Wooden lure making kits

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Wooden lure making kits

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Wooden lure making kits are great for building topwater lures as wood is bouyant and floats well.

So many people use these lure making kits to make plugs, poppers and other forms of topwater lure.

The wood ones might be bit more costly, but they are a better for these surface lures than conventional lure making kits, which normally feature plastic blanks for the crankbaits.

Wood is easy to machine into a range of different shapes so the makers of the lure making kits can let their creativity run wild.

Why use a wooden lure making kit?

The advantage that using the lure making kits have over making your own lure from scratch using a block of wood is that the most difficult part of the process (shaping the wooden blank) has been done for you. The lure making kit maker has created a well balanced and polished lure body for you to work on.

What types of wood are used to make lures?

Basswood is the most common wood used in wooden lure making kits. It is harder than the alternative balsa wood but still bouyant and can be shaped and carved very easily. Most lure kits for making wooden crankbaits and plugs will use basswood as the core material.

What is included with wooden lure making kits?

Wooden lure kits will include the shaped blanks, hooks, screws and eyelets to mount the trebles on the lure along with any rotating blades and other fittings. Some also include paints, decals, eyes and varnishes to give the lure a great finish.

Where can I get more information on making wooden lures?

Have a look at this great resource and the video below on making a wooden lure using a kit.

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