anglers. Since we walk through brush and bump them against doors and boats, there are ample opportunities for them to get scratched. The thin glass does a great job of preventing any issues. A scratched lens can mess with our vision and throw us off our usual flow. Scratch resistance is one of the most important features that sunglasses could have. 

The thin glass technology is used in all Maui Jims, but they have several different variations that anglers can choose from. 

The MauiBrilliant lenses are focused on clear class and clarity. The MauiPure lenses are some of the most popular due to the emphasis on clarity, shatter resistance, and scratch resistance. The Maui Evolution lenses are the most durable option. All of these lenses are thin and built to last. 

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What Lens Colors They Offer

Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim Costa Del Mar Sunglasses in Action
Choosing the right lens color for fishing sunglasses is important because different lens colors can affect visibility and clarity on the water and also help to reduce eye fatigue and strain, making it easier to fish for longer periods of time.

Costa and Maui Jim have a decent selection of lens colors for anglers. Since they are a bit more expensive than most other sunglasses, you have the chance to customize them and choose the exact lens color that you would like. Each color that these companies offer fulfills a different purpose, so make sure you’re aware of your primary activities before you make the purchase. 

Costa Del Mar Lens Colors

Costa currently offers seven different lens colors: blue mirror, green mirror, gray silver mirror, copper silver mirror, gray, copper, and sunrise silver mirror. Each of these colors has a different function and is designed for some specific activities. 

The Blue Mirror lenses are the best choice for anglers who spend the majority of their time on open and reflective water. The ocean would be the ideal place to wear these. These lenses make for some of the most perfect polarized fishing sunglasses.

The green mirror lenses are high contrast, so you’ll still catch the vibrancy of the colors. 

Gray Silver Mirror and Normal Gray are the best choices for everyday activities. These colors are the best option if you want a pair of sunglasses that are versatile enough to do well on the water and keep you protected in your day-to-day operations. 

The Sunrise Silver Mirror is the other good choice if you spend quite a bit of time fishing during low light. Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn or fishing into the evening, these sunglasses will help you continue to locate fish and make the most of your time on the water. 

Maui Jim Lens Colors

Maui Jim offers four different colors: natural grey, HCL Bronze, Maui Rose, and Maui HT. Natural gray is the most versatile color option for anglers. They aren’t specific to fishing, but they will assist you no matter where and how you are fishing. They’re great for bright, direct sunlight. 

The HCL Bronze lenses are also a good choice for everyday use. They will work well all day long in almost every type of weather and light conditions. 

The Maui Rose color is meant for more fast-moving activities, and the Maui HT offers extra contrast and color for low light conditions. 

How Do Their Frames Compare

Both Maui Jim and Costa offer a wide variety of frame options for anglers. No matter the fit or style you want, either company has something for you. There are so many options it can be overwhelming. 

Costa Del Mar Frame Technology

Most people would agree that Costa has better frame choices for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, the frames are a bit more versatile in sizing, so you can truly find a pair of sunglasses that fit you comfortably. 

The nylon frames from Costa are somewhat similar to the Maui Jim nylon frames but with a few small tweaks. They’re even more flexible than the Maui Jim nylon collection, and many anglers find them a bit more comfortable. 

Some of the favorite Costa frames for anglers are the titanium collection. These frames are both light and durable. They’re also equipped with hypoallergenic nose pads that keep the frames in place and also prevent some allergic reactions. These are some of the best frames on the market for anglers. 

Maui Jim Frame Technology

Maui Jim frames have positive reputations for comfort and style. The frame collections include the Acetate Collection, Clip-On Collection, Metals Collection, Specialty Metals Collection, Rimless Collection, and Nylon Collection. 

The majority of the collections from Maui Jim are designed for everyday use, but the Nylon Collection is perhaps the best for fishing. Not only are the nylon frames lightweight, but they’re somewhat flexible and offer adjustable nose pads for some more comfort. You can use these on the water to keep you extra comfortable on those bright and sunny days. 

