Best Fly Fishing Subscription Box: Our Top 5 Picks in 2023

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The concept of monthly subscription boxes has revolutionized how we buy anything from razors and T-shirts to meat.

It has taken a while for fly fishing to catch on, but now there are five high-quality fly fishing boxes that we can recommend.

Signing on for one of these boxes will give you a curated package of flies tailored to your needs and the kind of fly fishing you enjoy arriving at your doorstep each month. They also include video and written instructions to make sure you make the most of the premium flies in the box and improve your fly fishing skills each month.

These boxes are a great way for beginner and intermediate anglers to fast-track their learning, as they are backed by the years of knowledge and experience of the guiding teams that put them together for subscribers.

Read on to find out our pick for the best fly fishing subscription box across the key categories.

The Best Fly Fishing Subscription Box: Our Top Picks

Overall Best Fishing Subscription
The Fly Crate

The Fly Crate has taught thousands of anglers world-class fly fishing techniques and provided customers with the best fly fishing flies, tackle, and gear since 2015. They manufacture and design premium fly patterns from classic nymphs, dry flies, emergers, barbless jigs, euro nymphs, to articulated streamers.

Best Beginner Box
Freestone Fishing

Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned vet, this fly subscription offers value to any angler at any skill level. They can supply a curated package of guide-selected flies and fishing goodies that'll get you out on the water and catching fish.

Best Value Box

If you are looking for the best value subscription box, PostFly got you covered. They have a team of experts that will help you pick the latest hot patterns to help you land the fish of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Subscription Box Reviews

The Fly Crate
The Fly Crate
The Fly Crate
Our Score

Fly Crate team keeps things nice and simple: you choose either bass or trout and get a specially curated supply of flies delivered straight to your door each month.

The Fly Crate team has tailored the flies to the time of year the box arrives so you'll always be fishing with appropriate flies for the season.

These premium flies are sourced from a limited number of top quality fly tyers.

Fly Crate has moved away from including gear with their boxes reasoning that it is better to focus on the quality and quantity of the flies in each box than compromising on that to include added extras.

Through Fly Crate's Healing Flies Program, 2% of all sales from their subscriptions are committed to the rehabilitation of disabled USA veterans via our partnership with Project Healing Waters, Inc.

Fly Crate Plans:

Trout Monthly Box (price $24.95 per month with free shipping)

Includes at least $28 worth of specially curated seasonal trout flies

Bass Monthly Box (price $19.95 per month with free shipping)

Includes at least $24 a month of specially chosen bass flies

Mix and Match Box (price $19.95 per month – virtual box)

This plan gives you $30 a month of credit to spend at Fly Crate on whatever you like for $19.95. Think of it as $10 a month of free gear in exchange for committing to this level of monthly spending.

Freestone Fly Fishing Company
Freestone Fly Fishing Company
Freestone Fly Fishing Company
Our Score

Each month Freestone's team of guides goes through the process of curating the perfect fly list, basing selections on seasonality and geographic region, and tailoring every box. By ordering these boxes, you'll be sure to have the right fly to put in front of your target species at the right time.

Freestone Fly Fishing has two plans with free shipping: Get Out There (price $17.95 a month: $40 of value) and the On The Water plan (price $36.95: $80 of value)

The way it works with both plans is you choose your species/use, and your premium flies are chosen according to expert advice and seasonality.

These fish species/situation selections are:

  • Freshwater Trout
  • Salmon/Steelhead
  • Warmwater Bass
  • Saltwater
  • Fly Tying

Get Out There Box (price $17.95 a month: $40 of value)

  • 12 Premium Trout Flies | 6-8 Salmon/Steelhead, Warmwater Bass, Saltwater Flies | Quality Materials to Tie
  • Two bonus essential fly fishing Items
  • Awesome weatherproof stickers
  • Free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
  • Detailed Fly Guide with tips & tricks, exclusive contests, and much more

On The Water Box (price $36.95 per month: $80 of value)

  • 24 Premium Trout Flies | 12-16 Salmon/Steelhead, Warmwater Bass, Saltwater Flies | Materials to Tie 24 Flies
  • Minimum of 5 top-tier fly fishing items 
  • Awesome weatherproof stickers
  • Free one-year membership to Trout Unlimited
  • Detailed Fly Guide with tips & tricks, exclusive contests, and much more!
Our Score

Postfly offers a wide range of subscription boxes including the Regular Box ($27.95), Guide Series ($49.95 a month) and the Fly Tying Box ($27.95).

