Yeti Sizes: Full Dimensions for Coolers and Drinkware

Yeti provides some information about the capacity of its popular range of coolers and drinkware, but the exact quart capacities are not alway obvious. For example, the model numbers of …

Yeti provides some information about the capacity of its popular range of coolers and drinkware, but the exact quart capacities are not alway obvious.

For example, the model numbers of the cooler range – take say the Yeti Tundra 45 – don’t correspond to the actual capacity in quarts. The true capacity for the Tundra 45 (see our review) is actually 37.6 quarts.

For the drinkware, it is more straightforward – the model numbers specify a capacity in ounces that is accurate. However it is also vital to know the actual outside dimensions with drinkware so you know it will fit in your cupholder or bag or whatever.

To solve these two challenges with the Yeti cooler and Yeti drinkware range, we’ve tabulated the actual capacities and dimensions to give the information you really need to know when spending a lot of money on an expensive cooler, tumbler or jug.

Yeti Coolers Actual Capacities

The table below provides the quart capacity of the various Yeti coolers as well as the coolers’ sizes in terms of external dimensions.

Yeti ModelCapacity (quarts)Capacity (gals)Capacity (litres)DimensionsCans of beerRRPPurchase
Yeti Roadie 24 (review here) 19.25″
W: 13.75″
H: 14.375″
Yeti Tundra 3528.87.227.3L: 21″
W: 16″
H: 15.5″
Yeti Tundra 4537.69.435.6L: 25.5″
W: 16″
H: 15.375″
Yeti Tundra 6557.214.354.1L: 30.5″
W: 17.5″
H: 16″
Yeti Tundra 7574.818.770.8L: 33.25″
W: 18″
H: 18″
Yeti Tundra 10587.221.882.5L: 30.5″
W: 19.5″
H: 20″
Yeti Tundra 11096.424.191.2L: 37″
W: 18″
H: 20″
Yeti Tundra 125121.230.3114.7L: 40″
W: 19.5″
H: 20″
Yeti Tundra 16015037.5142L: 45″
W: 19.5″
H: 21.5″
Yeti Tundra 210208.452197.2L: 25 3/4”
W: 24 1/8” × 39 3/4”
Yeti Tundra 250232.458.1219.9L: 55″
W: 22.625″
H: 21.25″
181$1000BUY DIRECT
Yeti Tundra 350329.682.4311.9L: 63 1/2”
W: 24 3/4”
H: 23 1/4”
259$1500BUY DIRECT

Cans of Beer and Pounds Of Ice: Other Ways Yeti Measures Capacity

While the quart capacities are missing from the web site for Yeti coolers, Yeti does provide some useful information on their capacities.

For most models they provide a capacity in both cans of beer and pounds of ice.

For example, for the Tunda 35 hard cooler, Yeti says it can hold 21 beer cans or 26lbs of ice.

Yeti also gives a descriptive indication of the cooler’s capacity. For the Tundra 35, it says it “Holds enough for a small crew for the day. Fits nicely on a 4-wheeler and inner tube”.

They also provide the empty weight and the external dimensions of the entire cooler.

Yeti Drinkware Capacities

For Yeti drinkware (Yeti tumblers, Yeti mugs, Yeti jugs and more), the company does provide the external dimension of the item as well as the empty weight and of course the fluid capacity in ounces. To save you looking through the Yeti site for this information we’ve tabulated it below.

ModelCapacity (oz)DimensionsEmpty WeightPricePurchase
10oz Tumbler (review of Yeti wine Tumbler here)102.8″ x 5.7″0.7lbs$20BUY DIRECT
20oz Tumbler203.5″ x 6.6″0.9lbs$35BUY DIRECT
30oz Tumbler (review here)304″ x 7.8″1.1lbs$38BUY DIRECT
16oz Pint163.5″ x 6.5″0.8lbs$30BUY DIRECT
10oz Stackable Mug104.6″ x 4.5″0.8lbs$25BUY DIRECT
14oz Mug145.1″ x 4″1lbs$30BUY DIRECT
20oz Travel Mug204.8″ x 7.4″1.2lbs$38BUY DIRECT
30oz Travel Mug305.1″ x 8.3″1.5lbs$42BUY DIRECT
18oz Bottle183″ x 8.9″1.1lbs$30BUY DIRECT
26oz Bottle263.4″ x 10.9″1.4lbs$40BUY DIRECT
36oz Bottle363.8″ x 11.6″1.5lbs$50BUY DIRECT

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