Who Has The Best Warranty

Both Maui Jim and Costa sunglasses are expensive! As a result, we hope the companies believe in their products enough to provide consumers with quality warranties. Both companies offer warranties, but they both have limitations and exceptions as to what they will and won’t replace. 

As anglers, we’re constantly using our sunglasses. We bump them against the car, sides of the boat, tree branches, and a variety of other things. They’re a piece of equipment that can easily break, so make sure you fully understand the warranty. 

Costa Del Mar Warranty

Costa Del Mar sunglasses have a lifetime limited warranty. They will replace the sunglasses at any time if the company deems the issue to be one with the manufacturing and not with normal wear and tear. If you believe it’s a manufacturing issue, Costa will request that you send in the glasses (you pay to ship), and they’ll determine whether or not you’re eligible for a replacement pair. 

Maui Jim Warranty

Maui Jim sunglasses also have a limited warranty. If you purchase sunglasses from a certified Maui Jim dealer, they are protected for two years. The warranty in place will protect any “defect in materials and workmanship.” In simpler terms, if the sunglasses fail due to a poor job of building, Maui Jim will replace them for a small “return” fee. 

The warranty does not protect any improper or unreasonable use by the owner. It also fails to protect against any sort of normal wear or tear, and it won’t replace them if you accidentally break them. 

Who Has The Best Price

The Costa and Maui Jim prices are somewhat similar to one another, but Costa takes the title for the more affordable option. Depending on your preference, however, you’ll find that the best sunglasses for anglers from both companies are somewhat equal in price. 

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses Pricing

On average, people are going to be spending somewhere around $200 to $300 for Costa sunglasses. Again, you can easily spend $400 to $500 if you choose to purchase custom lenses and frames, but generally, you’ll only spend a couple of hundred dollars. In terms of high-quality sunglasses, this isn’t overly expensive.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Pricing

Most Maui Jim sunglasses cost around $300. You can find some pairs for around $250, but on average, you’re going to likely spend around $300 to $400. The glasses are definitely worth the investment, but they are more expensive than Costa. 

Most Popular Models

Costa Fantail
Costa Fantail
Costa Fantail
Our Score

The Costa Fantail sunglasses are favorites for anglers of all skill levels. These glasses have an 8-base design that will protect your eyes from all anglers. The frames are made from nylon, so they're resistant to saltwater. These glasses come with 580 polycarbonate lenses, so they're resistant to oil, sand, and water. Plus, you'll find that they do a great job of staying on regardless of how rough the waves get. These glasses will cost you around $230.

  • Hydrolite Rubber Nose Pads
  • TR-90 nylon
  • Come with blue mirror lenses, which are perfect for open water 


Maui Jim Ohai
Maui Jim Ohai
Maui Jim Ohai
Our Score

The Maui Jim Ohai's are rimless glasses with a larger frame. They offer a variety of sizes for people, so you will be able to find something that fits you. The frame material is what they call "Maui Flex," so as soon as you put them on, you can shape them to your head, and they'll keep that shape forever. This metal material is corrosion-resistant and not intrusive in the slightest.

  • Non-slip nose pads
  • Rubberized temple tips that prevent the sunglasses from slipping
  • Come with the MauiBrilliant Sunglasses, so they're light and extremely durable. 


Final Thoughts: Maui Jim vs Costa Sunglasses

Both Maui Jim and Costa sunglasses are going to work extremely well for fishing. Generally, Maui Jim sunglasses are considered to be more of a casual style of sunglasses with the ability to function well in the outdoors. Costa sunglasses, however, are designed to go with you wherever you want to go in the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you’re out deep-sea fishing or walking through the mountains in search of trout; they’re prepped and ready to go with you wherever you would like. 

Either way, however, you’ll find that both Costa and Maui Jim glasses are great for all of your adventures on the water.

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