Postfly boxes work by selecting a box then the fish species you are fishing for (see options below) and you get a monthly supply of flies and fishing gear tailored to your fishing habits.

  • Trout
  • Saltwater
  • Warmwater
  • Steelhead & Salmon
  • Fly Tying Kits

Every Postfly box comes with a new leader, stickers, a magazine, and accessories. Their fly tying box is a great way to ease your way into learning to tie flies. You can choose to take a one-off box or make it a subscription.

Regular Box ($27.95 per month)

  • 10-12 premium flies
  • Leader
  • Fishing tips
  • Bonus Gear
  • Trout Unlimited Subscription

Guide Series ($49.95 per month)

  • 20-24 quality
  • Leader
  • Fishing tips
  • Bonus Gear
  • Trout Unlimited Subscription
  • Name brand gear

Fly Tying Box ($27.95 per month)

  • Pre-proportioned materials
  • Example flies
  • Video tutorials
Smitty's Fly Box
Smitty's Fly Box
Smitty's Fly Box
Our Score

Steve “Smitty” smith is devoted to educating anglers about fly fishing and fly tying and these boxesd showcase his passion in these areas.

They are also simple - you get 12 flies in the box.

Smitty’s Fly Box – $20 (free shipping)

  • 12 carefully selected flies for your specific area (2 each of 6 patterns)
  • Flies based on specific species
  • A Tapered Leader
  • Strike Indicators
  • Tippet Spools
  • Split Shot

Smitty’s Beginner Fly Tying Box – $20

  • An instructional video and tying guide of a featured fly
  • Premium materials for the featured fly
  • An excellent experience for beginning anglers.

Smitty’s Intermediate Fly Tying Box – $20

  • An instructional video and how to tying guide for the fly of the month
  • A variety of quality tying materials from top brands (hooks, thread, dubbing, etc.)
  • A featured tie for the more advanced anglers.

The Combo Box – $30

  • A choice of two of the three boxes offered (Smitty’s Beginner Fly Tying Box, Smitty’s Fly Box, or Smitty’s Intermediate Fly Tying Box)
  • Premium Flies
  • Premium Fly Tying Materials
  • A Tapered Leader
  • How-to Fly Tying Guide

Fly Fishing Subscription Boxes: How Do They Work?

Using these fishing subscription services is straightforward. Click through the links below, and that will take you to the relevant sales page.

Scan through the available boxes and choose the subscription box that suits your style of fishing, preferred fish species, and budget; then, you’ll get the flies, fishing gear, and information you need to be delivered to your door every month.

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How Are the Subscription Boxes Sorted?

Most subscriptions are arranged by fish species or type of fishing (trout, bass, saltwater). Warmwater packs are targeted at a range of species, including smallmouth and largemouth bass, crappie, carp, and other fish species.

Some of these companies have one-off boxes that are perfect for gifts.

How Much Do Fly Fishing Subscription Boxes Cost?

These subscriptions vary in cost from $19.99 per month to $50 per month. Typically they include flies at roughly half the price of buying in retail and often include bonus items.

What’s Inside a Fly Fishing Subscription Box

Fishing subscription boxes include quality flies as the main item. Depending on the company, they also include bonus items such as stickers, leaders, Trout Unlimited memberships, and various tools and fly fishing gear, a bonus for anglers.

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Final Thoughts: Best Fly Fishing Subscription Box

Fishing subscription boxes are a great life hack in terms of fast-tracking your fishing success. If you are a beginner or intermediate angler, having one of these targeted subscriptions means there is a whole lot of knowledge coming your way – embedded in the fly choices and sizes you receive.

Not having to worry about researching the right pattern gives anglers time to focus on casting, line control, researching the best fishing spots, and other elements that are vital to success in fly fishing. With the info provided here, you can choose the best fishing subscription for your needs and watch your success rate grow.

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