Best Online Fly Shop: Where to Get the Best Deals

Online fishing stores are entirely changing the fly fishing industry. Gone are the days of fly shops and trial and error being the only sources of learning and purchasing gear. …

Online fishing stores are entirely changing the fly fishing industry. Gone are the days of fly shops and trial and error being the only sources of learning and purchasing gear. Now, we have access to all the fly fishing gear and information we could ever need at the trip of our fingers. Regardless of your personal feelings of the direction of the industry, there are opportunities to continue to support local businesses and keep the family feel of fly fishing alive while still shopping online.

Best General Fly Fishing Gear Stores Online

Trident Fly Fishing

Trident has a great range of fly fishing and fly tying gear including rods and reels from all the major brands, as well as waders, clothing and fly tying mater. They offer free shipping on most orders and are known for competitive pricing.


Reel Fly Rod is a great online retailer that makes your research for fly fishing equipment easy. Whether you want fly rods, fly reels or fly fishing clothes, ReelFlyRod has it for you. They have a huge selection of gear and even break their gear down into specie categories. This is a great website to visit for before all of your fly fishing trips.


The Rivers Edge is a fly fishing company located in Bozeman, Montana. They’re a certified Simms dealer, so that is the brand you’re going to see on their website. If you’re a diehard Simms fan, RiversEdge is a great site for you. The website also has fishing reports for all the primary water in the Greater Yellowstone area.


Curated is a unique online fishing site. When you visit, you’ll be matched up with an expert who is going to provide you with gear suggestions for your next fly fishing adventure. They have a large inventory of fishing equipment, and if they’re lacking anything, they’re able to get it for you. You aren’t charged any extra for matching with an expert, but you are able to leave a tip if you would like. It’s an interesting, low-pressure fly fishing gear shopping experience.

The Fly Shop

The Fly Shop is a California based fly shop with a large online retail section. They sell flies, books on fly fishing techniques and any other gear you may need for a day on the water. It’s a nice opportunity to secure any of the gear you need while still shopping local. It doesn’t feel like you’re purchasing from a massive corporation! The selection of equipment they have is quite impressive for local Redding, CA company.

Mad River Outfitters

Based in Ohio, Mad River Outfitters is a massive online fly fishing retailer. Fly fishermen and women are able find anything they might need from Mad River. They have apparel and quite a bit of their fly fishing equipment is broken into skill level categories. There’s an entire selection for beginners, intermediate and expert anglers. This is a nice option to have in case you’re wondering what it looks like to upgrade from your current setup.

Madison River Fishing Co.

Madison River Fishing Co. is a great online fly shop based in Ennis, Montana. They have a large selection of on sale fly fishing gear as well as new products. If you’re looking for online flies, Madison River Fishing Co. relies on local tiers to help fill their orders. This company offers a nice opportunity to support local fly anglers.

Local Fly Shop Websites

Other great places to look for equipment are your local fly shop websites. If you know you’re going to fish in a certain area, look up a few local shops and check out their websites. Odds are, you can purchase some flies from them and maybe some other equipment depending on what you need. With more shops forming an online presence, you should be able to make some online orders from any company you wish to support. It’s the beauty of the 21st century!

Best Direct Fly Fishing Gear Online

Simms Fly Fishing Gear

If you’re wanting Simms gear, it’s best to go right to the source. While other online fly fishing stores sell Simms equipment, the official website is going to have the newest releases and most up to date information on products. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any up charging from third party websites. Waders, wading boots, apparel and accessories are all available to you right from Simms themselves.


Patagonia is another reputable brand with great fly fishing gear. While they don’t have their own fly rod or reel designs, they have great fishing apparel and accessories. Waders, boots, vests, hats and comfortable warm and cold weather gear is available to you through them. You can guarantee yourself that you’ll receive high quality gear from Patagonia.


