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The 10 Best Fishing Lure Making Kits

Make your own crankbaits, soft plastics and spinners with these top lure making kits

There are many advantages of making your own fishing lures – price, customisation and satisfaction to name a few.

One of the best ways to get started with making fishing lures is with one of the many fishing lure kits on the market, which allow you to make effective lures with just a handful of tools.

We are going to provide for you the best fishing lure kits for a range of different lure types including: bass lures, trout spinners, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, soft plastic lures, jigs and poppers.

Best crankbait making kit

Contains enough materials to make 20 different slow sinking two-and-three-quarter inch crankbaits. Choose one of the 72 pattern decals or you can paint the lure.

Best spinner making kit

This Muddy Bros spinning lure making kit has enough gear to make 12 different inline spinners. Perfect for trout, crappie and bluefish.

Best soft plastic making kit

This popular and highly regarded Fusion X silicon mould kit allows you to make five different types of soft plastics with supplied multicoloured resin.

Let’s get right into this … our top 10 fishing lure kits are listed below and read on for full details of each:

  1. Muddy Bros Crankbait building kit
  2. JShanmei Lure Making kit
  3. Muddy Bros spinning lure making kit
  4. Netcraft spinnerbait making kit
  5. Fusion X Essentials fishing lure kit
  6. EcoLureMaker soft plastic making kit
  7. Shaddock crankbait making kit
  8. Doveson DIY spinner kit
  9. Muddy Bros Penny Lure Kit
  10. Authentic Handmade Senko Worm kit

Best crankbait making lure kits

1. Muddy Bros crankbait building kit

Making beautiful and cost effective crankbaits is one of the most satisfying things you can do in DIY lure making.

This Muddy Bros crankbait building kit contains enough materials to make 20 different slow sinking two-and-three-quarter inch standard and lipless crankbaits. Choose one of the 72 pattern decals or you can paint the lure according to your own design.

The kit includes a mold, resin, split rings, measuring vials, hooks, hook eyes, lips, decals, and lead wire for customizing lure running depth. There are illustrated instructions included with the kit and video tutorials on the Muddy Bros website to help you get the most out of this great fishing lure kit.

2. JShanmei Lure Making Kit

If you are after a fishing lure kit that includes a variety of different body shapes and dive depths – ranging from surface poppers to deep diving minnows – this JSHANMEI kit allows you to make 12 different hard bodies.

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Best spinning lure making kits

3. Muddy Bros spinning lure making kit

This Muddy Bros spinning lure making kit has enough gear to make 12 different inline spinners. Included is a wire forming tool to make the eyes in the wire, 12 in-line spinner blades, over 100 nickel, brass, and colored beads, a dozen split rings, ten inches of latex tubing, 12 body wires, twelve hooks, and instructions. Grab some pliers and get into it! This fishing lure kit is great not just for making fishing lures for trout, but also for small and large-mouth bass, blue gill, crappie and other types of panfish as well as kokanee salmon.

Best spinnerbait making kit   

4. Netcraft’s spinnerbait making kit

Netcraft’s spinnerbait kit includes everything required for 10 great spinnerbaits. The lead heads are popular sizes and colors and are poured on premium spinnerbait hooks. This fishing kit also includes silicone skirts, roller and ball bearing swivels, split rings, beads, clevises and plenty of spinner blades for experimentation.

Best soft plastic lure making kits

The best way to approach soft plastics is to buy one of the many different shaped molds available and some plastisol (the plastic used in this process) and make the lures of your choice. (For those keen to make their own jigs, please find more information here.) Here below we listed some of the best fishing lure kits for making soft plastics.

soft plastic lure making kits

5. Fusion X Bass Essentials Soft Plastic moulding kit

This great kit comes with silicon moulds in all the shapes you need for your fishing kit (6″ worms, 6″ twitch baits, 4″ ribbed stick baits, 4-1/2″ creature lures, 3″ crawdad baits) when it comes to bass fishing lures.

This fishing kit comes with the X-cubes branded plastic in three colours. These are great and don’t require any mixing or addition of glitter or anything – just heat and use. Replacement X-cubes are available in over 150 colors. Select colors are available in up to six hardness levels, five density levels, and eight scents/flavors. We’ve put some more options for molds, injectors and plastic supply below.

6. EcoLureMaker Soft Bait Lure Making Kit

For the environmentally conscious the EcoLureMaker Soft Bait Lure Making Kit gives you the ability to make more than 40 biodegradable environmentally friendly soft plastic lures. These lures last for about an hour in the water. These fishing lure kits come with instructions, the soft bait rubber, nine lure shapes and re-usable Molding Putty for making your own molds of the lure shapes.

Best blanks for lure making

Going back one step beyond fishing lure kits … another popular choice with lure makers, particularly those who are just starting out with making lures is to get pre-made lure blanks as a starting point instead of a full fishing kit. Just bring your own split rings and hooks with pliers and other tools to attach and paint these your preferred colours and you are are done.

These come in a variety of types including and are a popular alternative to fishing lure kits:

Crankbait lure blanks

Jerkbait lure blanks

Surface lure/popper blanks

Minnow crankbait lure blanks

Learn how to paint kick-ass crankbaits like this bad boy. Catch more fish in a satisfying way.

True DIY lure making: making wooden lures

For those who want take things a step further, you can go beyond kits and blanks and truly make your own lures from scratch with wooden blanks cut, carved and sanded to your specifications.

See our complete guide to making lures to learn more about the techniques involved.

fishing lure kits

Top quality lure components can be bought cost effectively from the following suppliers:

Jann’s Netcraft, Lure Parts Online or Mud Hole for US fishers, while Canadians can use Lure Making and Australians Kingston Lures.

What if making fishing lures is too difficult for me?

In that case there are still plenty of fishing lure kits available that don’t require any assembly skills. Try this Portafun model or this CatchMeister kit – they both give you a range of different types of lures that don’t require building or assembly.

Are there any good bass fishing lure kits?

Yes, many fishing lure kits are focused primarily on bass. We’ve written a whole article summarising a range of top bass fishing lure kits. Also, check articles if you want more specific info on the best worms for bass and the best jigs for bass.

Are there some good trout fishing lure kits?

Try this Dr Fish lure kit. It has a huge range of spinners, which are a really great lure to target trout with.

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