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Walk into a fishing shop and it is easy to get bewildered by the range of fishing gear on offer.

We’ve broken down the key pieces of gear you need to be successful when fishing into these categories and shared our insights via the links below.

Fishing Rods

Arguably the most important piece of an angler’s kit, the rod is the means of propelling the lure or bait to the target area and our connection to the fish when it strikes.

Rods come in a vast range of different types and sizes. There are different rods for different types of fishing and a variety of rod actions and power ratings to consider.

Fishing Reels

The reel is almost as vital as the rod in fishing. It’s key to being able to cast accurately at the required distance.

Choosing the right type of reel is also important. Are you best choosing a baitcasting reel, a spinning reel or a spincast reel?

Along with the rod, the reel is the key way that anglers can impart action to their lures. The reel is also our connection to the fish once it takes the lure of bait and the drag can mean the difference between reeling a record fish or going home empty handed.

Rod and Reel Combos

At their worst, rod and reel combos are a way to sell outdated models to less than savvy customers. But the best rod and reel combos are a good way of ensuring that the outfit you buy is well matched. Reputable manufacturers put a lot of effort into selecting a combination of rod and reel that suit each other.

Fishing Lines

The connection between angler and fish, lines are a vital part of the angler’s arsenal. Line choice is critical to fishing success and whether you spool your reel with braided line, monofilament or fluorocarbon line can sometimes decide your chances of catching fish.

Fishing Accessories

There is probably sport or pastime where accessories are such a vital component of success as fishing.

Clothing, gadgets, tools, outdoor gear, coolers and drinkware along with sun protection are key categories of accessories that all anglers need to know about.

Knives, pliers, nets, backpacks, tackle boxes, flashlights and more – it is all important and purchases need to be chosen carefully so you don’t end up with gear that lets you down.

Kayak Fishing

The Tackle Village crew are keen kayak anglers and we take any chance we can get to get out on the rivers and bays to tackle a range of fish from our yaks.

We love to write about kayak fishing – the gear, accessories and types of kayaks available, as well as ways of transporting kayaks and making kayak fishing easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Fishing Hooks

Hooks are the key piece of hardware connecting us to the fish we are fighting. Knowing the basics of hook selection and sizing is vital to being assured of landing decent fish. We’ve taken the trouble to write a range of articles explain the key parts of choosing the right hook for your target species.

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