Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti Rambler: Who Wins? – 2024 Outdoor Drinkware Test

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Can a cheaper drinkware player like Corkcicle really measure up to everyone’s outdoor favorite, Yeti, or another serious player such as Hydro Flask? In short, for serious outdoor goers, the answer is ‘No.’

But for certain buyers, the Corkcicle is going to be just as good a choice at a far cheaper price.

Below we’ve provided a list of key differences before moving on to our full Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti Rambler review.

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Differences: Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti


  • Better at keeping drinks hot; great for coffee drinkers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lacking in the keeping things cold department
  • Drastically more expensive
  • Great lid option
  • Five-year warranty


  • Lower Cost
  • Ok for cold drinks
  • More feminine colors; variety of colors
  • 1-year warranty

We’ve Reviewed These Tumblers Based on These Criteria:

  • Materials – Yeti wins
  • Features – Yeti wins
  • Reputation – Yeti wins
  • Performance – Yeti wins
  • Price – Corkcicle wins
  • Key advantages – Yeti wins
  • Range – even

Materials Used and Construction

As is the case with many products that are competing and similar to each other, these two tumblers have some features in common. Both are made from 18/80 stainless steel and feature narrow and tall designs typical of any tumbler.

Stainless steel is used in many products that relate to the food industry and aids greatly in preventing the transfer or holding of any flavors, odors, and staining. It also allows for easy cleaning and an overall clean environment.

The products are very similar in the overall construction, but Corkcicle boasts a triple-insulated design. We will see further along in this comparison if this makes a difference.


Overall, Yeti uses high-quality materials in their designs, and they always have (see here for details on their warranty). This creates an insulated tumbler that is incredibly durable, dishwasher safe, and well-built from overall tumbler construction to lid construction. These tumblers come in an attractive range of colors.


Corkcicle uses materials that aren’t of the same quality as Yeti, and this couldn’t be more apparent than with the lid. Drop this lid on the pavement or concrete, and it will most likely break into pieces, even from as little as a few feet. This may be due to the type of plastic used, which is called Tritan plastic. In terms of quality, Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti Rambler is an easy win for Yeti.

Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti Rambler


The Yeti Rambler Tumbler features an Insulated press-in style lid. This aids in preventing spills and keeps your beverages well-insulated simultaneously. The lid is also dishwasher safe, allowing you to throw it in the dishwater and have the peace of mind that nothing detrimental will happen as a result.

Yeti Tumblers also comes in five different colors and two different size options, a 20-ounce and 30-ounce offering.

One drawback to note with the press-in lid is the fact that it has a hole to drink from that cannot be shut or closed off in any way. This permanent opening allows potential spills to occur, and although it will be a small leak over time, it’s a spill nonetheless. This permanent opening also means that heat will escape from the container or cold air if it’s a cold beverage.

With the standard lid issues being mentioned, Yeti does offer a different cover with a magnetic slider to close off the open hole, and it can be bought with the original tumbler cover.

Yeti has incorporated a great cap design, custom-made to be held with three fingers. This aids greatly in gripping and holding your tumbler and significantly reduces the potential for spilling or dropping your beloved tumbler on asphalt or rocks.


The mouth design of the corkcicle is quite a bit smaller than the Yeti, which makes it more difficult when it comes to filling with ice.

Their sizes are also awkward in some cases, going from 16 ounces to 25 ounces, then shooting up to a whopping 60 ounces.

The same holds true of the tumbler itself, with drops onto hard surfaces being potentially catastrophic for the tumbler.

Reputation – Corkcicle Tumbler vs Yeti Rambler


The Yeti Company is a veteran in the industry of coolers and insulated water bottles that specialize in maintaining temperatures for extended periods of time.

 Yeti first came onto the market with its high-end coolers. While incredibly expensive compared to coolers of the past, they really are vastly superior products in almost every case, and this is the reason for their popularity among outdoors enthusiasts in particular. 

They soon had a cult-like following for their products, in particular their coolers, with hunters, fishermen, and outdoors enthusiasts swearing for the brand’s quality. It’s not unusual to be out on the water fishing and see an angler in their favorite fishing spot standing on top of a large Yeti cooler or sipping from a Yeti Tumbler with the brand’s stickers on their truck or boat.

With great marketing and advertising, Yeti quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the top companies in the industry. The Rambler range of outdoor drinkware is the category leader when it comes to reputation and popularity despite being relatively highly priced.

Importantly these guys back their reputation for quality with a five-year warranty.


Based on reviews on the Corkcicle, it appears that many people mention the issues we talked about earlier. Some people like it, though, and it appears that while on light duty, it might work just fine.

Others have complained about lids from this manufacturer not sealing and popping out of the tumbler.



In insulation tests, the Rambler tumbler held ice for 7-8 hours, which isn’t terrible, but compared to other good quality and popular brands such as RTIC it’s not really up to par for the price point.

When it comes to hot drinks, though, Yeti really takes the win. Mine keeps my coffee hot while at work for 3-4 hours and warm for 5-6 hours. This is a huge advantage in my case, where work consists of being outside and inside throughout the day in cold temperatures and traveling to various locations over the course of 8-10 hours. Having hot water on hand to make tea or hot coffee ready to pour goes a long way toward making the working day more enjoyable.


In reviewing these two insulated tumblers, it has become obvious that the Corkcicle will lose ice rapidly when compared to the Yeti. This shows us that the triple insulation that the company likes to talk up still isn’t competitive with its rivals and other key brands such as RTIC and Hydro Flask.

With the ice retention point being made, it still isn’t a slouch at keeping ice and liquid cold for several hours in summer, and you will most likely finish the beverage before it melts to water in most cases.

In terms of keeping drinks hot, both are comparable and are excellent at the task.

Price: Yeti Rambler vs Corkcicle Tumbler


Yeti has lowered the price of their tumblers to get closer to other companies’ offerings, allowing them to remain competitive in the niche overall, not just the high-end market.

They definitely are high-quality, and I have one sitting on the counter as I type this, so I chose this Yeti option at the end of the day. You can find them for around 30 to 40 U.S. dollars, depending on your options.


The Corkcicle is cheaper, but one has to ask if the reduction in cost is really worth it in the end. The lower cost doesn’t help your cause if it breaks when dropped, while the Yeti tumbler will last for years and years.

Why Use an Insulated Tumbler or Flask?

High-quality tumblers are getting incredibly popular with people, and it’s easy to see why. Being environmentally friendly, reusable, and incredibly efficient at insulating, they beat out a simple plastic bottle or foam coffee cup, and it’s not even a fair fight. Having one of these means you don’t tend to buy water bottles either.


Both these brands have a wide range of types of drink vessels, ranging from the popular tumblers we’ve been talking about to insulated mugs, wine tumblers, jugs, and more.


In my opinion and many others, the Yeti Rambler tumbler blows the Corkcicle out of the water in the most important points, including insulation and durability. The cost difference here is insignificant in this aspect, and if I was to pick one as my tumbler of choice, the winner would certainly be the Yeti.

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