Orvis is another powerhouse in the world of fly fishing. Depending on who you ask, Orvis makes the best rods and reels on the market. They also make other accessories, but their rod and reels are what keep them relevant. Shop directly from their website to ensure the highest quality and easy exchanges in case any issues arise. Their website often offers decent discounts as well.


Snowbee is a smaller brand that’s becoming more and more relevant in the United States. What started as a waders company has turned into a one-stop shop for all things fly fishing. They have everything you need except flies. Browse their rods, reels, line and other accessories that you might need. For high quality gear, you’re going to receive decent prices and great customer service.


Redington is another fly fishing company that’s flown under the radar for far too long. They have a great selection of equipment for anglers of all skill levels, but their beginner equipment is some of the best in the business. Their waders are also relatively affordable and extremely high quality. They take the best features of all the best waders and combine them with their own spin. Pay their website a visit for high quality and affordable gear.

Best Place for Buying Flies Online

Big Y Fly Co.

Perhaps the most thorough online fly retailer is Big Y Fly Co. Whatever type of fly you want is going to be available to you on their website. One of the best features of their website is that you can purchase flies based on specific locations. This is amazing if you’re preparing for a trip across the country and you may not have time to visit a local fly shop.


FlyFishFood offers more than just flies, but their fly selection is fairly significant. What makes their online shop special is that you can choose the type of fish you want to target or the type of fly you want to fish. Another great feature of this website is that it’s easy to maneuver. Too many fly websites are confusing and a bit disorganized. You can be specific in what you want and not be overwhelmed with options.

Ventures Fly Co.

Ventures Fly Co. is a great website for purchasing flies. You aren’t able to purchase individual flies, but you are able to purchase packs ranging from 13 to 200. They have streamer, PMD, Caddis, Adams, BWO, Midge, Mayfly and Stonefly collections. All of these come with 13 classic patterns of each type of fly. They also have a variety of other collections that are all high quality. They’re a company that specializes in trout flies.

The Fly Stop

The Fly Stop is a discount online fly shop. Their selection of flies is massive and they have them broken down into the specific species and types of flies. They even have a decent amount of saltwater flies. It’s a bit of a smaller company, but they sell nice quality flies.

Local Fly Shop Websites

As mentioned earlier, a quick search of your favorite local fly shop is likely going to bring you to their Instagram or website. You would likely be able to purchase some flies to fulfill your needs. The great thing about doing this is that you’re likely supporting local tiers.

Best Stores Online for Fly Tying Materials

Mad River Outfitters

Make a visit back to Mad River Outfitters for your fly tying materials. They have a nice selection of vices, material and hooks. All the unique materials or accessories you may need are available on Mad River Outfitters.

The Fly Fishers

The Fly Fishers fly shop is a company out of Brookfield, Wisconsin. A large selection of their equipment is dedicated to tying flies. Fly tying kits, materials, hooks, adhesives and anything else you might need to get started is available to you from The Fly Fishers. They have a few local brands they offer on their website that you can choose from if you would like.

Local Fly Shop Websites

Local fly shops may also offer fly tying materials! You can likely purchases kits from them if they’re a larger shop that specializes in more than just local flies and equipment. Again, check around on their websites and see what they offer.

Best Online saltwater Fly Fishing Stores

Red’s Fly Shop

Red’s Fly Shop is a great option for your saltwater fly fishing gear. The world of saltwater fly fishing is often DIY, so having a one stop shop for everything you need is great. They offer fly rods, fly reels, flies, leaders and even some of the packs and bags that you might need while you’re fly fishing saltwater.

Douglas Fly Fishing Gear

Douglas Outdoors is a company that specializes in saltwater fly fishing rods. While they’re on the higher end, you’re going to get a rod that’s easily able to handle whatever you need! Saltwater fish are strong, so you want to make sure you have the equipment to fight them.


Orvis has amazing saltwater rods and reels. It’s hard to argue with their feel and power. Plus, if you need saltwater flies or apparel, you can purchase it from Orvis as well! They make your life easy in terms of getting equipped.

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