Buyers’ guide: the best bass fishing lure kits

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Buyers’ guide: the best bass fishing lure kits

Tackle Village is reader supported. If you buy a product through links on the site we may make a small commission

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The cost of bass fishing lures can easily add up, especially when you are throwing lures into structure and fishing light lines.

More and more anglers are turning their minds to either making their own bass lures or buying one of the many good bass lure kits on the market.

These bass fishing lure kits give you a range of hard and soft baits for your tackle box for a bargain price.

Bass fishing lure kits reviewed:

We have summarised our top bass lure kits below. Read on for detailed reviews of these fishing lure kits and more info on lure fishing for largemouth bass.

We’ve broken down the range into a few categories and chosen three key kits to consider (click on these links to jump to that section):

Bass crankbaits and jerkbaits

wLure Crankbait set
This wLure crankbait set gives you six realistic bass baits for a bargain price. They come in a range of lifelike colours and have sharp high-quality treble hooks attached.wLure Minnow Crankbait for Bass Fishing Bass Lure Fishing Lure, HC187KB,  with Tackle Box: Sports, Fitness & Outdoors
Proberos hardbait kit
This highly affordable Proberos fishing six-pack lure kit includes three-inch square bill crankbaits that swim to depths of seven feet. They come in a choice of suitable colours.PROBEROS Crank Fishing Lures Wobbler Crankbaits For Striped Bass Fishing  Tackle Hooks 3D Printing Artificial Hard Baits Pesca|hard bait|fishing  lurelure wobbler - AliExpress
Codaicen Crawfish kit
Codaicen has a great range of crankbait and jerkbait packs with the lifelike wraps made in a veteran-run factory in the USA and fitted with ultra sharp hooks. Try the 2.75 inch 5 piece crankbait kit for a great medium diving crankbait that reaches the right depths for bass. Crawfish Crankbait for Bass Fishing - Life-Like Fishing Lures - Predatory  Swimbait Fishing Lures - Catches Bass, Walleye, Pike - Fish Catching Crank  Bait (Crawfish101): Sports, Fitness & Outdoors

Soft baits for bass

Gimland soft plastic lure kithas 64 fishing lures with the vast majority of them soft plastics – worms, senko baits, curl tails and crawfish along with some jig style lures and heads and some bonus spinners and spinnerbaits. This is a super cheap way to set yourself up for some fine bass fishing.Gimland Soft Fishing Lures Kit for Bass, Baits Tackle Including Trout,  Salmon, S | eBay
XFISHMAN Senko worm kit
XFISHMAN’s Senko bass worm kit comes with 30 worms inside a Plano tackle box in a range of colours including green pumpkin, watermelon and more. Ideal if you’ve made your own jig heads or bought some. Use with a carolina rig or wacky rigXFISHMAN Senko Worms Bass Fishing Lure Kit 30 pk Wacky Rig Worms Soft  Plastic Stick Baits
Plussino bass plastics kit
For a soft plastic fishing lure kit that has it all, this Plussino kit has more than 30 worms in 5″ size with weights and hooks for correct rigging, all packed in a nice box for a bargain price.plusinno Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on AliExpress

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Spinners and spinnerbaits

Plussino inline spinner pack
This Plussino pack is phenomenally popular piece of fishing gear and it’s easy to see why as it contains 16 different inline spinners to target smallmouth bass and their largemouth cousins in their own carry case.PLUSINNO Fishing Lures for Bass 16pcs Spinner Lures with Portable Carry  Bag,Bass Lures Trout Lures Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit|Fishing Lures| -  AliExpress
JShanmei spinnerbait kit
JShanmei’s quality spinnerbait fishing lure kit is the cheapest way to get yourself a pack of six quality bass lures.Spinners & Spinnerbaits Hard Metal Spinner Bait Kit Jigs Lure for Bass Pike  Trout Salmon Freshwater Saltwater Fishing JSHANMEI Fishing Lures Spinnerbait  Sports & Outdoors
Geneic spinner bait kit
This Geneic 5-pack of jig style spinner baits with good treble hooks is another great option.

Topwater bass poppers

Croch frog kit
Croch’s hollow body weedless frogs are a proven fish catcher. This 18-piece kit of double-hook style frogs is excellent value.Brand New Croch Hollow Body Frog Lure Weedless Topwater Kit (18 PCS) | eBay
RUNCL topwater kit
RUNCL’s 5-piece topwater kit gives you decent PVC topwater frogs with life like legs and decent hooks.RUNCL Topwater Frog Lures with Single Skirts, Soft Fishing Bait Tackle with  Tackle Box for Bass Pike Snakehead Dogfis… | Bait and tackle, Tackle box,  Snakehead fish
Truscend topwater pack
TRUSCEND is a trusted lure maker famous for its segmented swimbaits but is also makes these great three-packs of topwater frogs. Pulled off a lily pad these are irresistable to bass lurking underneath.Truscend Fishing Lures Glide Baits Swimbaits for Bass 18cm 7" Topwater  Jointed for sale online | eBay

Bass swimbaits

Truscend swimbaits pack
You can’t beat these slow sinking Truscend swimbaits in this category. Try this three pack today in this eight-segment design.TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Segmented Multi Jointed Swimbaits  Slow Sinking Swimming Lures Freshwater Saltwater Bass Fishing Lures Kit  Lifelike in 2020 | Fishing lures, Bass lures, Bass fishing lures
VTAVTA swimbait pack
VTAVTA also do a really realistic segmented swimbait available here in a five pack of the six segment model.VTAVTA Official Store - Amazing prodcuts with exclusive discounts on  AliExpress

Combined packs

Plusinno complete kit
This Plussino fishing lure kit contains 102 different items including six crankbaits, 10 inline spinners, four spinnerbaits a bunch of jig heads and soft plastics along with some topwater frog lures, which bass just love. They come packed in a tackle box.PLUSINNO Fishing Lures Set with 102 Pieces Fishing Lure Tackle - Best Bait  For Bass
XBLACK complete kit
XBLACK’s hard lure kit has 48 different quality bass lures and is a good starting point for someone starting out.
Lyu Bao Bargain bass pack
Lure packs don’t any cheaper than this Lyu Bao that includes 275 different items of a range of different types.Lyu Bao 212CS Fishing Lure Kit Lots Tack- Buy Online in Chile at Desertcart

Why are these kits so cheap?

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With some exceptions, most of these are made overseas and are “brand name” lures where you are paying for all marketing and sponsorship of fishing guides (and customer service) that the brands undertake.

Are they qood quality?

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For the most part, yes. The hooks and other components won’t be as durable as the big brand names who’ve got more at stake, but they will get you going in bass fishing as a beginner or intermediate angler and let you do a lot more fishing for a given budget.

What colors do bass like?

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This great article explains the technical reasons why bass like certain colours – their eyes are tuned to respond to two colours (red and green). Essentially for the fisherman, it can be boiled down into having lures in four different color groups: bright (white and chartreuse), green, red and dark (blue, brown, black). 

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